Dawlish Warren Flora

Dawlish Warren has long been recognised as an important botanical site. Sand Crocus was noted here as long ago as 1834 and until a recent discovery in southern Cornwall, the Warren was the only known UK site for this species. Several other nationally rare species also occur here along with another 30+ species which are nationally scarce.


This page covers all higher plants recorded on the Dawlish Warren and builds on the previous work of many botanists and follows the order of the published reserve flora produced by Mary De Lemos. This flora is available from Teignbridge District Council or direct from the Visitor Centre on the Reserve.


The following list is intended as a supplement to the original Flora, so only information on the recent presence or absence of each species is given, unless a new species has been found or rediscovered since the 1992 publication. Despite the reserve being in its 30th year, new species are being discovered all the time, some are garden exotics persisting for only a short time but others are local or even national rarities.

Please pass on any records you may have to the website, they will of course be passed on directly to the reserve wardens.


It is our intention to try to use Dawlish Warren photographs of many species on this website, both common and rare.  If you can help, please get in touch.


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                                                                                                                                                            1993 - 2004


Marsh Clubmoss                                 Lycopodiella inundata                                                           N                    




Common Horsetail                              Equisetum arvense                                                              Y         

Rediscovered on the Golf Course in 1995.


Adder’s-tongue                                   Ophioglossum vulgatum                                                      Y


Small Adder’s-tongue                        Ophioglossum azoricum                                                      Y

First discovered in Greenland Lake in 2003, was refound and its identity confirmed

in 2005. The only other site in Devon is on Lundy Island.



Royal Fern                                           Osmunda regalis                                                                  Y




Hart’s-tongue Fern                             Phyllitis scolopendrium                                                         Y

Previously only recorded under a shop in the amusements area, was lost when this area

was cleared. In 2005 was found growing in a number of areas were bramble had been

cleared the previous year. Also recorded growing amongst boulders on the old seawall.





Male Fern                                            Dryopteris filix-mas                                                              Y


Broad Buckler-fern                            Dryopteris dilatata                                                                 Y




Intermediate Polypody                       Polypodium interjectum                                                        Y




Black Spleenwort                               Asplenium adiantum-nigrum                                                Y

Found growing around the old shops in 1995, presumably removed along with the shops!

A single plant was found in 2004 growing along the Dune Ridge. Also grows on Langstone Rock.


Maidenhair Spleenwort                     Asplenium trichomanes                                                        N

A single plant was found in 2005 growing under the Railway Tunnel, actually under the

recording area boundary.



Bracken                                               Pteridium aquilinum                                                              Y

Discovered on the wall above the 18th green on the Golf Course in 1995. Also present

along the Railway Embankment.




Scots Pine                                           Pinus sylvestrus                                                                   Y




Yew                                                       Taxus baccata                                                                      Y




Crack Willow                                        Salix fragilis                                                                           Y


Common Sallow                                  Salix cinerea                                                                         Y


Eared Sallow                                       Salix aurita                                                                            ?


Goat Sallow                                         Salix caprea                                                                          Y


Creeping Willow                                 Salix repens                                                                          Y


Common Osier                                    Salix viminalis                                                                       Y


Aspen                                                    Populus tremula                                                                   N
Two saplings discovered in the Car Park ditches in 2009.


White Poplar                                        Populus alba                                                                         Y


Lombardy Poplar                                   Populus nigra 'italica'                                                            N
Discovered growing in the ditches in the car park in 2006.




Silver Birch                                         Betula pendula                                                                      Y


Downy Birch                                        Betula pubescens                                                                 Y

Rediscovered around Greenland Lake in the mid 1990s.


Alder                                                     Alnus glutinosa                                                                     Y


Italian Alder                                         Alnus cordata                                                                        N

Discovered in the car park in 2007.


Rowan                                                  Sorbus acuparia                                                                   Y

A small seedling was discovered by the Main Pond in 1996.

Several others have also since been found.


Whitebeam                                            Sorbus intermedia                                                                N
A sapling discovered growing in Greenland Lake in 2007.




Hazel                                                    Corylus avellana                                                                   N




Holm Oak                                             Quercus ilex                                                                         Y


Turkey Oak                                          Quercus cerris                                                                      Y


Pendunculate Oak                              Quercus robur                                                                      Y


Beech                                                   Fagus sylvatica                                                                    Y

A seedling emerged from mast washed onto the strandline in 2002. Two saplings were found
behind the Main Pond in 2005.




Hop                                                       Humulus lupulus                                                                   Y




Stinging Nettle                                    Urtica dioica                                                                          Y


Small Nettle                                         Urtica urens                                                                          Y


Pellitory-of-the-wall                            Parietaria judaica                                                                  Y




Ray’s Knotgrass                                 Polygonum oxyspermum                                                     N

Rediscovered on the Golf Course in 2007.


Knotgrass                                            Polygonum aviculare                                                            Y


Small-leaved Knotgrass                    Polygonum arenastrum                                                        N


Water-pepper                                      Polygonum hydropiper                                                         N


Redshank                                            Polygonum persicaria                                                           Y


Pale Persicaria                                    Persicaria lapathifolia                                                            N
Discovered on the Golf Course in 2009.


Sea Knotgrass                                    Polygonum maritimum                                                         N?


Japanese Knotweed                          Reynoutria japonica                                                              Y

Has been removed from the reserve, but is increasing along the railway line

near the amusements and on the Golf Course.


Black Bindweed                                  Fallopia convolvulus                                                             N
Discovered in a carpark flowerbed in 2009.


Sheep’s Sorrel                                    Rumex acetosella                                                                 Y


Sorrel                                                   Rumex acetosa                                                                    Y


Curled Dock                                        Rumex crispus                                                                     Y


Clustered/Sharp Dock                       Rumex conglomerates                                                         N

Rerecorded in 2009.


Wood/Red-veined Dock                    Rumex sanguineus                                                              N
Rerecorded in 2009.


Broad-leaved Dock                            Rumex obtusifolius                                                               Y




Sea Beet                                              Beta vulgaris maritma                                                          Y


Red Goosefoot                                   Chenopodium rubrum                                                           N


Fat Hen                                                Chenopodium album                                                            Y


Good King Henry                                Chenopodium bonus-henricus                                             Y

Discovered growing on the Golf Course in 1995 & 2007, probably on imported soil.


Oak-leaved Goosefoot                      Chenopodium glaucum                                                        N


Frosted Orache                                  Atriplex laciniata                                                                    Y


Common Orache                                 Atriplex patula                                                                       N


Halbard-leaved Orache                     Atriplex  hastata (A. prostrata)                                             Y


Babington’s Orache                           Atriplex glabriuscula                                                             Y


Tree Purslane                                     Atriplex halimus                                                                    Y


Shore Orache                                     Atriplex littoralis                                                                     N


Sea Purslane                                       Halimone portulacoides                                                        Y


Sea Samphire, Glasswort                  Salicornia europaea                                                              Y


Purple Glasswort                               Salicornia ramosissima                                                        Y
Recorded in 1998.


Long-spiked Glasswort                     Salicornia dolichostachya                                                     Y
Recorded in 1998.


-                                                             Salicornia gracillima                                                              N


Perennial Glasswort                          Salicornia perrenis                                                                Y


One-flowered Glasswort                   Salicornia pusilla                                                                   Y
Recorded in 1997.


