This page covers all known moth species recorded on the Dawlish Warren and builds on the previous work of many recorders and the two publications “Larger Lepidoptera of Dawlish Warren” and “The Moths of Devon” both written by and available from the county moth recorder Roy McCormick. The micro-lepidoptera records were first recorded in or before 1985,unless otherwise stated.


The Nomenclature, numbering and classification order follows Bradley, J. D., 2000 Checklist of Lepidoptera recorded from the British Isles.


If anyone wishes to run any traps on the reserve permission must first be sought from the reserve staff. They can be contacted on 01626 863980.



The species which are not in bold type have been reported from the site but the records are not considered proven by the county recorder. Please pass on any records you may have to the website, they will be forwarded on to both the reserve wardens and county recorder. It is our intention to try to find Dawlish Warren photographs of many species on this website, both common and rare.  If you can help, please get in touch [all records and images will be credited to the author]




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0010                                                                            Eriocrania salopiella
First recorded in 2008. Larval mines in Betula sp.


0014 Ghost Moth                                 Hepialus humuli
First confirmed record in July 2015.

0016 Gold Swift                                    H. hecta
First recorded in June 2005.

0017 Common Swift                            H. lupulinus                        


Ectoedemia occultella

E. septembrella
Mines on Perforate St John's-wort.

0050                                                        Stigmella aurella
Vacated mines on Rubus fruticosus agg.

0065                                                         S. speciosa
Mines found on Sycamore in Sept 2008.

0067                                                         S. plagicolella
Vacated mines found on Blackthorn in Oct 2007.

0068                                                         S. salicis
Vacated mines found on sallows in Jan 2008.

0079                                                         S. perpygmaeella
Vacated mines found on Hawthorn in Oct 2008.

0109                                                        S. prunetorum
Vacated mines found on Blackthorn in Sep 2008.

0110                                                         S. betulicola
Mines found on Betula sp in Oct 2008.

0113                                                         S. sakhalinella
Vacated mines found on Betula sp in Oct 2007.


0119                                                                             Opostega salaciella
A local species in Devon.


0125                                                                             Emmetia marginea
First recorded in 1995.


0128                                                         Phylloporia bistrigella
Tenanted mine on Betula sp.

Incurvaria pectinea
Cut-outs on Betula sp.

Nematopogon swammerdamella
First recorded in May 2013

0143                                                         Nematopogon metaxella
First recorded in May 2009.

0148                                                         Nemophora degeerella

0150                                                          Adela reaumurella
First noted in May 2007.


0156                                                         Heliozela resplendella
Cut outs first recorded in Oct 2007 on Alder.

0157                                                        H. hammoniella
Cut outs first recorded in Jul 2008 on Birch.


0161 Leopard                                      Zeuzera pyrina                                                                             


0169 Six Spot Burnet                         Zygaena filipendula                                                              

0170 Five Spot Burnet                       Z. trifolii spp. decreta


0181                                                    Taleporia tubulosa

0185                                                     Luffia ferchaultella
First recorded in 2013.

0186                                                     Psyche casta
First recorded in 1995.

First recorded in 2016.


0216                                                     Nemapogon cloacella
First recorded in 2008.

0247                                                     Tinea trinotella


0263 Apple Leaf Miner                      Lyonetia clerkella
First recorded in 1995.


0282                                                     Caloptilia elongella
Larval cones on  Alder.

0283                                                     C. betulicola
Larval cones on Betula sp.

0284                                                     C. rufipennella
Larval cones on Sycamore.

0288                                                     C. stigmatella
Larval cones on Salix sp.

0293                                                     C. syringella
First recorded in June 2008. Larva in leaves of Wild Privet.

0301                                                     Parornix betulae
First recorded in Oct 2008. Larva in leaves of Betula sp.

0303                                                     P. anglicella
Vacated folds found on Hawthorn in 2007.

0309                                                        Deltaornix torquillella
Larvae found on Blackthorn in August 2008.

0310                                                     Callisto denticulella
Vacated folds found on Apple in 2007.

0323                                                                     Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae
Mines found on Hawthorn in 2008.

0329                                                                     P. spinicolella
Tenanted mines found on Blackthorn in 2007.

0332                                                     P. corylifoliella
Old mines found on Hawthorn in 2007.

0353                                                     P. ulmifoliella
Tenanted mines on Betula sp.

0364                                                    P. geniculella
Mines found on Sycamore in Sept 2008.


0371 Lunar Hornet Clearwing          Sesia bembeciformis  

0382 Six-belted Clearwing               Bembecia ichneumoniformis 
A Nationally notable species recorded in July 1958.   


0385                                                      Anthophila fabriciana                      
First noted in 2006.

0387                                                     Prochoreutis sehestediana
First recorded in May 2009.

0388                                                     P. myllerana
First recorded in Jul 2008 on Skullcap.

0389                                                      Choreutis pariana                     
First noted in 2008.


0391                                                                       Glyphipterix simpliciella
First recorded in May 2009.

0394                                                                         Glyphipterix forsterella

0396                                                                        G. fuscoviridella
First noted in 2008.

0397                                                                         G. thrasonella


Argyresthia brockeella
First recorded in July 2008.

