Dawlish Warren Bird List

This page lists all species recorded from Dawlish Warren Recording Area. A total of 307 species have been recorded at the Warren with a further 28 species only recorded as escapees. This list follows the latest taxonomic order from the BOU.

The Recording Area covers some 210 hectares (505 acres) however, only c.35% of this consists of terrestrial habitats.  The sandspit from Langstone Rock at its Western end to the end of Warren point is only 2.25 kilometres long (1.4 miles) and roughly 0.4 kilometres wide (0.25 miles).

It is the intention to try to locate Dawlish Warren photographs of as many species as possible.   If you can help, please get in touch.
Last updated 10/05/21.

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Red-legged Partridge                          Alectoris rufa

Very rare visitor.

Mar 2019 © Lee Collins


Grey Partridge                                     Perdix perdix

Extinct resident and vagrant.


Quail                                                    Coturnix coturnix

Vagrant; two records.


Common Pheasant                              Phasianus colchicus

Formerly near-annual visitor, now occasional breeding resident.

© Alan Keatley

Indian Peafowl                                    Pavo cristatus

Escapee; two records.


Dark-bellied Brent Goose                    Branta (b.) bernicla

Abundant autumn and early winter visitor, uncommon in spring, rare in summer.

© Alan Keatley

Pale-bellied Brent Goose                    Branta (bernicla) hrota

Annual winter visitor and spring migrant, fewer in autumn.

© Alan Keatley


Black Brant                                          Branta (bernicla) nigricans

Vagrant; three records.

Mar 2014 © Lee Collins


Red-breasted Goose                            Branta ruficollis

Vagrant; one record. Escapee; two records.

Escape, Feb 2010 © Simon Thurgood


Canada Goose                                     Branta canadensis

Increasing common often abundant in autumn and early winter. Regular breeder.

© John Lee

Ridgeway's Cackling Goose                
Branta hutchinsii

Escapee; one record.


Barnacle Goose                                   Branta leucopsis

Rare wild migrant and winter visitor, infrequent feral/escapee autumn and winter visitor.

(with Pale-bellied Brent) © Alan Keatley


Bar-headed Goose                               Branta indicus

Escapee; Scarce annual visitor.

© Colin Scott


Snow Goose                                        Anser caerulescens

Escapee; one record.


Greylag Goose                                     Anser anser

Rare wild migrant and winter visitor, infrequent feral autumn and winter visitor.

© Lee Collins


Pink-footed Goose                               Anser brachyrhynchus

Vagrant; one record. (also one escapee/feral record).


European White-fronted Goose           Anser a. albifrons

Rare migrant and winter visitor.

Nov 2013 © Simon Thurgood

Mute Swan                                         
Cygnus olor

Usually resident in small numbers, common in autumn, recently scarce early year, has bred.

© Simon Thurgood


Black Swan                                         Cygnus atratus

Escapee/feral; Scarce annual visitor.


Bewick's Swan                                    Cygnus columbianus bewickii

Very rare autumn migrant and winter visitor.


Whooper Swan                                    Cygnus c. cygnus

Rare autumn migrant and winter visitor.

10/06/2007 © Dave Smallshire


Egyptian Goose                                   Alopochen aegyptiacus

Rare feral visitor/escapee.


© David Flack


Shelduck                                             Tadorna tadorna

Common winter visitor, uncommon to June, scarce late summer, has bred.

© Simon Thurgood


Muscovy Duck                                     Cairina mschata

Feral/escapee; two records.


Ruddy Shelduck                                  Tadorna ferruginea

Feral visitor/escapee; four records.


29/04/21 © Lee Collins


Cape Shelduck                                    Tadorna cana

Escapee; one record of two birds.


Fulvous Whistling Duck                        Dendrocygna bicolor

Escapee; one record.


White-faced Whistling Duck                 Dendrocygna viduata

Escapee; one record.


Mandarin                                              Aix galericulata

Vagrant; seven records.

03/04/2016 © Matt Laing


Garganey                                             Spatula querquedula         

Rare spring migrant and autumn vagrant.

11/4/2018 © Lee Collins


Northern Shoveler                               Spatula clypeata

Annual autumn migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in spring and summer.

© Alan Keatley


Gadwall                                               Mareca strepera

Recently annual autumn migrant and winter visitor, scarce in spring.

© Lee Collins


Chiloe Wigeon                                    Mareca sibilatrix

Escapee; three records.

Jan 2010 © Ivan Lakin


Eurasian Wigeon                                 Mareca penelope

Very abundant late autumn migrant and early winter visitor, less so in late winter and early spring. Rare in summer.

© Simon Thurgood


American Wigeon                                Mareca americana

Vagrant; three records.

Dec 2011 © Lee Collins


Mallard                                                Anas platyrhynchos

Common late autumn and winter visitor, present throughout most of the year.

© Colin Scott

Northern Pintail                                  
Anas acuta

Uncommon autumn migrant and winter visitor, rare in spring.

© Lee Collins


Eurasian Teal                                      Anas crecca

Very abundant late autumn and early winter visitor, scarce through to Apr. Very rare in summer.