Annual Sea-blite                                 Suaeda maritima                                                                  Y


Saltwort                                                Salsola kali                                                                            Y




Hottentot Fig                                       Carpobrotus edulis                                                               N




Water Blinks                                        Montia fontana                                                                      Y




Thyme-leaved Sandwort                   Arenaria serpyllofolia                                                            Y


Sandwort                                             Arenaria leptoclados                                                             N
Rediscovered on Warren Point in 2009.


Sea Sandwort                                      Honkenya peploides                                                             Y


Chickweed                                           Stellaria media                                                                      Y


Lesser Chickweed                             Stellaria pallida                                                                      Y


Greater Stitchwort                             Stellaria holostea                                                                  N

Rediscovered in the Car Park in 2009.


Lesser Stitchwort                               Stellaria graminea                                                                 N


Dusty Miller                                         Cerastium tomentosum                                                        N


Common Mouse-ear Chickweed      Cerastium fontanum                                                             Y


Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed           Cerastium glomeratum                                                         Y


Little Mouse-ear Chickweed             Cerastium semidecandrum                                                  Y


Sea Mouse-ear Chickweed               Cerastium diffusum                                                              Y


Upright Chickweed                            Moenchia erecta                                                                   Y


Awl-leaved Pearlwort                         Sagina subulata                                                                    N


Procumbent Pearlwort                       Sagina procumbens                                                             Y


Annual Pearlwort                                Sagina apetala                                                                      Y


Sea Pearlwort                                     Sagina maritima                                                                    Y

Rediscovered in Greenland Lake in 1995. Also grows near the seawall.


Annual Knawel                                    Scleranthus annuus                                                              N


Corn Spurrey                                      Spergula arvensis                                                                 N


Greater Sea Spurrey                          Spergula media                                                                     Y


Lesser Sea Spurrey                           Spergula marina                                                                   Y


Sand Spurrey                                      Spergula rubra                                                                      Y


Ragged Robin                                     Lynchnis flos-cuculi                                                              Y


Bladder Campion                                Sliene vulgaris vulgaris                                                         Y

Sea Campion                                       Sliene vulgaris maritima                                                       Y


Rose Campion                                    Lychnis coronaria                                                                  N
Discovered near the Cuckoo's Nest in 2004.

Corncockle                                           Agrostemma githago                                                           N
Discovered near the Main Pond in 2008.


White Campion                                    Silene alba                                                                            Y


Red Campion                                      Silene dioica                                                                          Y


Pink Campion                                      Silene x intermedia                                                               Y


Small-flowered Catchfly                     Silene gallica                                                                         N


Maiden Pink                                        Dianthus deltoids                                                                  N


Sweet William                                     Dianthus barbatus                                                                N
Discovered growing along the Back path above Greenland Lake, in 2006 only.




Bay                                                        Laurus nobilis                                                                        Y




Stinking Hellebore                             Helleborous foetidus                                                             N


Traveller’s-joy                                     Clematis vitalba                                                                    Y


Orange Peel Clematis                       Clematis tangutica                                                                  N
Discovered growing on Warren Point in Sep 2010.


Creeping Buttercup                           Ranunculus repens                                                              Y


Meadow Buttercup                             Ranunculus acris                                                                  Y


Bulbous Buttercup                             Ranunculus bulbosus                                                           Y


Small-flowered Buttercup                 Ranunculus parviflorus                                                         Y


Celery-leaved Buttercup                   Ranunculus sceleratus                                                         Y


Lesser Celandine                               Ranunculus ficaria                                                                Y


Lesser Spearwort                               Ranunculus flammula                                                           Y


Brackish Water-crowfoot                   Ranunculus baudotii                                                             N


Columbine                                           Aquilegia vulgaris                                                                  N




White Water-lily                                   Nymphaea alba                                                                    Y

Discovered in the Main Pond in 1996. 




Rigid Hornwort                                   Ceratophyllum demersum                                                    Y

Discovered in the Main Pond in 1995. 




Opium Poppy                                       Papaver somniferum                                                            Y


Common Poppy                                   Papaver rhoeas                                                                    Y


Long-headed Poppy                           Papaver dubium                                                                   Y

Rediscovered in 1995.


Prickly Poppy                                      Papaver argemone                                                               N


Atlas Poppy                                          Papaver atlanticum                                                               Y

Discovered in the late 1990s.              


Yellow Horned-poppy                        Glaucium flavum                                                                  Y

Rediscovered growing in Soft Sand Bay in 1996, however still only occasional

in its appearances.




Common Fumitory                               Fumaria officinalis                                                              N
Discovered near the Boathouse in 2009.


White Ramping-fumitory                   Fumaria capreolata                                                             N

Discovered on the Golf Course in 2009.


Common Ramping-fumitory               Fumaria muralis ssp. boraei                                              Y




Hedge Mustard                                   Sisymbrium officinale                                                           Y


Eastern Rocket                                   Sisymbrium orientale                                                            N


Garlic Mustard                                    Alliaria petiolata                                                                     Y


Thale Cress                                         Arabidopis thaliana                                                               Y

Rediscovered in the Car Park in 1997.


Wallflower                                            Cheiranthus cheiri                                                                 N


Wintercress sp.                                   Barbarea sp.                                                                         ?


American Wintercress                        Barbarea verna                                                                     Y

Discovered in the mid 1990s.


Cuckoo-flower                                    Cardamine pratensis                                                            Y


Wood Bittercress                               Cardamine flexuosa                                                             Y


Hairy Bittercress                                Cardamine hirsuta                                                                Y


Hairy Rockcress                                 Arabis hirsuta                                                                        Y

Discovered growing along the Back Path in 1995, has not been recorded since.


Honesty                                                Lunaria annua                                                                       Y


Sweet Alison                                       Lobularia maritima                                                                N        


Whitlowgrass                                       Erophila verna praecox                                                        Species still present on site but no attempt has been

                                                              Erophila verna verna                                                            made to check subspecific status.


Horse-radish                                       Armoracia rusticana                                                             Y


Danish Scurvy-grass                          Cochlearia danica                                                                 Y


English Scurvy-grass                         Cochlearia anglica                                                                Y


Shepherd’s Purse                              Capsella bursa-pastoris                                                       Y


Shepherd’s Cress                              Teesdalia nudicaulis                                                             Y


Field Penny-cress                              Thlaspi arvense                                                                    Y         


Smith’s Pepperwort                           Lepidium heterophyllum                                                       Y


Lesser Swinecress                            Coronopus didymus                                                             Y


Annual Wall-rocket                             Diplotaxis muralis                                                                 N

Discovered on disturbed ground near the VC in 2011.


Rape                                                     Brassica napus                                                                     N


Black Mustard                                     Brassica nigra                                                                       Y


-                                                                                                              Brassica cheiranthos                                                            N


Wild Mustard, Charlock                     Sinapis arvensis                                                                   Y


Sea Rocket                                          Cakile maritima                                                                     Y


Seakale                                                Crambe maritima                                                                  Y


Wild Radish                                         Raphanus raphanistrum raphanistrum                                Y

Sea Radish                                          Raphanus raphanistrum maritimus                                      Y




Weld, Dyer’s Rocket                           Reseda luteola                                                                      Y




Wall Pennywort, Navelwort               Umbilicus rupestris                                                               Y


Caucasian Stonecrop                        Sedum spurium                                                                    N


Biting Stonecrop                                Sedum acre                                                                          Y


White Stonecrop                                 Sedum album                                                                       Y


English Stonecrop                             Sedum anglicum                                                                   Y




Blackcurrant                                        Ribes nigrum                                                                        Y

Discovered in 1998 on an island in the Main Pond. Perhaps via

the Starling roost.