0411                                                     A. goedartella
First recorded in July 2008.

0412                                                     A. pygmaeella

0414                                                     A. curvella
First recorded in 2008.

0415                                                     A. retinella

0424 Bird-Cherry Ermine                 Yponomeuta evonymella
First recorded in July 2009.

0425 Orchard Ermine                      Y. padella
First recorded in June 2009.

0428 Willow Ermine                          Y. rorrella
First recorded in June 2009.

0436                                                     Pseudoswammerdamia combinella
First recorded in 1995.

0438                                                     Swammerdamia pyrella
Typical feedings and slight silk coverings found on the upper surface of leaves of Hawthorn in 2007.

0440                                                    Paraswammerdamia albicapitella
First recorded in 2008.

0464 Diamond-back Moth                 Plutella xylostella
This regular migrant was first taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.                    

0472                                                     Digitivalva pulicariae
Tenanted mines on Common Fleabane.

0476                                                    Acrolepia autumnitella
Mines on Bittrsweet in Sep 2008.

0485                                                    Schreckensteinia festaliella
First recorded 2016.


0491                                                                         Coleophora gryphipennella
Typical feeding signs on Rosa sp.

                                                                         C. serratella
Cases on Betula sp.

0494                                                                        C. coracipennella
Moth reared from cases on Apple and Hawthorn - a scarce species in Devon.

0495                                                                         C. spinella
Case on Apple.

                                                                         C. lusciniaepennella
Cases on Salix sp.

                                                                         C. binderella
Cases on Alder. Scarce in Devon.

                                                                         C. conyzae
Cases on Common Fleabane. Scarce in Devon.

                                                                         C. albidella
Cases on Salix sp.

0544                                                                        C. albicosta
First recorded in May 2009.

0547                                                                         C. discordella
Cases on Bird's foot Trefoil.

0555                                                                         C. follicularis
Cases on Common Fleabane.

0563                                                        C. argentula
Cases found on heads of Yarrow in 2007.

0577                                                        C.
Cases found on Mugwort in 2008.

0578                                                        C. otidipennella
Found around Field Woodrush in April 2008.

0581                                                                         C. taeniipennella
Case on Sharp-flowered Rush in Sep 2008.

0582                                                                         C. glaucicolella
Case on Juncus sp.

                                                        C. maritimella
First recorded in July 2008.

0586                                                        C. adjunctella
First recorded in May 2009.

0587                                                                         C. caespititiella


0595                                                                             Elachista biatomella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0610                                                                             E. argentella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0627                                                                             Biselachista scirpi
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Scarce in Devon.


0641                                                           Batia lambdella
First recorded in July 2008.

0647                                                                              Hofmannophila pseudospretella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Still present 1995.

0649                                                                              Esperia sulphurella
Larvae found on dead sallow in Jan 2008.

0652                                                                             Alabonia geoffrella
Imago around back of the Main Pond in May 2009.

0658                                                            Carcina quercana
First recorded in August 2008.

0668                                                                              Agonopterix heracliana
Larvae found  in May 2008.

0670                                                                             Depressaria daucella
Larvae found on Hemlock Water Dropwort

0672                                                                              D. pastinacella
First recorded in June 2008.

0674                                                                              D. badiella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0695                                                         Agonopterix alstromeriana
Larvae on Hemlock in 1995.

0697                                                          A. arenella
Larva on Creeping Thistle.

0706                                                                              A. nervosa
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0710                                                            A. conterminella
Larvae in spun Salix leaves in 2009.


0729                                                         Isophrictis striatella
First recorded in July 2008, flying around Tansy, the foodplant.

0734                                                         Argolamprotes micella
First recorded in 1995.

0747                                                        Chrysoesthia sexguttella
Mines recorded on Atriplex sp in Sept 2008.

0748                                                         Ptocheuusa paupella

0753                                                         Aristotelia brizella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

Carpatolechia proximella
First record in June 2009.

0776                                                         Teleiopsis diffinis
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Still present in 1995 & 2008.

Bryotropha umbrosella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Still present 1995. Only site in south Devon.

                                                         B. senectella
First record in July 2008.

0786                                                         B. desertella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0787                                                         B. terrella

0792                                                         Mirificarma mulinella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.  Still present in 2008.

0796                                                        Aroga velocella
First recorded in 1995, still present in 2008. Only site in Devon and Cornwall.

0812                                                         Scrobipalpa instabilella
First recorded in August 2008.

0815                                                         S. nitentella
First recorded on Atriplex sp in Sept 2008.

0818                                                         S. atriplicella
First recorded on Atriplex sp in Sept 2008.

0819                                                         S. costella
First recorded in 1995.

0822                                                         S. acuminatella
Larval mines found on Cirsium sp. in 2007.

0827                                                         Caryocolum alsinella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Only site in south Devon.

C. marmoreum
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902. Still present in 1995. Only site in south Devon.

0844                                                         Syncopacma larseniella
First record in July 2009.

0847                                                         S. taeniolella
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

0853                                                         Anacampsis populella
Vacated larval feedings found on Populus alba in 1995.

0856                                                         Anarsia spartiella
First recorded in July 2015.

0858                                                         Hypatima rhomboidella
Larvae first recorded on Birch in May 2008.