© Alan Keatley


Red-crested Pochard                           Netta rufina

Vagrant; five records.

Pochard                                               Aythya ferina

Nearly annual late autumn migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in summer.


Tufted Duck                                         Aythya fuligula

Previously rare recently annual autumn migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in spring and summer.

© Dave Jewell 

Greater Scaup                                    
Aythya marila

Near-annual winter visitor and very rare autumn migrant.

© Alan Keatley


Common Eider                                     Somateria m. mollissima

Absent to common visitor throughout the year.

© Matt Knott

Surf Scoter                                         
Melanitta perspicillata

Rare migrant; nine records of at least 12 birds.

Nov 2010 © Lee Collins


Velvet Scoter                                       Melanitta fusca

Recently an uncommon winter visitor, scarce migrant, vagrant in summer.



Common Scoter                                   Melanitta nigra

Sporadically common sometimes abundant throughout the year.

© Alan Keatley


Long-tailed Duck                                 Clangula hyemalis

Annual winter visitor, scarce spring and autumn migrant, vagrant in summer.

© Lee Collins 

Bucephala clangula

Uncommon, rarely common winter visitor, vagrant in spring.

© Simon Thurgood


Smew                                                  Mergellus albellus

Formerly very rare winter visitor, now vagrant.


Goosander                                           Mergus merganser

Rare autumn migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in spring.

© Lee Collins 

Red-breasted Merganser                    
Mergus serrator

Common to abundant winter visitor, occasional in summer, has bred.

© Alan Keatley


Ruddy Duck                                         Oxyura j. jamaicensis

Vagrant; four records.


European Nightjar                               Caprimulgus europaeus

Rare spring and autumn migrant.

07/05/2012 © Lee Collins 

Alpine Swift                                        
Tachymarptis melba

Vagrant; one record.


Common Swift                                     Apus apus

Often common migrant and summer visitor.


© Ben Lucking


Great Spotted Cuckoo                         Clamator glandarius

Vagrant; two records.


Mar 1990 © Photographer unknown


Cuckoo                                                Cuculus canorus

Uncommon migrant, no longer breeds.


© Lee Summersby


Feral Pigeon                                        Columba livia

Regular visitor throughout the year in small numbers. Has bred.


Stock Dove                                          Columba oenas

Annual visitor, rarely a common late autumn migrant.

© Alan Keatley

                 Columba palumbus

Common breeding resident, can be a very abundant late autumn migrant.

© Lee Collins


Collared Dove                                      Streptopelia decaocto

Infrequent visitor throughout the year in small numbers. Occasionally breeds.


© Lee Collins


Turtle Dove                                          Streptopelia turtur

Annual passage migrant, once common now rare.


Water Rail                                           Rallus aquaticus

Uncommon, rarely common winter visitor and migrant, rare in summer, has bred.

© Lee Collins


Corncrake                                          Crex crex

Vagrant; two records. 


Spotted Crake                                     Porzana porzana

Vagrant; two records.

Aug 2006 © John Lee

Common Moorhen                               Gallinula chloropus

Common breeding resident.



Common Coot                                      Fulica atra

Once an occasional winter visitor, then uncommon breeding resident, now vagrant.

© Simon Thurgood


Common Crane                                   Grus grus

Vagrant; one record. 


Little Grebe                                         Tachybaptus ruficollis

Annual to infrequent winter visitor, infrequent breeder and now virtually resident.

© Andy Stuthridge


Red-necked Grebe                               Podiceps grisegena
Near-annual winter visitor and autumn migrant, vagrant Apr to Sept.


© Lee Collins


Great-crested Grebe                            Podiceps cristatus    

Up to the early 1980’s an uncommon winter visitor and spring migrant, recently common.

© Lee Collins


Slavonian Grebe                                 Podiceps auritus

Once a regular often common winter visitor and spring migrant. Now, excepting a resident bird, a vagrant. 

© James Packer


Black-necked Grebe                            Podiceps nigricollis

Barely annual winter visitor and scarce migrant, none May to Aug.

© Colin Scott


Stone-curlew                                       Burhinus oedicnemus

Vagrant; seven records.

21/04/2016 © Luke Harman


Eurasian Oystercatcher                        Haematopus o. ostralegus

Very abundant winter visitor and autumn migrant, abundant throughout the summer, has bred.


© Colin Scott


Black-winged Stilt                               Himantopus himantopus

Vagrant; two records.


Avocet                                                 Recurvirostra avosetta

Near-annual autumn migrant, scarce winter visitor and rare in spring.

© Alan Keatley


Northern Lapwing                                Vanellus vanellus

Common migrant and winter visitor, rarely abundant in cold weather, rare at other times, has bred.

© Alan Keatley


European Golden Plover                     Pluvialis apricaria

Annual to infrequent autumn migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in spring.

© Lee Collins

American Golden Plover                     Pluvialis dominica

Vagrant; one record.


Oct 2010


Grey Plover                                         Pluvialis squatarola

Abundant winter visitor and common migrant, a few may summer.

© Alan Keatley


Ringed Plover                                      Charadrius h. hiaticula

Abundant winter visitor and autumn migrant, previously bred.