Redcurrant                                          Ribes rubum                                                                         Y

Discovered in 1995.


Gooseberry                                         Ribes uva-crispa                                                                  Y


Flowering Currant                              Ribes sanguineum                                                                Y

Discovered in 1995 growing in the Entrance Bushes.




Meadow-sweet                                    Filipendula ulmaria                                                                Y


Bramble                                               Rubus fruticosus agg.                                                          Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus ulmifolius                                                                   Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus leightonii                                                                    Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus longithyrsiger                                                             N

-                                                                                                              Rubus tuberculatus                                                              Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus sempernitens                                                            Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus imbricatus                                                                 Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus albionis                                                                      Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus conjunigens                                                               Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus rubritinctus                                                                Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus lamburnensis                                                            Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus armeniacus                                                               Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus dentatifolius                                                               Y

-                                                                                                              Rubus adscitus                                                                     Y


The recent records were recorded by Ray Gould in 1995.


Raspberry                                            Rubus idaeus                                                                        Y

Discovered in 1995. Now widespread behind the Main Pond.


Field Rose                                           Rosa arvense                                                                       Y

Discovered in 1995.


Dog Rose                                             Rosa canina                                                                          Y


Sweet Briar                                         Rosa rubiginosa                                                                    Y

Small-flowered Sweet-Briar                          Rosa micrantha                                                                     Y
Recorded in 1997.


Japanese Rose                                                                     Rosa rugosa                                                                         Y


Short-styled Field Rose                    Rosa stylosa                                                                         Y
Recorded in 1997.


Agrimony                                              Agrimonia eupatoria                                                              Y


Salad Burnet                                       Sanguisorba minor                                                               N


Wood Avens                                        Geum urbanum                                                                    Y


Silverweed                                          Potentilla anserina                                                                Y


Tormentil                                             Potentilla erecta                                                                    N


Creeping Cinquefoil                          Potentilla reptans                                                                  Y


Garden Strawberry                             Fragaria x ananassa                                                             Y

Rediscovered near the promenade in 1998.


Parsley-piert                                        Aphanes arvensis                                                                 Y


Slender Parsley-piert                         Aphanes microcarpa                                                            Y

Rediscovered in 2007. Previously overlooked as often the most commonest of the species pair present.


Pear                                                      Pyrus communis                                                                  N


Apple                                                    Malus domestica                                                                  Y


Bearberry Cotoneaster                                           Cotoneaster dammeri                                                           N
Planted around the tourist attractions this species is now spreading into the dune grassland.


-                                                                                                              Cotoneaster franchetti                                                          Y


Stern's Cotoneaster                          Cotoneaster sternianus                                                         Y
Recorded in 2002 & 2003.


Khasia Berry                                                                              Cotoneaster simonsii                                                            Y


                -                                                                                                          Cotoneaster horizontalis                                                       N

Discovered on Warren Point around 2003. One plant also on the Golf Course.


Hawthorn                                             Crataegus monogyna                                                           Y


Blackthorn                                           Prunus spinosa                                                                     Y


Plum, Bullace                                      Prunus domestica                                                                N


Cherry                                                   Prunus avium                                                                      N
A sapling discovered growing in the Buffer Zone in 2009.


Sour Cherry                                         Prunus cerasus                                                                    N


Cherry Plum                                        Prunus cerasifera                                                                 Y


Peach                                                   Prunus persica                                                                     N


Portuguese Laurel                             Prunus lusitanica                                                                  N




Rue-leaved Saxifrage                        Saxifraga tridactylites                                                           Y

Discovered in 1995 on the railway platform. Still present in 2009.




Laburnum                                            Laburnum anagyroides                                                         N


Montpelier Broom                              Cytisus monspessulanus                                                     N


Broom                                                  Cytisus scoparius                                                                 Y


Dyer’s Greenweed                             Genista tinctoria                                                                    N


Common Gorse                                   Ulex europaeus                                                                    Y


Tree Lupin                                           Lupinus arboreus                                                                  Y


Tufted Vetch                                       Vicia cracca                                                                          Y


Hairy Tare                                            Vicia hirsuta                                                                          Y


Smooth Tare                                       Vicia tetrasperma                                                                 N


Bush Vetch                                          Vicia sepium                                                                         Y


Common Vetch                                    Vicia sativa nigra                                                                  Y

                                                              Vicia sativa segetalis                                                            N


Broad Bean                                         Vicia faba                                                                              N

Several plants were discovered growing in a cleared area of Dead Dolphin Wood in 2005.


Meadow Vetchling                              Lathyrus pratensis                                                                N


Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea       Lathyrus sylvestris                                                               Y

Rediscovered in 1995.


Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea         Lathyrus latifolius                                                                  Y

Rediscovered growing on the railway embankment in 1995.


Hairy Vetchling                                    Lathyrus hirstus                                                                    N


Grass Vetchling                                  Lathyrus nissolia                                                                   Y

Discovered on the Golf Course in 1995. Not seen recently.


Rest-harrow                                        Ononis repens                                                                      Y


Tall Melilot                                           Melilotus altissima                                                                N


Common Melilot                                  Melilotus officinalis                                                                N


Black Medick                                       Medicago lupulina                                                                 N


Lucerne, Alfalfa                                   Medicago sativa                                                                   N

Rediscovered in the Buffer Zone in 2009.


Spotted Medick                                  Medicago arabica                                                                 Y


Hairy/Toothed Medick                       Medicago polymorpha                                                          Y


Fenugreek                                           Trifolium ornithopodioides                                                     Y


White/Dutch Clover                            Trifolium repens                                                                    Y


Alsike Clover                                       Trifolium hybridum                                                                N


Clustered Clover                                Trifolium glomeratum                                                            Y


Suffocated Clover                              Trifolium suffocatum                                                             Y


Strawberry Clover                              Trifolium fragiferum                                                               Y


Hop Trefoil                                          Trifolium campestre                                                              Y


Lesser Trefoil                                     Trifolium dubium                                                                   Y


Slender Trefoil                                   Trifolium micranthum                                                            Y


Knotted Clover, Soft Trefoil             Trifolium striatum                                                                  Y


Hare’s-foot Clover                             Trifolium arvense                                                                  Y


Rough Clover/Trefoil                         Trifolium scabrum                                                                 Y


Crimson Clover                                  Trifolium incarnatum                                                             N


Red Clover                                          Trifolium pratense                                                                 Y


Zigzag Clover                                      Trifolium medium                                                                  Y


Subterranean Clover                         Trifolium subterraneum                                                        Y


Bird’s–foot Trefoil                               Lotus corniculatus                                                                Y


Greater Bird’s-foot Trefoil                 Lotus pedunculatus (L. uliginosus)                                      Y


Hairy Bird’s-foot Trefoil                      Lotus hispidus (L. subbiflorus)                                            N
Rediscovered on Langstone Rock c2002.