0868                                                         Helcystogramma rufescens
First recorded in July 2009.

0870                                                         Oegoconia quadripuncta
First recorded in July 2009.


0874                                                      Blastobasis decolorella (lacticolella)
First noted in 2005.


                                                    Cosmopterix pulchrimella
A few mines, some with larvae, on Pellitory of the Wall found in Oct 2007. This species was first recorded in the British Isles at Dorset in 2001. Since then the species has been found in a number of southern counties, including Devon.


915                                                         Scythris picaepennis
Several larvae found in April 2008.


0921                                                      Phtheochroa inopiana
First recorded in 1995.

0932                                                      Phalonidia affinitana
Feeds on Sea Aster. First  recorded in the Hide Saltmarsh in July 2015.

0937                                                        Agapeta hamana

0945                                                        Aethes cnicana
First recorded in July 2009.

0954                                                       Eupoecilia angustana

0966                                                        Cochylis atricapitana
First recorded 16/5/06.

0972 Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix               Pandemis heparana         

0985 Carnation Tortrix                      First recorded in 2016.  

0986                                                        Syndemis musculana
First recorded in 2008.                                         

0993                                                       Clepsis spectrana
Larvae in spun leaves of Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil. First recorded in Sept 2008.

0994                                                       C. consimilana

0998 Light Brown Apple Moth           Epiphyas postvittana

1001                                                      Lozotaeniodes formosana
First recorded in July 2015, presumed migrant.

1002                                                      Lozotaenia forsterana
First recorded in 1995.

1010                                                      Ditula angustiorana
First recorded in 1995.

1019                                                      Cnephasia conspersana
First recorded in May 2008.

1033 Green Oak Tortrix                     Tortrix viridana
First recorded on 13/6/06, as a migrant.

1035                                                     Acleris bergmanniana
First recorded in 1995.

1038                                                     A. laterana
First recorded in 2011.

1062                                                     A. emargana
First recorded in 2013.

1067                                                     Celypha cespitana
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

1076                                                     C. lacunana

1082                                                     Hedya pruniana

1083                                                     H. nubiferana

1087                                                     Orthotaenia undulana

1092                                                     Apotomis turbidana
First noted in June 2005.

1109                                                     Lobesia littoralis
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

1111                                                     Bactra lancealana
Taken by Mr E. F. Studd between 1896 and 1902.

1115                                                    Ancylis achatana
First recorded in June 2009.

1133                                                      Epinotia bilunana

1134                                                      E.ramella

1139                                                      E. tenerana
First recorded in July 2008.

1147 Willow Tortrix                             E. cruciana

1153                                                      E. sordidana
Larvae in folded leaves of Alder.

1154                                                      E. caprana
Larvae in spun leaves of Salix. First recorded in 2009.

1168                                                      Gypsonoma sociana
First noted in 2005.

1169                                                      G. dealbana

1174                                                      Epiblema cynosbatella
First recorded in May 2008.

1175 Bramble-shoot Moth                 E. uddmanniana
Larvae in spun leaves of Rubus fruticosus agg.

1177                                                      E. rosaecolana
First recorded in June 2009.

1178                                                      E. roborana
First recorded in July 2009.

1183                                                      E. foenella
First recorded in July 2009.

1197                                                      Eucosma campoliliana

1201                                                     E. cana
First recorded in 1995.

1219                                                     Lathronympha strigana

1220                                                    Cydia microgrammana
First recorded in May 2008. A local species in Devon, larvae feeding on Restharrow.

1229                                                    Pammene albuginana
First recorded in June 2009.

1234                                                   Pammene regiana
First recorded in May 2015.

1245                                                    Grapholita janthinana
Larvae found in Hawthorn berries. First recorded in Sept 2008.

1255                                                     Cydia succedana
First noted in 1985.

1260                                                     C. splendana
First noted in 2005.

1273                                                     Dichrorampha petiverella

1275                                                     D. flavidorsana
First recorded in July 2008, around the foodplant, Tansy.

1285                                                     D. plumbana

1286                                                     D. sedatana
First recorded in May 2009, around the foodplant, Tansy.


0483                                                     Epermenia chaerophyllella
First noted in 2008. Larvae feed on Hogweed.


1288 Twenty-plume Moth                  Alucita hexadactyla
First recorded in 1990s.


1293 Garden Grass Veneer               Chrysoteuchia culmella                                                       

1294                                                      Crambus pascuella

1299                                                      C. hamella
A Nationally Notable B Pyrale. Not recorded for many years.

1301                                                     C. lathoniellus
First recorded in June 2005.

1302                                                      C. perlella

1303                                                      Agriphila selasella

1304                                                      A. straminella

1305                                                      A. tristella

1306                                                      A. inquinatella

1307                                                      A. latistria
First recorded in 1994.

1309                                                      A. geniculea

1313                                                      Catoptria pinella

1323                                                      Pediasia contaminella
A Nationally Notable B Pyrale associated with Dune grassland.

1324                                                      P. aridella
A Nationally Notable B Pyrale associated with saltmarsh. Not recorded since 1968.

1325                                                      Platytes alpinella
An RDB3 species found on coastal sandhills and sandy shingle areas.