© Simon Thurgood


‘Tundra’ Ringed Plover                       Charadrius hiaticula tundrae

Uncommon autumn passage migrant.


Semipalmated Plover                         Charadrius semipalmatus

Vagrant; one record.


Jun 1997 © Alan Tate


Little Ringed Plover                             Charadrius dubius

Former vagrant, now annual passage migrant. 


© Alan Keatley


Kentish Plover                                     Charadrius alexandrinus

Once a near-annual spring and autumn migrant. Now rare.


Apr 2010 © Lee Collins


Greater Sand Plover                             Charadrius leschenaultii columbinus

Vagrant; one record.


May 1988 © Mike Lockyear


Eurasian Dotterel                                 Charadrius morinellus

Vagrant; five records.


Whimbrel                                             Numenius phaeopus

Common spring and autumn migrant.

© Dave Jewell


Eurasian Curlew                                  Numenius arquata

Abundant autumn migrant and winter visitor, sometimes common in summer, scarce in spring.

© Colin Scott


Bar-tailed Godwit                                Limosa lapponica

Abundant winter visitor and migrant.

© Lee Collins


Black-tailed Godwit                             Limosa limosa islandica

Common, occasionally abundant, winter visitor and migrant.


© Lee Collins


Turnstone                                            Arenaria interpres

Common, sometimes abundant winter visitor and migrant, absent briefly midsummer.


© Dave Boult


Knot                                                     Calidris canutus islandica

Abundant winter visitor and common autumn migrant, scarce in spring.


© Luke Harman


‘Siberian’ Knot                                     Calidris c. canutus

Common, rarely abundant autumn migrant, scarce in spring.


Ruff                                                      Calidris pugnax

Annual autumn migrant, now rare in winter and spring migrant.

© Lee Collins


Broad-billed Sandpiper                       Calidris falcinellus

Vagrant; five records.


01/05/2006 © Ivan Lakin


Curlew Sandpiper                               Calidris ferruginea

Uncommon, rarely common autumn migrant, scarce in spring, vagrant in winter.

© Lee Collins


Temminck’s Stint                                 Calidris temminckii

Vagrant; three records.

22/5/2013 © Ivan Lakin


Sanderling                                           Calidris alba

Common to abundant winter visitor and migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Dunlin                                                  Calidris a. alpina

Very abundant winter visitor and autumn migrant, common in spring.

© Colin Scott

‘Southern’ Dunlin                                Calidris alpina schinzii

Common, rarely abundant, spring and autumn migrant.


‘Arctic’ Dunlin                                      Calidris alpina arctica

Scarce spring and autumn migrant.


Purple Sandpiper                                Calidris maritima

Previously an annual winter visitor, rare visitor since 1985.


© Lee Collins


Baird's Sandpiper                                Calidris bairdii

Vagrant; four records.



Little Stint                                            Calidris minuta

Scarce spring, uncommon, rarely common autumn migrant, vagrant in winter.

© Simon Thurgood


White-rumped Sandpiper                    Calidris fuscicollis

Vagrant; three records.


Buff-breasted Sandpiper                      Calidris subruficollis

Vagrant; eight records.


Sep 2011 © Lee Collins


Pectoral Sandpiper                             Calidris melanotos

Rare autumn and very rare spring migrant.

Sep 2015 © Lee Collins


Semipalmated Sandpiper                   Calidris pusilla

Vagrant; two records.

Aug 2008 © John Lee


Western Sandpiper                              Calidris maura

Vagrant; one record. Pended by BBRC.


May 2009 © Lee Collins


Long-billed Dowitcher                          Limnodromus scolopaceus

Vagrant; one record.


10/10/2019 © Luke Harman


Eurasian Woodcock                             Scolopax rusticola

Scarce winter visitor in hard-weather, rare migrant.


Jack Snipe                                           Lymnocryptes minimus

Very uncommon winter visitor and scarce migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Common Snipe                                    Gallinago gallinago

Common, rarely abundant winter visitor and uncommon migrant.

© Alan Keatley


Grey Phalarope                                   Phalaropus fulicarius

Near-annual autumn migrant and rare winter visitor.

Sep 2017 © Ian Teague


Common Sandpiper                            Actitis hypoleucos

Uncommon autumn and usually annual spring migrant, rarely common, vagrant in winter.


© Simon Thurgood


Green Sandpiper                                 Tringa ochropus

Scarce autumn migrant, vagrant in winter and spring.


Lesser Yellowlegs                                Tringa flavipes

Vagrant; two records.


Common Redshank                             Tringa totanus

Abundant autumn migrant and winter visitor, uncommon spring migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Wood Sandpiper                                 Tringa glareola

Rare autumn migrant, vagrant in spring.


© Lee Collins


Spotted Redshank                               Tringa erythropus

Previously annual autumn migrant and winter visitor, now very scarce. Vagrant in late spring.


Common Greenshank                          Tringa nebularia

Uncommon autumn migrant and winter visitor, scare spring migrant.


© Lee Collins 


Cream-coloured Courser                     Cursorius cursor

Vagrant; one record.