Narrow-leaved Bird's-foot Trefoil    Lotus glaber                                                                         N
Discovered in 2006 near the Visitor centre.


Kidney-vetch                                       Anthyllis vulneraria                                                               Y


Bird’s-foot                                           Ornithopus perpusillus                                                          Y




Pink Oxalis                                          Oxalis articlata                                                                      Y

Rediscovered by the 6th Tee.


Procumbent Yellow Sorrel                Oxalis corniculata                                                                 Y

Discovered in 1995 growing on the estuary bank.


-                                                                                                              Oxalis sp.                                                                              Y

Discovered on the Golf Course, did not flower, but neither of the above species.




Round-leaved Crane’s-bill                Geranium rotundifolium                                                        Y


Dove’s-foot Crane’s-bill                    Geranium molle                                                                    Y


Shining Crane’s-bill                           Geranium lucidum                                                                Y

Discovered growing on the Dune Ridge overlooking the Bight.


Small-flowered Crane’s-bill               Geranium pusillum                                                               Y


Cut-leaved Crane’s-bill                     Geranium dissectum                                                            Y


Herb-Robert                                        Geranium robertianum                                                         Y


Sea Stork’s-bill                                   Erodium maritimum                                                              Y


Common Stork’s-bill                           Erodium cicutarium cicutarium                                            Species still present on site but no attempt has been

                                                              Erodium cicutarium dunense                                               made to check subspecific status.


Musky Stork’s-bill                               Erodium moschatum                                                            Y


Sticky Stork’s-bill                                Erodium glutinosum                                                              Y

        -                                                     Erodium x anaristatum (E.cicutarium x lebelii)                      N
Recorded in 1998. 



Pale Flax                                              Linum bienne                                                                        N


Fairy/Purging Flax                              Linum cartharticum                                                               Y

Rediscovered growing in the drier areas of Greenland Lake.


All-seed                                                Radiola linoides                                                                     Y




Annual Dog’s Mercury                       Mercuralis annua                                                                  N


Sun Spurge                                         Euphorbia helioscopia                                                          Y


Dwarf Spurge                                      Euphorbia exigua                                                                  N


Petty Spurge                                       Euphorbia peplus                                                                  Y

Rediscovered in 1995 growing in the dunes near the Bight.


Portland Spurge                                 Euphorbia portlandica                                                           Y


Sea Spurge                                         Euphorbia paralias                                                                Y


Caper Spurge                                     Euphorbia lathyrus                                                                Y

A single seedling grew up above the tide line in Soft Sand Bay in 1997.

A flowering plant and several seedlings were discovered by the Dodgems in 2004.




Common Milkwort                               Polygala vulgaris                                                                  N


Heath Milkwort                                    Polygala serpyllifolia                                                             N




Sycamore                                             Acer pseudoplatanus                                                            Y


Field Maple                                          Acer campestris                                                                   Y

Discovered growing on the railway embankment.




Holly                                                     Ilex aquifolium                                                                       Y




Musk Mallow                                       Malva moschata                                                                   N
Rediscovered by the Railway station in 2005.


Common Mallow                                 Malva sylvestris                                                                   Y


Tree Mallow                                        Lavatera arborea                                                                  Y




Sea Buckthorn                                    Hippophae rhamnoides                                                        N




Square-stalked St. John’s-wort        Hypericum tetrapterum                                                        Y


Perforate St. John’s-wort                  Hypericum perforatum                                                         Y


Des Etangs' St John's-wort              Hypericum x desetangii                                                         N

Discovered in the Car Park and on Warren Point in 2009.


Pale St. John’s-wort                           Hypericum montanum                                                          Y

Discovered in the mid 1990s.


Tutsan                                                  Hypericum androsaemum                                                     N

Discovered behind the Toilet Block in 2009.


Trailing St John's-wort                      Hypericum humifusum                                                           N
Discovered in June 2006, in the damp slack near the Visitor Centre.




Common Dog-violet                           Viola riviniana                                                                        Y

Rediscovered at the eastern end of Greenland around 2000.


Early Dog-violet                                  Viola reichenbachiana                                                           N

Discovered in Greenland Lake in 2005.


Heath Dog-violet                                Viola canina                                                                          Y


Wild Pansy                                           Viola tricolor                                                                          N


Field Pansy                                          Viola arvensis                                                                       Y


Sweet Violet                                        Viola odorata                                                                         Y

Discovered growing near the railway platform in 1995, has since been lost.

Rediscovered near the VC in 2011.




Tamarisk                                              Tamarix tetrandra                                                                 Y




Purple-loosestrife                              Lythrum salicaria                                                                  Y




Large-flowered Evening Primrose Oenothera erythrosepala                                                       Y


Small-flowered Evening Primrose  Oenothera cambrica                                                               N
Discovered on Warren Point in August 2009.


Fragrant Evening Primrose              Oenothera stricta                                                                  Y


Rosebay Willowherb                          Chamerion angustifolium                                                      Y


Great Willowherb                                Epilobium hirsutum                                                               Y


Hoary/Downy Willowherb                   Epilobium parviflorum                                                           N


Broad-leaved Willowherb                  Epilobium montanum                                                            Y


Spear-leaved Willowherb                  Epilobium lanceolatum                                                         N


Square-stalked Willowherb               Epilobium tetragonum                                                           N


Short-fruited Willowherb                   Epilobium obscurum                                                            N

First recorded in June 2009.


Marsh Willowherb                               Epilobium palustre                                                                N

First recorded in June 2009.



Spiked Water-milfoil                           Myriophyllum spicatum                                                        Y




Mare’s-tail                                            Hippuris vulgaris                                                                   Y




Dogwood                                             Cornus sanguinea                                                                Y




Nasturtium                                           Tropaeolum majus                                                                N




Ivy                                                         Hedera helix                                                                          Y




Marsh Pennywort                               Hydrocotyle vulgaris                                                             Y


Sea Holly                                              Eryngium maritimum                                                            Y


-                                                                                                              Eryngium planum                                                                 N


Rough Chervil                                    Chaerophyllum temulentum                                                 N


Cow Parsley                                        Anthriscus sylvestris                                                            Y


Bur Chervil                                          Anthriscus caucalis                                                              Y


Alexanders                                          Smyrnium olusatrum                                                            Y


Ground-elder                                      Aegopodium podagraria                                                       Y


Rock Samphire                                   Crithmum maritimum                                                           Y


Corky-fruited Water-dropwort          Oenanthe pimpinelloides                                                      Y


Parsley Water-dropwort                     Oenanthe lachenalii                                                              Y


Hemlock Water-dropwort                  Oenanthe crocata                                                                 Y


Fennel                                                  Foeniculum vulgare                                                              Y

Rediscovered on the reserve in 1995.


Hemlock                                               Conium maculatum                                                              Y


Fool’s Watercress                              Apium nodiflorum                                                                  N


Garden Parsley                                   Petroselinum crispum                                                          N


Stone Parsley                                      Sison amomum                                                                    N

Rediscovered around the Railway Station in 2009.