1326                                                      P. cerussella
Recorded in 1961.

1329                                                      Donacaula forficella

1332                                                      Scoparia subfusca

1333                                                     S. pyralella
First recorded in 1995.

1334                                                     S. ambigualis
First recorded in 2005.

1336                                                      Eudonia pallida
First recorded in 1993.

1338                                                      Dipleurina lacustrata

1342                                                      E. angustea
First recorded in 1995.

1343                                                      E. delunella
A Nationally Notable B Pyrale.

1344                                                      E. mercurella

1348 Ringed China-mark                   Parapoynx stratiotata
First recorded in June 2009.

1350 Beautiful China-mark                P. stagnata

1356 Garden Pebble                          Evergestis forficalis

1358                                                      E. pallidata

1361                                                      Pyrausta aurata
First recorded in June 2009.

1362                                                      P. purpuralis

1365                                                      P. despicata

1375 European Corn-borer               Ostrinia nubilalis

1376 Small Magpie                              Eurrhypara hortulata

1378                                                      Phlytaenia coronata

1385                                                      Ebulea crocealis

1386                                                      Opsibotys fuscalis
Recorded in 1985 & 2008.

1390                                                      Udea prunalis

1392                                                      U. olivalis
First recorded in 1995.

1395 Rusty-dot Pearl                          U. ferrugalis

1397                                                      Mecyna asinalis
A Nationally Notable B pyrale, but widespread in the SW, associated with Wild Madder Rubia peregrina.

1398 Rush Veneer                              Nomophila noctuella

1399                                                      Dolicharthria punctalis
A Nationally Notable B pyrale.

1405 Mother of Pearl                          Pleuroptya ruralis

1413 Gold Triangle                             Hypsopygia costalis

1414                                                      Synaphe punctalis
A Nationally Notable B pyrale, associated with terrestrial mosses.

1417 Meal Moth                                  Pyralis farinalis
First record in June 2005 and again in June 2009

1424                                                      Endotricha flammealis

1426 Lesser Wax Moth                      Achroia grisella
First record in June 2009.

1428 Bee Moth                                    Aphomia sociella

1432                                                      Anerastia lotella
Only south Devon site.

1439                                                      Trachycera advenella

1443                                                      Pempelia genistella
A Nationally Notable A pyrale associated with gorse.

1445                                                       Pempelia formosa
A scarce migrant recorded on 18/7/06 & 4/7/09.

1449                                                       Elegia similella
A rare migrant first recorded on 03/7/09, the third Devon record.

1452                                                      Phycita roborella

1454                                                      Dioryctria abietella
Associated with conifers, one in June 2005 was probably a migrant.

1458 Thistle Ermine                           Myelois cribella

1464                                                      Gymnancyla canella
This Nationally Notable A pyrale is associated with Prickly Saltwort and is found on sandy
coasts just above the high tide mark. Discovered in 2003 this species does not appear in “the Moths of Devon”.

1465                                                      Nephopterix angustella
First recorded in July 2009.

1467                                                      Ancylosis oblitella
One record in 1997.

1470                                                      Euzophera pinguis

1474                                                     Ephestia parasitella
First recorded in June 2009.

1481                                                     Homoeosoma sinuella
First recorded in 1995.

1483                                                      Phycitodes binaevella

1484                                                      P. saxicola

1485                                                     P. maritima
First recorded around Tansy in July 2008.


1495                                                      Marasmarcha lunaedactyla              

1504                                                      Platyptilia pallidactyla 
First recorded in June 2009.  

1507                                                      Stenoptilia zophodactylus        
First recorded in 2008. A local species in Devon feeding on Common Centaury.                         

1513 White Plume Moth                     Pterophorus pentadactyla
First recorded in June 2009.

1517                                                      Adaina microdactyla

1523                                                      Oidaematophorus lithodactyla

1524                                                      Emmelina monodactyla                                                       


1631 December Moth                           Poecilocampa populi                                                           

1634 Lackey                                         Malacosoma neustria 

1636 Grass Eggar                               Lasiocampa trifolii
Recorded in 1925, but not since.

1637 Oak Eggar                                   L. quercus spp. quercus                                                      

1640 Drinker                                        Philudoria potatoria

1642 Lappet                                         Gastropacha quercifolia


1643 Emperor Moth                             Saturnia pavonia
The only record, a male, was by the First Pond on 8 June 2008.


1645 Scalloped Hook Tip                   Falcaria lacertinaria                                                             

1646 Oak Hook Tip                             Drepana binaria

1647 Barred Hook Tip                           D. cultraria

1648 Pebble Hook Tip                        D. falcataria


1652 Peach Blossom                          Thyatira batis                                                                       

1653 Buff Arches                                Habrosyne pyritoides

1654 Figure of Eighty                         Tethea ocularis ssp. octogesimea

1657 Common Lutestring                  Ochropacha duplaris


1663 March Moth                                Alsophila aescularia                                                             

1665 Grass Emerald                           Pseudoterpna pruinata

1666 Large Emerald                           Geometra papilionaria

1669 Common Emerald                      Hemithea aestivaria

1673 Small Emerald                            Hemistola chrysoprasaria

1674 Little Emerald                             Jodis lactearia

1679 False Mocha                               Cyclophora porata
A Nationally Notable B geometrid seemingly associated with scrubby oak.

1680 Maiden’s Blush                             C. punctaria

1681 Clay Triple-lines                         C.linearia
One on Warren Point in Sep 2013.

1682 Blood Vein                                  Timandra griseata

1689 Mullein Wave                             Scopula mariginepunctata

1690 Small Blood-vein                       S. imitaria

1691 Rosy Wave                                 S. emutaria
One taken at light on 25/06/09 was the first for Devon. Possibly resident?