Collared Pratincole                             Glareola pratincola

Vagrant; one record.


Black-legged Kittiwake                        Rissa tridactyla

Regular passage migrant, summer and winter visitor, especially after storms.


© Simon Thurgood


Sabine's Gull                                       Xema sabini

Rare autumn migrant, vagrant at other times.

05/09/2008 © Stan Stanbury


Bonaparte's Gull                                  Chroiccephalus philadelphia

Vagrant; six records.


Oct 2015 © Dave Jewell


Black-headed Gull                               Chroiccephalus ridibundus

Abundant to very abundant winter visitor, irregularly common to abundant through summer.


© Lee Collins


Little Gull                                             Hydrocoloeus minutus

Irregular storm refugee and migrant throughout the year.


© Lee Collins


Laughing Gull                                      Leucophaeus atricilla

Vagrant; one record.


05/08/2006 © Lee Collins


Mediterranean Gull                             Ichthyaetus melanocephalus

Uncommon visitor throughout the year, increasing.


© Alan Keatley


Great Black-headed Gull                     Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus

Vagrant; only British record.


Late May or Early June 1859 © Royal Albert Memorial Museum


Common Gull                                      Larus c. canus

Common to abundant winter visitor and migrant, infrequent May to June.


© Lee Collins


Ring-billed Gull                                   Larus delawarensis

Previously rare spring migrant, vagrant at other times.


Great Black-backed Gull                      Larus marinus

Common non-breeding resident, often abundant in autumn.

© Lee Collins


Glaucous Gull                                      Larus hyperboreus

Rare winter visitor and migrant.


Dec 2005 © John Fortey


Iceland Gull                                         Larus g. glaucoides

Rare passage and winter visitor.


Mar 2018 © Lee Collins


Kumlien's Gull                                       Larus g. kumlieni

Vagrant; one record.


Herring Gull                                         Larus argenteus argentatus

Abundant, rarely very abundant breeding resident.


© Ben Lucking


‘Scandinavian’ Herring Gull                Larus a. argentatus

Very rare winter visitor.


Caspian Gull                                        Larus cachinnans

Vagrant; five records.


17/01/2018 © Lee Collins


Yellow-legged Gull                              Larus michahellis

Rare passage migrant, summer and winter visitor.


© Lee Collins


Lesser Black-backed Gull                    Larus fuscus graellsii

Uncommon visitor throughout the year, a rarely common migrant.


© Lee Collins


‘Scandinavian’ Lesser Black-backed Gull  Larus f. intermedius

Rare spring migrant, vagrant in autumn and winter.


‘Baltic’ Lesser Black-backed Gull        Larus f. fuscus

Vagrant; two records. In circulation with BBRC.


Gull-billed Tern                                   Gelochelidon nilotica

Vagrant; two records.


Caspian Tern                                       Hydroprogne caspia

Vagrant; one record.


27/07/2004 © Mike Lockyear


Royal/Lesser Crested Tern                   Thalasseus maxima/T. bengalensis

Vagrant; one record.


Lesser Crested Tern                             Thalasseus bengalensis

Vagrant; one record.


July 1985 © Dave Hopkins


Sandwich Tern                                    Thalasseus sandvicensis

Common non-breeding summer visitor, abundant in autumn, vagrant in winter.


© Colin Scott


Elegant Tern                                        Thalasseus elegans

Vagrant; three records.



Little Tern                                            Sternula albifrons

Uncommon to infrequent non-breeding summer visitor and migrant.


© Lee Collins


Roseate Tern                                       Sterna dougallii

Uncommon spring and early autumn migrant.


© Lee Collins


Common Tern                                      Sterna hirundo

Usually common summer visitor, rarely abundant migrant, has bred.


© Lee Collins


Arctic Tern                                           Sterna paradisaea

Uncommon migrant.


© Lee Collins


White-winged Black Tern                    Chlidonias leucopterus

Vagrant; Two records.


Aug 2017 © Lee Collins


Black Tern                                           Chlidonias n. niger

Annual to frequent autumn migrant, near-annual in spring.


© Lee Collins


Great Skua                                          Stercorarius skua

Annual to irregular autumn migrant; scarce in spring and winter.


© Lee Collins


South Polar Skua                                Stercorarius maccormicki

Vagrant; one record. Not accepted by BBRC.


Pomarine Skua                                    Stercorarius pomarinus

Near-annual spring and autumn migrant, vagrant in winter.


Arctic Skua                                          Stercorarius parasiticus

Uncommon, rarely common spring and autumn migrant, rare in winter.


© Stan Stanbury


Long-tailed Skua                                 Stercorarius longicaudus

Rare late spring and autumn migrant.


Little Auk                                             Alle alle

Scarce late autumn and early winter visitor.

© Jo King


Guillemot                                             Uria aalgae

Winter visitor and regular throughout the year except June, very rarely common.


© Lee Collins


Razorbill                                              Alca torda
Regular throughout the year except June, rarely common.


© Simon Thurgood


Black Guillemot                                   Cepphus grylle

Vagrant; eight records.


Long-billed Murrelet                            Brachyramphus perdix     

Vagrant; only British record.