Wild Angelica                                       Angelica sylvestris                                                               Y


Hogweed                                             Heracleum spondylium                                                        Y


Knotted Hedge-parsley                     Torilis nodosa                                                                       N


Wild Carrot                                          Daucus carota                                                                      Y




Cross-leaved Heath                           Erica tetralix                                                                          N


Bell Heather                                        Erica cinerea                                                                         Y


Heather/Ling                                       Calluna vulgaris                                                                    Y




Primrose                                              Primula vulgaris                                                                    Y

Rediscovered in 1995.


Cowslip                                                Primula veris                                                                         N

Rediscovered in the Back meadow in 2005.


Sea Milkwort                                       Glaux maritima                                                                     Y


Chaffweed                                           Anagallis minima                                                                  N


Scarlet Pimpernel                               Anagallis arvensis                                                                Y


Brookweed                                          Samolus valerandi                                                                Y




Thrift                                                    Armeria maritima                                                                  Y


Common Sea-lavender                      Limonium vulgare                                                                 Y


Rock Sea-lavender                            Limonium binervosum                                                          N (but still on Langstone Rock)




Ash                                                        Fraxinus excelsior                                                                Y


Wild Privet                                           Ligustrum vulgare                                                                 Y


Garden Privet                                     Ligustrum ovalifolium                                                            Y

Still occurs on the Golf Course.




Yellow-wort                                         Blackstonia perfoliata                                                           N


Common Centaury                              Centaurium erythraea                                                           Y


Lesser Centaury                                 Centaurium pulchellum                                                         Y




Greater Periwinkle                             Vinca major                                                                           Y

Discovered on the Golf Course in 1996.




Common Dodder                                Cuscuta epithymum                                                             Y

Rediscovered on the Golf Course in the mid 1990s.


Sea Bindweed                                     Calystegia soldanella                                                            Y


Hedge Bindweed                                 Calystegia sepium                                                                Y


Large Bindweed                                  Calystegia sylvatica                                                              N
First recorded in 2007


Field Bindweed                                   Convolvulus arvensis                                                           Y




Field/Corn Gromwell                          Lithospermum arvense                                                        N


Bugloss                                                Anchusa arvensis                                                                 Y


Green Alkanet                                     Pentaglottis semipervirens                                                   Y


-                                                                                                              Amsinkia intermedia                                                             N


Common/Field Forget-me-not           Myosotis arvensis                                                                Y


Early Forget-me-not                           Myosotis ramosissima                                                         Y


Changing Forget-me-not                   Myosotis discolor                                                                 N

Rediscovered in the Buffer Zone in 2009.


Hound’s-tongue                                  Cynoglossum officinale                                                        Y




Water-starwort sp                               Callitriche sp.                                                                        N




Bugle                                                    Ajuga reptans                                                                        N


Wood Sage                                          Teucrium scorodonia                                                            Y


Skullcap                                               Scutellaria galericulata                                                          Y


White Dead-nettle                              Lamium album                                                                      Y


Red Dead-nettle                                 Lamium purpureum                                                              Y


Cut-leaved Dead-nettle                     Lamium hybridum                                                                 Y

Discovered growing in vegetation alongside the Back Path.


Henbit                                                  Lamium amplexicaule                                                          Y


Motherwort                                          Leonurus caradiaca                                                              N


Black Horehound                               Ballota nigra                                                                          Y


Betony                                                  Stachys officinalis                                                                 N


Hedge Woundwort                             Stachys sylvatica                                                                 Y         


Marsh Woundwort                              Stachys palustris                                                                  N


Lamb’s-ear                                           Stachys lanata                                                                      N


Ground Ivy                                           Glechoma hederacea                                                           Y


Selfheal                                                Prunella vulgaris                                                                   Y


Marjoram                                              Origanum vulgare                                                                 Y


Wild Thyme                                          Thymus praecox                                                                  Y         


Gipsywort                                            Lycopus europaeus                                                              Y


Water Mint                                           Mentha aquatica                                                                   Y


Corn Mint                                             Mentha arvensis                                                                   Y

Discovered on the Golf Course in 1997.                                                                                           


Round-leaved Mint                            Mentha suaveolens                                                              Y

Discovered on the Golf Course in 1995.


Spearmint, Garden Mint                    Mentha spicata                                                                     Y

Rediscovered in the mid 1990s.


Pennyroyal                                           Mentha pulegium                                                                  Y

Discovered on Warren Point in 1998.




Chinese Teaplant                               Lycium chinense                                                                  Y

An old bush discovered in 2000 on Warren Point, presumably persisting unrecorded

from gardens 50 years before!


Flowering Tobacco                            Nicotiana alata                                                                      Y

Discovered growing in the new Car Park ditch in 2004.


Henbane                                              Hyoscyamus niger                                                               Y


Black Nightshade                               Solanum nigrum                                                                   Y


Woody Nightshade, Bittersweet       Solanum dulcamara                                                             Y


Potato                                                   Solanum tuberosum                                                             N


Tomato                                                 Lycopersicon esculentum                                                    N


Thorn-apple                                        Datura stramonium                                                               Y

A single plant grow on the Golf Course in 1994. Three plants were discovered near the Crazy Golf
in 2006.




Buddleia                                              Buddleja davidii                                                                     Y




Great Mullein                                      Verbascum thapsus                                                             Y


Dark Mullein                                        Verbascum nigrum                                                               Y

Discovered growing on the Golf Course in 1995.


Common Figwort                                Scrophularia nodosa                                                             Y


Water Figwort                                      Scrophularia aquatica                                                           Y

Discovered growing in the Car Park in 2004.


Snapdragon                                         Antirrhinum majus                                                                Y


Sharp-leaved Fluellen                        Kickxia elatine                                                                       N
Discovered on the Carpark Roundabout in August 2009.


Purple Toadflax                                  Linaria purpurea                                                                    Y


Common/Yellow Toadflax                  Linaria vulgaris                                                                      Y


Ivy-leaved Toadflax                            Cymbalaria muralis                                                              N


Foxglove                                              Digitalis purpurea                                                                  Y


Heath/Common Speedwell                Veronica officinalis                                                                Y


Germander Speedwell                       Veronica chamaedrys                                                          Y


Brooklime                                            Veronica beccabunga                                                           Y


Wall Speedwell                                   Veronica arvensis                                                                 Y


Thyme-leaved Speedwell                 Veronica serpylifolia                                                              N
Discovered near Pirate's Cove and near the Visitor Centre in April 2009.


Grey Field Speedwell                        Veronica polita                                                                      Y


Common Field Speedwell                 Veronica persica                                                                   Y


Slender Speedwell                             Veronica filliformis                                                                N


Ivy-leaved Speedwell                        Veronica hederifolia                                                              Y

Rediscovered in 1995.


Eyebright                                             Euphrasia officinalis agg.                                                      Y

                                                              Euphrasia tetraquetra                                                            ?

                                                              Euphrasia tetraquetra x confusa                                            ?


Red Bartsia                                         Odontites verna                                                                     N
Discovered near the Wryneck Path in August 2007.


Yellow Bartsia                                     Parentucellia viscosa                                                           Y


Yellow Rattle                                       Rhinanthus minor agg.                                                         Y




Ivy Broomrape                                    Orobanche hederae                                                              Y

Previously grew on the entrance roundabout but this nationally scarce species

was removed with a change in council planting.




Field Madder                                       Sherardia arvensis                                                               Y

Rediscovered in 1995 growing on the estuary bank, unfortunately

the site was washed away. Rediscovered again on the edge of the Buffer Zone in 2005.