1692 Lesser Cream Wave                  S. immutata

1702 Small Fan-footed Wave             Idaea biselata

1705 Dwarf Cream Wave                    I. fuscovenosa

1707 Small Dusty Wave                      I. seriata 
First recorded in June 2005.

1708 Single-dotted Wave                  I. dimidiata

1709 Satin Wave                                 I. subsericeata

1712 Small Scallop                              I. emarginata

1713 Riband Wave                              I. aversata

1714 Portland Ribbon Wave              I. degeneraria
One on 14/9/05 was only the second record in Devon of this rare migrant since 1927.

1716 The Vestal                                  Rhodometra sacraria

1718 Oblique Striped                            Phibalapteryx virgata

1719 The Gem                                     Orthonama obstipata

1722 Flame Carpet                              Xanthorhoe designata

1724 Red Twin-spot Carpet              X. spadicearia

1725 Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet X. ferrugata

1726 Large Twin-spot Carpet               X. quadrifasiata

1727 Silver-ground Carpet                X. montanata

1728 Garden Carpet                           X. fluctuata

1732 Shaded Broad-bar                     Scotopteryx chenopodiata

1734 July Belle                                      S. luridata

1735 Ruddy Carpet                             Catarhoe rubidata
A Nationally Notable B geometrid associated with hedge and lady's bedstraw Galium mollugo & verum.

1736 Royal Mantle                              C. cuculata

1738 Common Carpet                         Eprrihoe alternata

1739 Wood Carpet                               E. rivata

1740 Galium Carpet                            E. galiata

1742 Yellow Shell                               Camptogramma bilineata

1746 Shoulder Stripe                         Anticlea badiata

1747 The Streamer                             A. deriviata

1748 Beautiful Carpet                        Mesoleuca albicillata
First recorded in July 2009.

1750 Water Carpet                               Lampropteryx suffumata

1752 Purple Bar                                  Cosmorhoe ocellata

1754 The Phoenix                               Eulithis prunata

1757 The Spinach                                 E. mellinata

1758 Barred Straw                              E. pyraliata

1759 Small Phoenix                            Ecliptopera silaceata

1760 Red-green Carpet                     Chloroclysta siterata

1762 Dark Marbled Carpet                C. citrata

1764 Common Marbled Carpet         C. truncata

1765 Barred Yellow                            Cidaria fulvata

1766 Blue-bordered Carpet              Pleymria rubiginata

1768 Grey Pine Carpet                       Thera obeliscata

1769 Spruce Carpet                           T. britannica

1771a Cypress Carpet                        T. cupressata
One in June 2005 was the first record.

1774 Beech-green Carpet                 Colostygia olivata

1776 Green Carpet                             C. pectinataria

1777 July Highflyer                             Hydriomena furcata

1778 May Highflyer                             H. impluviata

1779 Ruddy Highflyer                         H. ruberata

1781 Small Waved Umber                  Horisme vitalbata

1782 The Fern                                     H. tersata
First recorded in July 2009.

1784 Pretty Chalk Carpet                 Melanthia procellata
First recorded in July 2009.

1789 Scallop Shell                              Hydriomena undulata

1792 Dark Umber                                Philemera transversata
One record from 1978.

1795 November Moth                            Epirrita dilutata

1796 Pale November Moth                E. christyi

1797 Autumnal Moth                           E. autumnata
First recorded in  October 2006.

1799 Winter Moth                                Operophtera brumata

1802 The Rivulet                                 Perizoma affinitata
First recorded on 13/6/06.

1803 Small Rivulet                              P. alchemillata

1807 Grass Rivulet                               P. albulata

1808 Sandy Carpet                             P. flavofasciata

1811 Slender Pug                               Eupithecia tenuiata

1813 Haworth’s Pug                           E. haworthiata

1816 Toadflax Pug                              E. linariata

1817 Foxglove Pug                            E. pulchellata 
First noted in June 2005.

1823 Netted Pug                                 E. venosata
First recorded on 25/5/06.

1825 Lime-speck Pug                         E. centaureata

1827 Freyer’s Pug                               E. intricata ssp. arceuthata

1830 Wormwood Pug                          E. absinthiata

1832 Currant Pug                                E. assimilata
First recorded in August 2005.

1833 Bleached Pug                            E. expallidata
A Nationally Notable B geometrid associated with Golden-rod
Solidago virgaurea .