Nov 2006 © Stuart Elsom


Puffin                                                   Fratecula arctica
Now a rare migrant and winter visitor.


Red-throated Diver                              Gavia stellata
Regular, scarcely common winter visitor and migrant, rare to vagrant June to Sept


© Colin Scott


Black-throated Diver                            Gavia arctica
Previously annual to infrequent winter visitor and passage migrant, very rare May to Oct. Now rare.


Great Northern Diver                           Gavia Immer

Usually an uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant, scarce Apr to Oct.

© Alan Keatley


European Storm-petrel                        Hydrobates pelagicus

Scarce summer visitor and autumn storm refugee, vagrant in winter.


Leach's Storm-petrel                           Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Rare autumn and winter storm refugee.


Northern Fulmar                                  Fulmarus glacialis
Regular visitor Mar to June and Aug to Sept, infrequent to scarce at other times rarely common.


© Alan Keatley


Cory's Shearwater                                Calonectris borealis

Vagrant; three records.


Sooty Shearwater                                Ardenna grisea

Rare autumn passage migrant.


Great Shearwater                                Ardenna gravis

Vagrant; three records.


Manx Shearwater                                Puffinus puffinus

Recorded mostly May to July, usually infrequently though sometimes in large numbers.


Balearic Shearwater                           Puffinus mauretanicus

A nearly annual to uncommon summer visitor and autumn migrant, vagrant in spring and winter.


Black Stork                                          Ciconia nigra

Vagrant; one record.


White Stork                                          Ciconia ciconia

Vagrant; two records. Escapee one record.


21/05/2012 © Jeannette and Philip Rutter


Northern Gannet                                  Morus bassanus

Recorded throughout the year, often common and occasionally abundant during storms.

© Alan Keatley 


European Shag                                    Phalocrocorax aristotelis

Common, sometimes abundant non-breeding resident.


© Alan Keatley


Great Cormorant                                  Phalacrocorax c. carbo

Non-breeding common resident, abundant in autumn.


© Lee Collins


‘Continental’ Cormorant                      Phalacrocorax c. sinensis

Scarce under recorded visitor.


Glossy Ibis                                            Plegadis falcinellus

Vagrant; three records.


Sacred Ibis                                           Threskiornis aethiopicus

Escapee; one record.


Eurasian Spoonbill                              Platalea leucorodia

Rare passage migrant and historically winter visitor.


Jan 2009 © Simon Thurgood


Great Bittern                                         Botaurus stellaris

Vagrant; six records.

Jan 2010 © Lee Collins


Cattle Egret                                           Bubulcus ibis

Vagrant; eight records.

Oct 2020 © Lee Collins


Grey Heron                                           Ardea cinerea

Uncommon non-breeding resident, often absent Jan to May, sometimes common autumn migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


Purple Heron                                        Ardea purpurea

Vagrant: two records.


Great White Egret                                Ardea alba

Previously a vagrant, now 15 records.

27/10/2017 © Alan Keatley

Little Egret                                           Egretta garzetta

Uncommon non-breeding resident, most common in autumn.


© Simon Thurgood


Chilean Flamingo                                Phoenicopterus chilensis

Escapee; one record.


Osprey                                                 Pandion haliaetus

Scarce spring and nearly annual autumn migrant.


© Bob Reeves


European Honey-buzzard                    Pernis apivorus

Vagrant; five records.


Short-toed Eagle                                  Circaetus gallicus

Vagrant; one record.


Eurasian Sparrowhawk                       Accipiter nisus

Uncommon resident and migrant, has bred.

© Simon Thurgood


Northern Goshawk                               Accipiter gentilis

Vagrant; four records.


Marsh Harrier                                      Circus aeruginosus

Rare autumn and vagrant spring migrant.


Hen Harrier                                          Circus cyaneus

Rare autumn and vagrant spring migrant.


Montagu's Harrier                                Circus pygargus

Vagrant; five records.


Red Kite                                               Milvus milvus

Former vagrant, now scarce migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Black Kite                                            Milvus migrans

Vagrant; one record.


Common Buzzard                                Buteo buteo

Infrequent visitor throughout the year, migrants pass through in spring and especially autumn.


© Lee Collins


Barn Owl                                             Tyto alba

Vagrant; four records.


Nov 2016 © Lee Collins


Tawny Owl                                          Strix aluco

Rare autumn and winter visitor, occasional resident.


© Dave Jewell


Little Owl                                             Athene noctua

Vagrant; six records.


Long-eared Owl                                   Asio otus

Very rare late autumn and winter visitor.


12/10/2012 © Lee Collins


Short-eared Owl                                  Asio flammeus

Annual autumn migrant, scare in winter and spring, previously over wintered.


© Lee Collins


Hoopoe                                                Upupa epops

Rare spring and vagrant autumn migrant.


01/04/2013 © Dave Stone


Common Kingfisher                             Alcedo atthis
Annual autumn migrant and winter visitor.


© Alan Keatley


Wryneck                                              Jynx torquilla

Rare autumn and vagrant spring migrant.


Sep 2014 © Lee Collins


Great Spotted Woodpecker                 Dendrocopos major

Breeding resident, previously spring and autumn migrant, scarce late summer and winter visitor.