Marsh Bedstraw                                 Galium palustre                                                                    Y


Ladies/Yellow Bedstraw                    Galium verum                                                                       Y


Hedge Bedstraw                                 Galium mollugo                                                                     Y


Wall Bedstraw                                     Galium parisense                                                                  Y
Discovered in 2002 on the track past the Visitor Centre.


Heath Bedstraw                                  Galium saxatile                                                                     N


Cleavers                                              Galium aparine                                                                     Y


Crosswort                                            Galium cruciata                                                                    Y


Wild Madder                                        Rubia peregrina                                                                    Y




Greater Plantain                                 Plantago major                                                                      Y


Buck’s-horn Plantain                         Plantago coronopus                                                              Y         


Sea Plantain                                        Plantago maritima                                                                 Y


Ribwort Plantain                                 Plantago lanceolata                                                              Y




Garden Lobelia                                 Lobelia erinus                                                                         N
Discovered growing near the Amusements in 2008.


Trailing Bellflower                             Campanula poscharskyana                                                 N
Discovered near the Boathouse in 2009.




Elder                                                     Sambucus nigra                                                                   Y


Guelder-rose                                      Viburnum opulus                                                                   Y


Laurustinus                                         Viburnum tinus                                                                    N

Discovered growing on Warren Point in 2009.


Pheasant Berry/                                  Leycesteria formosa                                                             Y

Himalayan Honeysuckle

Discovered on Warren Point in 2001.


Honeysuckle                                       Lonicera periclymenum                                                        Y




Cornsalad                                            Valerianella locusta                                                               Y


Keeled-fruited Cornsalad                 Valerianella carinata                                                             Y

Discovered growing by the tractor compound in the mid 1990s.


Red Valerian                                        Centranthus ruber                                                               Y




Teasel                                                  Dipsacus fullonum                                                                Y


Devil’s-bit Scabious                           Succisa pratensis                                                                 Y

Rediscovered in Greenland Lake in 1997.


Small Scabious                                   Scabiosa columbaria                                                            N




Sunflower                                            Helianthus annuus                                                                N
A tideline plant flowered in the Bight in 2005.


Hemp-agrimony                                   Eupatorium cannabinum                                                      Y


Goldenrod                                           Solidago virgaurea                                                                Y

Rediscovered in 1997.


Canadian Goldenrod                          Solidago canadensis                                                            Y

Discovered near the Railway station in 1997.


Garden Marigold                                Calendula officinalis                                                              Y

Discovered growing in the Car Park in 1996. Rediscovered by the Beach huts in 2008.


Daisy                                                     Bellis perrenis                                                                       Y


Confused Michaelmas Daisy             Aster novi-belgii                                                                    Y

Late Michaelmas Daisy (A. laevis x novi-belgii)          Aster x versicolor                                         Y

Michaelmas Daisy (A. lanceolatus x novi-belgii)         Aster x salingnus                                          ?

This group is spreading on site and swamping many native species.


Sea Aster                                             Aster tripolium                                                                       Y


Blue Fleabane                                     Erigeron acer                                                                        N
Rediscovered on the Dune Ridge and Warren Point in 2007.


Seaside Fleabane                               Erigeron glaucus                                                                   Y

Found growing on Warren Point in 2004.


Mexican Fleabane                              Erigeron karvinskianus                                                         Y

Found near the White Poplars in 2003, this potentially invasive species was

quickly removed by the wardens. Rediscovered by the Go-karts in 2009.


Guernsey Fleabane                            Conyza sumatrensis                                                              Y

Discovered on Warren Point in 1997, unlike the above species it was not controlled and

Is now widespread, especially on the Dune Ridge.


Common Cudweed                             Filago vulgaris                                                                       N


Small Cudweed                                   Filago minima                                                                       N


Marsh Cudweed                                 Gnaphalium uliginosum                                                        Y


Ploughman’s-spikenard                     Inula conyza                                                                          Y

Found on Warren Point in 1995.


Fleabane                                              Pulicaria dysenterica                                                            Y


Yarrow                                                  Achillea millefolium                                                               Y


Scentless Mayweed                           Tripleurospermum inodorum                                                Y


Sicilian Chamomile                            Anthemis punctata                                                                 N

Discovered growing on Warren Point in 2006.

Pineappleweed                                   Matricaria matricariodes                                                       Y


Oxeye Daisy                                        Leucanthemum vulgare                                                        Y


Shasta Daisy                                        Leucanthemum superbum                                                   Y

Discovered in the late 1990s.


Feverfew                                             Tanacetum parthenium                                                        N


Tansy                                                    Tanacetum vulgare                                                               Y


Mugwort                                               Artemisia vulgaris                                                                 Y


Coltsfoot                                              Tussilago farfara                                                                   Y


Winter Heliotrope                               Perasites hybridus                                                                Y

Discovered in 1996 growing on the Golf Course.


Ragwort                                               Senecio jacobaea                                                                 Y


Marsh Ragwort                                   Senecio aquaticus                                                                N
Rediscovered in Greenland Lake in 2007.


Hoary Ragwort                                    Senecio erucifolius                                                               N


Oxford Ragwort                                  Senecio squalidus                                                                Y


Heath Groundsel                                Senecio sylvaticus                                                               Y


Groundsel                                           Senecio vulgaris                                                                   Y


Sunshine                                             Senecio greyi                                                                        N


Carline Thistle                                    Carlina vulgaris                                                                     Y

Now established on the Dune Ridge.


Great Burdock                                    Arctium lappa                                                                        N


Lesser Burdock                                  Arctium minus                                                                      Y


Musk Thistle                                       Carduus nutans                                                                    Y


Welted Thistle                                     Carduus acanthoides                                                           N


Slender Thistle                                   Carduus tenuiflorus                                                              Y


Spear Thistle                                      Cirsium vulgare                                                                    Y


Woolly Thistle                                     Cirsium eriophorum                                                              Y

Discovered in the mid 1990s.


Marsh Thistle                                      Cirsium palustre                                                                   Y


Creeping Thistle                                Cirsium arvense                                                                   Y


Scottish Thistle                                  Onopordum acanthium                                                         Y


Milk Thistle                                          Silybum marianum                                                               N


Lesser Knapweed                              Centaurea nigra                                                                    N

Rediscovered in the Entrance bushes in 2006.


Greater Knapweed                              Centaurea scabiosa                                                            Y

Grows around Langstone Rock.


Smooth Cat’s–ear                               Hypochaeris glabra                                                              Y


Cat’s-ear                                              Hypochaeris radicata                                                           Y


Autumnal Hawkbit                               Leontodon autumnalis                                                          Y


Hawkbit                                                Leontodon taraxacoides                                                       Y


Hawkweed Oxtongue                         Picris hieracioides                                                               N
Discovered on the estuary railway embankment in 2009.


Bristly Oxtongue                                Picris echioides                                                                    Y


Goat’s-beard                                       Tragopogon pratensis                                                           Y


Prickly Lettuce                                    Lactuca serriola                                                                    N

Discovered on the Golf Course in 2009.


Great Lettuce                                     Lactuca virosa                                                                      N

Discovered on the estuary railway embankment in 2009.