1834 Common Pug                              E. vulgata

1835 White-spotted Pug                    E. tripunctaria

1837 Grey Pug                                     E. subfuscata

1838 Tawny Speckled Pug                E. icterata

1839 Bordered Pug                            E. succenturiata

1842 Plain Pug                                    E. simpliciata

1844 Ochreous Pug                             E. indigata

1846 Narrow-winged Pug                  E. nariata spp. angusta

1849 Ash Pug                                       E. fraxinata

1855 Cypress Pug                               E. phoeniceata

1858 V-Pug                                           Chloroclystis v-ata

1860 Green Pug                                  C. rectangulata 

1862 Double-striped Pug                   Gymnoscelis rufifasciata

1864 The Streak                                  Chesias legatella

1867 Treble-bar                                    Aplocera plagiata

1874 Dingy Shell                                 Euchoeca nebulata

1876 Small Yellow Wave                   Hydrelia flammeolaria
First recorded in June 2009.

1879 The Seraphim                            Lobophora halterata

1881 Early Tooth-striped                   Trichopteryx carpinata 

1882 Small Seraphim                          Pterapheraperyx sexalata 

1883 Yellow-barred Brindle              Acasis viretata 

1884 The Magpie                                Abraxas grossulariata 

1887 Clouded Border                         Lomaspilis marginata 

1890 Sharp-angled Peacock             Semiothisa alternaria 

1893 Tawny-barred Angle                  S. liturata 

1897 V-moth                                         Semiothisa wauaria 

1902 Brown Silver-lines                    Petrophora chlorosata 

1905 Horse Chestnut                            Pachycnemia hippocastanaria 

1906 Brimstone Moth                         Opisthograptis luteolata 

1907 Bordered Beauty                       Epione repandaria 

1910 Lilac Beauty                                Apeira syringaria 

1912 August Thorn                             Ennomos quercinaria 

1913 Canary-shouldered Thorn        E. alniaria 

1914 Dusky Thorn                                E. fuscantaria 

1915 September Thorn                      E. erosaria 

1917 Early Thorn                                 Selenia dentaria 

1919 Purple Thorn                              S. tetralunaria 

1920 Scalloped Hazel                         Odontopera bidentata 

1921 Scalloped Oak                            Crocallis elinguaria 

1922 Swallow-tailed Moth                  Ourapteryx sambucaria 

1923 Feathered Thorn                       Colotois pennaria 

1924 Orange Moth                              Angerona prunaria 
First recorded in July 2009.

1926 Pale Brindled Beauty                   Apochemia pilosaria 

1931 Peppered Moth                          Biston betularia 

1932 Spring Usher                                Agriopis leucophaearia 

1933 Scarce Umber                            A. aurantiaria 

1934 Dotted Border                              A. marginaria 

1935 Mottled Umber                              Erannis defoliaria 

1936 Waved Umber                            Menophora abruptaria 

1937 Willow Beauty                             Peribatodes rhomboidaria 

1941 Mottled Beauty                          Alcis rependata 

1943 Great Oak Beauty                        Boarmia robraria 

1944 Pale Oak Beauty                          Serraca punctinalis 

1945 Brussels Lace                            Cleorodes lichenaria 

1947 Engrailed                                    Ectropis bistortata 

1948 Small Engrailed                          E. crepuscularia 

1955 Common White Wave                Cabera pusaria 

1956 Common Wave                           C. exanthemata 

1958 Clouded Silver                           Lomographa temerata 

1961 Light Emerald                             Campaea margaritata 

1962 Barred Red                                 Hylaea fasciaria 

1968 Yellow Belle                               Semiaspilates ochrearia 


1972 Convolvulus Hawk-moth          Agrius convolvuli 

1979 Lime Hawk-moth                        Mimas tiliae 
First recorded in June 2009.

1980 Eyed Hawk-moth                        Smerinthus ocellata 

1981 Poplar Hawk-moth                     Laothoe populi 

1984 Humming-bird Hawk-moth        Macroglossum stellatarum 

1986 Spurge Hawk-moth                    Hyles euphorbiae 

1991 Elephant Hawk-moth                 Deilephila elpenor 

1992 Small Elephant Hawk-moth      D. porcellus  


1995 Puss Moth                                   Cerura vinula
Larva found on Salix sp. in 1985.

1997 Sallow Kitten                              Furcula furcula 

2000 Iron Prominent                           Notodonta dromedarius 

2003 Pebble Prominent                     Eligmodonta ziczac 

2005 Great Prominent                        Peridea anceps 

2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent      Pheosia gnoma 

2007 Swallow Prominent                    P. tremula 

2008 Coxcomb Prominent                 Ptilodon capucina 

2011 Pale Prominent                          Pterostoma palpina 

2014 Marbled Brown                          Drymonia dodonaea 

2019 Chocolate Tip                            Clostera curtula 

1994 Buff Tip                                       Phalara bucephala

1999 Lobster Moth                             Stauropus fagi
First recorded in June 2005.


2026 The Vapourer                             Orgyia antiqua 

2028 Pale Tussock                             Calliteara pudibunda 

2029 Brown-tail                                   Euproctis chrysorrhoea 

2030 Yellow-tail                                   E. similis 

2031 White Satin Moth                       Leucoma salicis 
First recorded in June 2009.

2033 Black Arches                              Lymantria monacha 


2037 Rosy Footman                            Miltochrista miniata 

2043 Orange Footman                        Eilema sororcula
First recorded 16/5/06.

2044 Dingy Footman                           E.griseola 

2047 Scarce Footman                         E. complana 

2049 Buff Footman                               E. deplana 

2050 Common Footman                     E. lurideola 

2051 Four-dotted Footman               Lithosia quadra
First confirmed record in June 2005.

2057 Garden Tiger                             Arctia caja

 2058 Cream-spot Tiger                      A. villica

 2060 White Ermine                              Spilosoma lubricipeda

 2061 Buff Ermine                                S. lutea

 2062 Water Ermine                             S. urticae
First recorded in June 2009.

 2064 Ruby Tiger                                  Phagmatobia fuliginosa spp. fuliginosa

 2067 Jersey Tiger                               Euplagia quadripunctaria
A Nationally Notable B species associated with low growing plants.