© Lee Collins


Green Woodpecker                             Picus viridis

Uncommon, sporadic non-breeding resident.


© Lee Collins


Common Kestrel                                  Falco tinnunculus

Uncommon non-breeding resident and autumn migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Red-footed Falcon                               Falco vespertinus

Vagrant; one record


Merlin                                                  Falco columbarius

Annual late autumn migrant and winter visitor, scarce in spring.


© Lee Collins


Hobby                                                  Falco subbuteo

Annual spring migrant, scarce in autumn.


Peregrine                                            Falco peregrinus

Regular non-breeding visitor, especially in autumn.


© Lee Collins


Saker                                                   Falco cherrug

Escapee; one record.


Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo         Cacatua sulphurea

Escapee; one record.


Grey Cockatiel                                     Nymphicus hollandicus

Escapee; several records.


Budgerigar                                           Melopsittacus undulatus

Escapee; several records.


Senegal Parrot                                    Poicephalus senegalus

Escapee; one record.


Rose-ringed Parakeet                          Psittacula krameri

Escapee; three records.


19/08/2019 © Lee Collins


Red-backed Shrike                              Lanius collurio           

Once scarce? migrant, now vagrant.


Sep 2013 © Lee Collins


Lesser Grey Shrike                              Lanius minor

Vagrant; one record.


26/05/2002 © Dave Stone


Great Grey Shrike                               Lanius excubitor

Vagrant; one record.


23/10/2015 © Lee Collins


Woodchat Shrike                                 Lanius s. senator

Vagrant; five records.


Sep 2014 © Lee Collins


Red-eyed Vireo                                    Vireo olivaceus

Vagrant; one record.


Golden Oriole                                      Oriolus oriolus

Vagrant; one record.


Red-whiskered Bulbul                          Pycnonotus jocusus

Escapee; one record.


Jay                                                       Garrulus glandarius

Rare spring and scarce autumn migrant.


Black-billed Magpie                             Pica pica

Uncommon breeding resident, common in winter.


© Lee Collins


Chough                                                Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

Vagrant; one record.


Eurasian Jackdaw                               Corvus monedula spermologus

Infrequent visitor, regular rarely common autumn migrant.


© Dave Jewell


Rook                                                    Corvus frugilegus

Infrequent migrant and winter visitor.


© Ivan Lakin


Carrion Crow                                       Corvus corone

Common breeding resident, occasionally abundant in autumn.


© Ben Lucking


Raven                                                   Corvus corax

Previously an infrequent visitor absent during the summer, now regular all year.


© Lee Collins


Waxwing                                             Bombycilla garrulus

Vagrant; four records.


© Dave Jewell


Coal Tit                                                Periparus ater

Near-annual autumn migrant, rare winter visitor.


© Alan Keatley


‘Continental’ Coal Tit                           Periparus a. ater

Rare autumn and vagrant spring migrant.


Marsh Tit                                              Poecile palustris
Very rare autumn migrant.  


Willow Tit                                            Poecile montanus  

Vagrant; three records.


23/04/2016 © Luke Harman


Blue Tit                                                Cyanistes c. obscurus

Common breeding resident and infrequent autumn migrant.


© Lee Collins


‘Scandinavian’ Blue Tit                       Cyanistes c. caeruleus

Vagrant; two records


Great Tit                                              Parus major

Uncommon breeding resident.


© Alan Keatley


Penduline Tit                                       Remiz pendulinus

Vagrant; one record. Not accepted by BBRC.


Bearded Tit                                          Panurus biarmicus

Rare late autumn migrant, vagrant winter visitor and spring migrant.


Jan 2013 © Laurie Allnatt


Woodlark                                           Lullula arborea

Rare migrant and vagrant winter visitor.


Mar 2018 © Luke Harman


Skylark                                              Alauda arvensis

Common breeding resident and migrant.



Shore Lark                                           Eremophila alpestris flava

Annual autumn migrant (1969-73) otherwise a vagrant.


Short-toed Lark                                    Calandrella brachydactyla

Vagrant; four records.


25/05/2013 © Lee Collins


Sand Martin                                         Riparia riparia

Frequent to uncommon passage migrant.


Barn Swallow                                      Hirundo rustica

Locally nesting summer visitor, a common rarely abundant autumn migrant.

© Simon Thurgood


House Martin                                        Delichon urbica

Common summer visitor and migrant, occasionally abundant in autumn.


Red-rumped Swallow                          Cecropis daurica
Rare vagrant: five records.


02/04/2019 © Dave Land


Cetti's Warbler                                     Cettia cetti

Vagrant; ten records.


Feb 2007 © John Lee


Long-tailed Tit                                     Aegithalos caudatus rosaceus

Common breeding resident.


© Alan Keatley


Wood Warbler                                     Phylloscopus sibilatrix

Rare spring and autumn migrant.


15/05/2009 © Ivan Lakin


Yellow-browed Warbler                       Phylloscopus inornatus

Previously vagrant, now scarce autumn migrant.


Jan 2017 © Dave Smallshire


Radde's Warbler                                  Phylloscopus schwarzi

Vagrant; one record.