Prickly/Rough Sow-thistle                 Sonchus asper                                                                     Y


Smooth Sow-thistle                            Sonchus oleraceus                                                               Y


Perennial Sow-thistle                        Sonchus arvensis                                                                 Y


Dandelion                                            Taraxacum officinale agg                                                     Y

-                                                                                                              Taraxacum brachyglossum                                                 N

-                                                                                                              Taraxacum oxoniense                                                          N

-                                                                                                              Taraxacum rubicundum                                                       N

-                                                                                                              Taraxacum nordstedtii                                                          N


Nipplewort                                           Lapsana communis                                                              Y


Rough Hawk’s-beard                         Crepis biennis                                                                       N


Smooth Hawk’s-beard                        Crepis capillaries                                                                  N


Beaked Hawk’s-beard                        Crepis vesicaria                                                                    Y


Mouse-ear Hawkweed                       Hieracium pilosella                                                               Y




Common Water-plantain                    Alisma plantago-aquatica                                                     N




Curly Waterweed/Thyme                   Lagarosiphon major                                                              N




Sea Arrow-grass                                 Triglochin maritima                                                               Y


Marsh Arrow-grass                             Triglochin palustris                                                                N




Broad-leaved Pondweed                  Potamogeton natans                                                            Y

Discovered in the Main Pond in 1997.


Slender Pondweed                             Potamogeton berchtoldii                                                    Y
Recorded in the Main Pond in 2002 & 2009.



Common Duckweed                           Lemna minor                                                                         Y

Discovered in the First Pond in 1995.


Least Duckweed                                Lemna minuta                                                                       Y
Recorded in 2002.


Ivy-leaved Duckweed                       Lemna trisucla                                                                       Y
Recorded in 2002.


Fat Duckweed                                   Lemna gibba                                                                           Y

Rare vagrant! Occasionally recorded on the tideline after flood events

upstream have washed it down from Exeter Canal.




Common Eelgrass                              Zostera marina                                                                     N


Narrow-leaved Eelgrass                    Zostera angustifolia                                                              Y


Dwarf Eelgrass                                   Zostera noltii                                                                         N




Tulip                                                     Tulipa sylvestris                                                                    Y

Rediscovered in mid-1990s.


Fritillary                                                Fritillaria meleagris                                                                Y

Rediscovered near the Main Pond in 2003.


Common Star-of-Bethlehem             Ornithogalum umbellatum                                                    Y


Glory-of-the-snow                              Chionodoxa forbesii                                                              Y

Discovered in 1998.


Autumn Squill                                      Scilla autumnalis                                                                   N


Bluebell                                               Hyacinthoides non-scripta                                                    Y


Spanish Bluebell                                Hyacinthoides hispanica                                                      Y

Hyacinthoides x massartiana            Hyacinthoides hispanica x non-scripta                                Y


Hyacinth                                               Hyacinthus orientalis                                                            N

Rediscovered in 2005, a single plant, probably planted, was recorded growing along the Dune Ridge.


Grape Hyacinth                                   Muscari neglectum                                                               Y


Ramsons                                              Allium ursinum                                                                      N


Wild Onion/Crow Garlic                     Allium vineale                                                                        Y


Three Cornered Leek                       Allium triquetrum                                                                    N
Discovered in 2006 near the Go-Kart Track.


Asparagus                                            Asparagus officinalis                                                            Y


Snowdrop                                            Galanthus nivalis                                                                  N

Discovered at the eastern end of the Buffer Zone in 2005.


Summer Snowflake                            Leucojum spp. pulchellum                                                    Y


Daffodil                                                Narcissus pseudonarcissus                                                Y


Paper White                                         Narcissus polyanthus                                                           N


-                                                                                                              Narcissus poeticus                                                               N

Sea Daffodil                                        Pancratium maritimum                                                          N
Discovered on Warren Point in 2008. One of only three sites in the UK.


Butcher’s Broom                                Ruscus aculeatus                                                                 Y

Discovered in Greenland Lake in 1995. Found near the First Pond in 2009.




Black Bryony                                       Tamus communis                                                                Y

Rediscovered on the Dune Ridge in the late 1990s. Also grows on Langstone Rock.




Blue-eyed-grass                                 Sisyrinchium montanum                                                      Y

Not S. bermudiana.


Yellow-eyed-grass                              Sisyrinchium striatum                                                           Y

Discovered growing by the Main Pond in 2004 only.


Stinking Iris                                         Iris foetidissima                                                                     Y


Yellow Flag                                          Iris pseudacorus                                                                   Y


Bearded Iris                                         Iris germanica                                                                       N
Discovered in Greenland Lake in 2006.


Sand/Warren Crocus                          Romulea columnae var. occidentalis                                   Y


Spring Crocus                                     Crocus albiflorus                                                                   N


Gladiolus                                             Gladiolus byzantinus                                                            Y


Montbretia                                           Tritonia x crocosmiflora                                                        Y




Yucca                                                   Yucca recurvifolia                                                                 Y


"Torbay" Palm                                     Cordyline australis                                                                N
Discovered along the Dune Ridge in September 2005.



Sea Rush                                             Juncus maritimus                                                                 Y


Sharp Rush                                         Juncus acutus                                                                      N


Hard Rush                                           Juncus inflexus                                                                     Y


Soft Rush                                             Juncus effusus                                                                     Y


Compact/Common Rush                    Juncus conglomeratus                                                         Y


Round-fruited Rush                           Juncus compressus                                                             N


Saltmarsh Rush                                  Juncus gerardii                                                                     Y


Toad Rush                                           Juncus bufonius                                                                   Y


Sharp-flowered Rush                         Juncus acutiflorus                                                                N


Bulbous Rush                                     Juncus bulbosus                                                                  N


Jointed Rush                                       Juncus articulatus                                                                Y


Field Woodrush                                  Luzula campestris                                                                Y


Heath/Many-headed Woodrush        Luzula multiflora                                                                   N
Rediscovered on the Dune Ridge in June 2009.




Tall Fescue                                          Festuca arundinacea                                                            Y


Giant Fescue                                       Festuca gigantea                                                                   N
Discovered by the Car park in 2008.


Red Fescue                                         Festuca rubra rubra                                                              Species still present on site but no attempt has been

                                                              Festuca rubra juncea                                                            made to check subspecific status.

                                                              Festuca rubra littoralis


Rush-leaved Fescue                          Festuca juncifolia                                                                  Y


Sheep’s Fescue                                  Festuca ovina                                                                       Y


Perennial Rye-grass                          Lolium perenne                                                                     Y


Dune Fescue                                       Vulpia fasciculata                                                                  Y


Barren Fescue                                    Vulpia bromoides                                                                  Y


Rat’s-tail Fescue                                 Vulpia myuros                                                                       Y


Bearded Fescue                                 Vulpia ciliata spp. ambigua                                                   Y


Sea Fern-grass/Darnel Poa               Catapodium marinum                                                           Y


Hard Poa                                              Desmazeria rigida                                                                 Y


Annual Meadow-grass                       Poa annua                                                                             Y


Rough-stalked Meadow-grass          Poa trivialis                                                                           Y


Spreading Meadow-grass                 Poa subcaerulea                                                                   N


Smooth-stalked Meadow-grass        Poa pratensis                                                                        Y


Bulbous Meadow-grass                     Poa bulbosa                                                                          Y


Early Meadow-grass                           Poa infirma                                                                            Y


Wheat                                                    Triticum aestivum                                                                 N

Discovered growing in Dead Dolphin Wood in 2005.