2068 Scarlet Tiger                              Callimorpha dominula

2069 The Cinnabar                             Tyria jacobaeae


2076 Kent Black Arches                     Meganola albula
A Nationally Notable B species, associated with bramble Rubus fruticosus agg.

2077 Short-cloaked Moth                  Nola cucullatella

2078 Least Black Arches                    N. confusalis
First recorded 16/5/06


2080 Square Spot Dart                         Euxoa obelisca

2081 White-line Dart                           E. tritici

2082 Garden Dart                                 E. nigricans

2084 Light Feathered Rustic                Agrostis cinerea

2085 Archer’s Dart                              A. vestigialis

2087 Turnip Moth                               A. segetum

2088 Heart & Club                              A. clavis

2089 Heart & Dart                               A. exclamationis

2090 Crescent Dart                            A. trux

2091 Dark Sword-grass                      A. ipsilon

2092 Shuttle-shaped Dart                  A. puta

2093 Sand Dart                                    A. ripae
A Nationally Notable B sand dune species associated with Prickly Saltwort Salsola kali.

2098 The Flame                                   Axylia putris

2099 Portland Moth                               Actebia praecox

2102 Flame Shoulder                         Ochropleura plecta

2107 Large Yellow Underwing          Noctua pronuba 

2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing        N. comes 

2110 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing              N. fimbriata  

2111 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing            N. janthae 

2112 Least Yellow Underwing          N. interjecta 

2114 Double Dart                                Graphipgora augur 

2117 Autumnal Rustic                          Paradiarsia glareosa 

2118 True-Lovers Knot                     Lycophotia porphyrea 

2119 Pearly Underwing                      Peridroma saucia 

2120 Ingrailed Clay                             Diarsia mendica spp. mendica 

2123 Small Square Spot                     D. rubi 

2126 Setaceous Hebrew Character Xestia c-nigrum 

2127 Triple Spotted Clay                      X. ditrapezium 

2128 Double Square Spot                 X. triangulum 

2130 Dotted Clay                                  X. baja 

2133 Six-striped Rustic                        X. sexstrigata 

2134 Square-spot Rustic                   X. xanthographa 

2135 Heath Rustic                                X. agathina 

2136 The Gothic                                   Naenia typica 

2138 Green Arches                             Anaplectoides prasina

2142 Beautiful Yellow Underwing    Anarta myrtilli 

2145 The Nutmeg                               Discestra trifolii 

2147 The Shears                                 Hada nana 

2150 Grey Arches                               Polia nebulosa 

2152 White Colon                                Sideridis albicolon
A Nationally Notable B coastal species associated with Goosefoot Chenopodium spp. 

2154 Cabbage Moth                           Mamestra brassica 

2155 Dot Moth                                     Melanchra persicariae 

2163 Broom Moth                               Ceramica pisi 

2157 Light Brocade                            Lacanobia w-latinum 

2158 Pale-shouldered Brocade        L. thalassina 

2159 Dog’s Tooth                               L. suasa 

2160 Bright-line Brown-eye              L. oleracea 

2164 Broad-barred White                  Hecatera bicolorata 

2166 The Campion                             Hadena rivularis 

2171 Marbled Coronet                       H. confusa 

2173 The Lychnis                                H. bicruris 

2176 Antler Moth                                 Cerapteryx graminis 

2177 Hedge Rustic                             Tholera cespitis 

2178 Feathered Gothic                         T. decimalis 

2182 Small Quaker                              Orthosia cruda 

2186 Powdered Quaker                     O. gracilis 

2187 Common Quaker                        O. cerasi 

2188 Clouded Drab                             O. incerta 

2190 Hebrew Character                     O. gothica 

2191 Double Line                                Mythimna turca
A Nationally Notable B and UK BAP grassland species. Recorded once so may
or may not be resident.

2192 Brown-line Bright-eye              M. conigera

2193 The Clay                                      M. ferrago 

2194 White-point                                 M. albipuncta
First recorded on 13/6/06 and 31/8/06.

2195 The Delicate                                M. vitellina
First recorded in 2005 with two on 6/9.

2197 Southern Wainscot                    M. straminea 

2198 Smoky Wainscot                         M. impura 

2199 Common Wainscot                     M. pallens 

2201 Shore Wainscot                         M. litoralis
A Nationally Notable B sand dune species associated with Marram Grass Ammophila arenaria. 