Dusky Warbler                                     Phylloscopus fuscatus

Vagrant; one record.


Willow Warbler                                   Phylloscopus t. trochilis

Previously bred now just a common passage migrant.


© John Lee


‘Scandinavian’ Willow Warbler           Phylloscopus trochilis acredula

Vagrant; one record.


Chiffchaff                                             Phylloscopus c. collybita

Often common migrant, uncommon breeder and in winter.


© Lee Collins


‘Scandinavian’ Chiffchaff                    Phylloscopus collybita abietinus

Scarce autumn migrant, rare winter visitor and spring migrant.


‘Siberian’ Chiffchaff                             Phylloscopus (collybita) tristis

Rare late autumn early winter visitor.


© Lee Collins


Great Reed Warbler                            Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Vagrant; one record.


18/05/2004 © Ivan Lakin



Aquatic Warbler                                  Acrocephalus paludicola

Very rare autumn migrant.


10/09/2009 © Simon Thurgood


Sedge Warbler                                    Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

Annual to infrequent migrant, previously bred.



Reed Warbler                                      Acrocephalus s. scirpaceus

Uncommon breeding summer visitor and migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Melodious Warbler                              Hippolais polyglotta

Vagrant; five records.


18/0582020 © Luke Harman


Common Grasshopper Warbler           Locustella n. naevia

Scarce spring and rare autumn migrant.


Savi's Warbler                                     Locustella l. luscinioides

Vagrant; one record.


Blackcap                                              Sylvia atricapilla

Uncommon breeder, spring and rarely common autumn migrant, once wintered.


© Alan Keatley


Garden Warbler                                   Sylvia borin

Infrequent, sometimes frequent passage migrant, rare midsummer.


© Ben Lucking


Barred Warbler                                    Sylvia nisoria

Very rare autumn migrant.


18/10/2018 © Luke Harman


Lesser Whitethroat                              Sylvia c. curruca

Frequent passage migrant and occasional breeder.



'Siberian' Lesser Whitethroat              Sylvia c. blythi

Vagrant; one record.


Oct 2019 © Lee Collins


Whitethroat                                          Sylvia c. communis

Common breeding summer visitor and migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Dartford Warbler                                  Sylvia undata

Near-annual autumn migrant and winter visitor.


© Simon Thurgood


Eastern Subalpine Warbler                  Sylvia cantillans albistriata

Vagrant; one record.


14/05/2017 © Steph Murphy


Firecrest                                              Regulus ignicapillus

Annual, occasionally infrequent autumn and winter visitor, scarce spring migrant.


© Jo King


Goldcrest                                             Regulus regulus

Infrequent winter visitor and spring migrant occasionally common in autumn, has bred.


© Simon Thurgood


Wren                                                    Troglodytes troglodytes

Common breeding resident.


© Simon Thurgood


Nuthatch                                             Sitta europea caesia

Rare spring and vagrant autumn visitor.


Aug 2014 © Lee Collins 


Treecreeper                                         Certhia familiaris britannica

Rare migrant and winter visitor, occasionally non breeding resident.


Feb 2021 © Jo King


Rose-coloured Starling                        Pastor roseus

Vagrant; eight records.


31/05/2018 © Simon Thurgood


Common Starling                                Sturnus vulgaris

Abundant late summer and autumn migrant, once very abundant winter roost, scarce spring migrant and breeder.


© Simon Thurgood


White-shouldered Starling                   Sturnus sinensis

Escapee; one record.


Broad-tailed Paradise Whydah             Vidua orientalis

Escapee; one record.


Ring Ouzel                                           Turdus t. torquatus

Very scarce migant, vagrant in spring.


28/10/2015 © Simon Thurgood


Blackbird                                             Turdus merula

Common breeding resident and autumn migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


Fieldfare                                              Turdus pilaris

Sporadic uncommon autumn and hard weather winter visitor, very rare spring migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


Redwing                                              Turdus i. Iliacus & i. coburni

Sporadic uncommon autumn and hard weather winter visitor, rare spring migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Song Thrush                                        Turdus p. philomelos & p. clarkei

Uncommon migrant and winter visitor and breeding resident, respectively.


© Simon Thurgood


Mistle Thrush                                       Turdus viscivorus

Infrequent to uncommon autumn migrant, and winter visitor, has bred.


Spotted Flycatcher                              Muscicapa s. striata

Annual to infrequent passage migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


European Robin                                   Erithacus r. rubecula & r. melophilus

Regular autumn migrant and common breeding resident respectively.


© Alan Keatley


Nightingale                                          Luscinia megarhynchos

Very rare spring and autumn migrant.


Pied Flycatcher                                   Ficedula h. hypoleuca

Scarce to annual passage migrant.


© Lee Collins


Black Redstart                                     Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis

Near-annual autumn migrant, scarce winter visitor and spring migrant.


© Lee Collins


Common Redstart                                Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Annual to infrequent passage migrant.


© Lee Collins


Whinchat                                             Saxicola ruberta

Annual to infrequent passage migrant.