Sea Poa/Common Saltmarsh-grass  Puccinellia maritima                                                              N
Still present behind Golf course.


Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass                Puccinellia distans distans                                                    N


Cock’s-foot                                          Dactylis glomerata                                                                Y


Crested Dog’s-tail                              Cynosurus cristatus                                                             Y


Quaking-grass                                    Briza media                                                                           N


Great Quaking-grass                         Briza maxima                                                                        N


Floating Sweet-grass                         Glyceria fluitans                                                                    N


-                                                                                                              Glyceria declinata                                                                 N


Barren Brome                                     Bromus sterilis                                                                      Y


Compact Brome                                                              Bromus madritensis                                                             N
Rediscovered in the Buffer Zone in 2009.


Smooth Brome                                    Bromus racemosus                                                              N


Soft Brome                                          Bromus hordeaceus hordeaceus                                         Species still present on site but no attempt has been

                                                              Bromus hordeaceus thominei                                              made to check subspecific status.


-                                                                                                              Bromus x pseudothominii                                                     N


Slender Soft Brome                           Bromus lepidus                                                                     N


Ripgut Grass                                       Bromus rigidus                                                                     N


-                                                                                                              Bromus diandrus                                                                  N


Lyme Grass                                         Leymus arenarius                                                                 N


False-Brome                                       Brachypodium sylvaticum                                                    N
Discovered in June 2009.


Sea Couch-grass                                Elytrigia atherica (Elymus pycnanthus)                               Y


Couch-grass/Twitch                           Elytrigia (Elymus) repens                                                     Y


Sand Couch-grass                              Elytrigia juncea (Elymus farctus)                                         Y


Wall Barley                                           Hordeum murinum                                                               Y


False Oat-grass                                  Arrhenatherum elatius                                                          Y


Yellow Oat-grass                                Trisetum flavescens                                                             N
Discovered on Langstone Rock in 2009. Previously overlooked.


Hare’s-tail                                            Lagurus ovatus                                                                     Y

Now established on the Dune Ridge and elsewhere.


Early Hair-grass                                  Aira praecox                                                                         Y


Silver Hair-grass                                Aira caryophyllea                                                                  Species still present on site but no attempt has been

                                                              Aira caryophyllea multiculmis                                              made to check subspecific status.                               


Sweet Vernal-grass                            Anthoxanthum odoratum                                                      Y


Yorkshire-fog                                      Holcus lanatus                                                                      Y


Creeping Soft Grass                          Holcus mollis                                                                        N

Discovered in the Back Meadow in 2011.


Heath Bent-grass                               Agrostis curtisii                                                                     N


Common Bent-grass                          Agrostis capillaris                                                                 Y


Creeping Bent                                    Agrostis stolonifera                                                               Y


Marram Grass                                     Ammophila arenaria                                                             Y


Sand Cat’s-tail                                     Phleum arenarium                                                                Y


Small Cat’s-tail                                     Phleum bertolonii                                                                N
Discovered in the Buffer Zone in June 2009.


Marsh Foxtail                                      Alopecurus geniculatus                                                        Y


Timothy                                                Phleum pratense                                                                   N

Discovered in the Buffer Zone in 2009.


Sea Hard-grass                                   Parapholis strigosa                                                               Y


Reed-grass                                          Phalaris arundinacea                                                            N

Rediscovered growing on the tideline at Warren Point in 2009.


Canary-grass                                       Phalaris canariensis                                                             N


Common Reed                                    Phragmites australis                                                             Y


Pampas Grass                                     Cortaderia sellona                                                                 Y


Heath Grass                                        Danthonia decumbens                                                         N
Rediscovered by the Visitor Centre in June 2009.


Bermuda Grass                                   Cynodon dactylon                                                                 N


Cord-grass                                          Spartina x townsendii                                                            Y


-                                                                                                              Spartina anglica                                                                    N


-                                                                                                              Spartina maritima                                                                 N


Tufted Hair-grass                               Deschampsia caespitosa                                                     Y

Discovered in 1995 near the Main Pond.


Purple Moor-grass                             Molinia caerula                                                                      Y

Discovered in 1996 near the Main Pond.


Shama Millet                                        Echinochloa colona                                                               N

Discovered in 2008 near the Boathouse.




Altar-lily/Arum Lily                               Zantedeschia aethiopica                                                       Y

Discovered in the Entrance Bushes in 2000.


Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo-pint        Arum maculatum                                                                  Y




Great Reed-mace                               Typha latifolia                                                                        Y

day 1st:



Sea Club-rush                                     Scirpus maritimus                                                                Y


Bulrush                                                Schoenoplectus lacustris lacustris                                      Y

Glaucous Bulrush                              Schoenoplectus lacustris tabernaemontani                         Y

Rediscovered in 1994 at the Dune Pond.


Bristle Club-rush                                Isolepis setacea                                                                    N


Slender Club-rush                             Isolepis cernua                                                                       N
Discovered in Golf course ditches in 2009.


Common Cotton-grass                       Eriophorum angustifolium                                                     N


Common Spike-rush                          Eleocharis palustris                                                              Y


Many-stemmed Spike-rush               Eleocharis multicaulis                                                           Y

Rediscovered in the mid 1990s.


False Fox-sedge                                 Carex otrubae                                                                       Y


Sand Sedge                                         Carex arenaria                                                                      Y


Grey Sedge                                         Carex divulva                                                                        Y

Discovered in 1995.


Oval Sedge                                         Carex ovalis                                                                          N

Rediscovered by the Visitor Centre in June 2009.


Hairy Sedge                                         Carex hirta                                                                            N


Great Pond-sedge                              Carex riparia                                                                         Y


Cyperus Sedge                                   Carex pseudocyperus                                                          Y

Recorded in 2002 & 2009.


Pendulous Sedge                               Carex pendula                                                                      Y


Carnation Sedge                                Carex flecca                                                                         Y


Carnation-grass                                  Carex panicea                                                                      Y


Ribbed Sedge                                     Carex binervis                                                                      N


Distant Sedge                                     Carex distans                                                                       Y


Long-bracted Sedge                          Carex extensa                                                                      Y


Yellow Sedge                                      Carex viridula                                                                      N
Discovered near the VC in May 2009.


Pale Sedge                                          Carex pallescens                                                                  N


Common Sedge                                  Carex nigra                                                                           Y


Remote Sedge                                    Carex remota                                                                        Y

Discovered in 1995.




Marsh Helleborine                             Epipactis palustris                                                                Y


Twayblade                                           Listera ovata                                                                         Y


Autumn Lady’s Tresses                     Spiranthes spiralis                                                                Y


Southern Marsh Orchid                     Dactylorhiza praetermissa                                                   Y


Common Spotted Orchid                   Dactylorhiza fuchsii                                                              Y


Green-winged Orchid                        Orchis morio                                                                         Y


Pyramidal Orchid                                Anacamptis pyramidalis                                                       Y

Found growing on the Dune Ridge in 2004, the first record for 50 years.




Dolphin were again present offshore, this morning. A Grey Seal was present in the estuary and a single Silver Y was disturbed from the Back Meadow.



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