Rose-coloured Starling


The first record for the recording area was a first-summer male which was recorded roosting on the reserve on 9th and 10th July 2002. This bird was first discovered feeding around gardens in Starcross. It was watched flying off south from there, before being relocated feeding on the Golf course fairways and roosting around the Golf Course pond.


The second record occurred a few months later, a juvenile bird was found at the eastern end of Greenland Lake on 16th October 2002. This bird remained until the 19th often being seen feeding with a small Starling flock (LC, JEF et al).


The third record was another October juvenile (6/10 15/10/03). This bird also favoured the eastern end of Greenland Lake and adjacent Golf Course. It could however be very elusive during its stay, often ignoring the Starling flock and feeding alone well hidden in Brambles and Elders (JEF et al). This photograph was taken on 8/10/03.



The fourth record, another juvenile, was recorded flying over with a flock of Starling on 1st November 2003. The Great-spotted Woodpecker like call drew attention to it as it passed NW over the Back Meadow (LC, JEF).


The fifth and most recent record was another juvenile and the first September record. This individual was mainly recorded feeding around the Car Park and Buffer Zone, but was first seen on the Golf Course (NM et al) This bird could also be elusive and regularly fed away from the main Starling Flock. It was present from 13/9 18/9/04. These three photos were all taken on the 15/9/04.



All Photos Dave Stone



Photo Mike Lockyear



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