© Lee Collins


Stonechat                                            Saxicola rubicola

Now breeding resident and regular autumn migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Northern Wheatear                              Oenanthe o. oenanthe

Often common spring and autumn migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


‘Greenland’ Wheatear                         Oenanthe o. leucorhoa

Uncommon spring and scarce autumn migrant.


Dipper                                                 Cinclus cinclus

Vagrant; one record.


House Sparrow                                    Passer domesticus

Usually common breeding resident, recently uncommon in winter.


© Simon Thurgood


Tree Sparrow                                      Passer montanus

Vagrant; four records.


Dunnock                                              Prunella modularis

Common breeding resident.


© Simon Thurgood


Yellow Wagtail                                    Motacilla (f.) flava

Rare passage migrant.


‘British’ Yellow Wagtail                       Motacilla (flava) flavissima

Annual to frequent passage migrant.


© Lee Collins


Grey Wagtail                                       Motacilla cinerea

Frequent autumn migrant, scarce winter visitor, rare at other times.


© Simon Thurgood


Pied Wagtail                                        Motacilla (alba) yarrellii

Uncommon breeding resident, common, rarely abundant autumn migrant and winter visitor.


© Alan Keatley


White Wagtail                                      Motacilla (a.) alba

Scarce spring and uncommon autumn migrant.


© Alan Keatley


Richard's Pipit                                     Anthus richardi

Very rare autumn and vagrant spring migrant.


06/11/2011 © Lee Collins


Tawny Pipit                                         Anthus campestris

Vagrant; four records.


Meadow Pipit                                      Anthus pratensis

Uncommon breeding resident, often common migrant, occasionally abundant in autumn.


© Ben Lucking


Tree Pipit                                             Anthus trivialis

Scarce annual passage migrant, more frequent in autumn.


Red-throated Pipit                               Anthus cervinus

Vagrant; one record.


Water Pipit                                          Anthus s. spinoletta

Rare migrant and winter visitor, vagrant in spring.


© Alan Keatley


Rock Pipit                                            Anthus p. petrosus

Uncommon breeding resident and occasional winter visitor.


© Lee Collins


‘Scandinavian’ Rock Pipit                   Anthus p. littoralis

Rare migrant and scarce winter visitor.


© Alan Keatley


Red Bishop                                            Euplectes orix

Escapee; one record.


Zebra Finch                                           Taeniopygia guttata

Escapee; two records.


16/08/2013 © Dave Hutton


Chestnut Munia                                     Lonchura atricapilla

Escapee; one record.


Chaffinch                                                Fringilla coelebs

Common, rarely abundant autumn migrant. Uncommon breeding resident.


Brambling                                              Fringilla montifringilla

Near-annual occasionally infrequent autumn migrant, vagrant spring and winter visitor.


Hawfinch                                             Coccothraustes coccothraustes

Vagrant; eight records.


Bullfinch                                              Pyrrula pyrulla pileata

Uncommon breeding resident and migrant.


© Lee Collins


Common Rosefinch                             Carpodacus erythrinus

Vagrant; two records.


European Greenfinch                          Chloris chloris

Common breeding resident, sometimes abundant autumn migrant.


© Simon Thurgood


Twite                                                   Linaria flavirostris

Vagrant; three records


Common Linnet                                   Linaria cannabina

Common breeding resident and migrant, often abundant late autumn and early winter.


© Lee Collins


Common 'Mealy' Redpoll                    Carduelis f. flammea
Vagrant; one record.


Lesser Redpoll                                     Carduelis cabaret

Annual to uncommon autumn migrant, scarce in late winter and spring.


© Alan Keatley


Common Crossbill                               Loxia curvirostra

Rare autumn visitor, vagrant at other times.


European Goldfinch                             Carduelis carduelis

Common, sometimes abundant autumn migrant and winter visitor. Increasing breeder.


© Alan Keatley


European Serin                                   Serinus serinus

Very rare visitor with seven records.


Canary                                                Serinus canaria

Escapee; one record.


Yellow-fronted Canary                        Serinus mozambicus

Escapee; one record.


European Siskin                                  Spinus spinus

Often common autumn migrant and winter visitor, rare in spring.


Desert Finch                                         Rhodospiza obsoleta

Vagrant/escapee; one record.


Lapland Bunting                                  Calcarius lapponicus

Very rare autumn and winter visitor.


Snow Bunting                                      Plectrophenax nivalis

Near-annual autumn and vagrant spring migrant, rare in winter.


Apr 2014 © Lee Collins


Corn Bunting                                       Emberiza calandra        

Vagrant; one record.


Yellowhammer                                    Emberiza citrinella

Previously common, now a scarce autumn migrant and winter visitor.


Ortolan Bunting                                   Emberiza hortulana

Vagrant; one record.


Cirl Bunting                                         Emberiza cirlus

Previously a common locally breeding resident, now back once again.


© Ben Lucking


Little Bunting                                       Emberiza pusilla

Vagrant; one record.


Red-headed Bunting                            Emberiza bruniceps      

Escapee; two records.


Reed Bunting                                       Emberiza schoeniclus

Often common migrant winter visitor and breeding resident.


© Alan Keatley


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