2202 L-album Wainscot                      M. l-album
A Nationally Notable B coastal species associated with grassland. 

2204 Obscure Wainscot                     M. obsoleta 

2205 Shoulder Striped Wainscot      M. comma 

2206 Devonshire Wainscot               M. putrescens 

2208 The Cosmopolitan                       M. loreyi  

2214 Chamomile Shark                      Cucullia chamomillae 

2216 The Shark                                   C. umbratica 

2225 Minor Shoulder-knot                 Brachylomia viminalis 

2226 Beautiful Gothic                        Leucochlaena odites
A RDB 3, coastal species which feeds on grasses.

2232 Black Rustic                               Aporophyla nigra

2243 Early Grey                                   Xylocampa areola 

2245 Green-brindled Crescent         Allophyes oxyacanthae 

2247 Merveille du Jour                          Dichonia aprilina  

2248 Brindled Green                          Dryobotodes eremita 

2250 Dark Brocade                               Blepharita adusta 

2252 Large Ranunculus                       Polymixis flavicincta 

2255 Feathered Ranunculus             Eumichtis lichenea 

2256 The Satellite                               Eupsilia transversa
First recorded in September 2005.

2258 The Chestnut                             Conistra vaccinii 

2260 Dotted Chestnut                           C. rubiginea 

2262 The Brick                                    Agrochola circellaris 

2263 Red-line Quaker                        A. lota 

2264 Yellow-line Quaker                    A. macilenta 

2267 Beaded Chestnut                      A. lychnidis 

2270 Lunar Underwing                       Omphaloscelis lunosa 

2272 Barred Sallow                               Xanthia aurago
First recorded in 2005.

2273 Pink-barred Sallow                       X. togata
First confirmed record in 2005.

2274 The Sallow                                  X. icteritia 

2277 Scarce Merveille du Jour         Moma alpium
A single record for this RDB3 moth taken on 10/6/1956, presumably a migrant. 

2278 Poplar Grey                                Acronicta megacephala 

2279 The Sycamore                            A. aceris
First recorded in June 2009. 

2280 The Miller                                   A. leporina 

2281 Alder Moth                                  A. alni    

2283 Dark Dagger                               A. tridens 

2284 Grey Dagger                               A. psi 

2289 Knot-grass                                  A. rumicis 

2291 The Coronet                               Craniophora ligustri 

2295 Marbled Green                          Cryphia muralis

2297 Copper Underwing                    Amphipyra pyramidea
First recorded in August 2005.

2299 Mouse Moth                               A. tragopoginis

2300 Old Lady                                       Mormo maura 

2303 Straw Underwing                       Thalpophila matura 

2305 Small Angle-shades                   Euplexia lucipara 

2306 Angle-shades                             Phlogophora meticulosa 

2312 The Olive                                      Ipimorpha subtusa 

2318 Dun-bar                                       Cosmia trapezina 

2321 Dark Arches                                Apamea monoglypha 

2322 Light Arches                               A. lithoxylaea 

2325 Crescent-striped                          A. oblonga 

2326 Clouded-border Brindle           A. crenata 

2327 Clouded Brindle                        A. epomidion 

2330 Dusky Brocade                          A. remissa 

2331 Small Clouded Brindle                 A. unanimis 

2333 Large Nutmeg                              A. anceps 

2334 Rustic Shoulder-knot               A. sordens 
First confirmed record in May 2009.

2335 Slender Brindle                            A. scolopacina 

2336 Double Lobed                            A. ophiogramma 

2337 Marbled Minor                           Oligia strigilis 

2338 Rufous Minor                             O. versicolor 

2339 Tawny Marbled Minor               O. latruncula 

2340 Middle-barred Minor                 O. fasciuncula 

2341 Cloaked Minor                           Mesoligia furuncula 

2342 Rosy Minor                                 M. literosa 

2343 Common Rustic                         Mesapamea secalis 

2343a Lesser Common Rustic          M. didyma 

2345 Small Dotted Buff                      Photedes minima 

2350 Small Wainscot                           P. pygmina 

2352 Dusky Sallow                              Eremobia ochroleuca 

2353 Flounced Rustic                        Luperina testacea 

2358 Saltern Ear                                 Amphipoea fucosa paludis 

2360 Ear Moth                                     A. oculea 
First confirmed record in July 2009.

2361 Rosy Rustic                                Hydraecia micacea 

2364 Frosted Orange                         Gortyna flavago 

2369 Bulrush Wainscot                      Nonagria typhae 

2370 Twin-spot Wainscot                   Archanara geminipuncta 

2371 Brown-veined Wainscot           A. dissoluta 

2373 Webb’s Wainscot                        A. sparganii 

2375 Large Wainscot                          Rhizedra lutosa 

2377 Fen Wainscot                             Arenostola phragmitidis 

2379 Small Rufous                              Coenobia rufa 

2380 Treble Lines                               Charanyca trigrammica 

2381 The Uncertain                            Hoplodrina alsines 

2382 The Rustic                                  H. blanda 

2384 Vine’s Rustic                              H. ambifua 

2385 Small Mottled Willow                 Spodoptera exigua 

2387 Mottled Rustic                           Caradrina morpheus 

2389 Pale Mottled Willow                   C. clavipalpis 

2391 Silky Wainscot                            Chilodes maritimus 

2397 Small Yellow Underwing           Panemeria tenebrata
First recorded on 29/5/06.

2399 Bordered Sallow                        Pyrrhia umbra 

2400 Scarce Bordered Straw            Helicoverpa armigera 
The first confirmed record was in August 2006.

2403 Bordered Straw                         Heliothis peltigera 

2410 Marbled White-spot                      Lithacodia pygarga 

2418 Cream Bordered Green Pea    Earias clorana
A Nationally Notable B species associated with Willow Salix spp. A first for
Devon when found in 1989.

2421 Scarce Silver-lines                    Bena bicolorana
Two on 18/7/06 were the first reserve record.

2422 Green Silver-lines                    Pseudoips prasinana
First recorded in June 2009.

2423 Oak Nycteoline                          Nycteola revayana 

2425 Nut Tree Tussock                     Colocasia coryli 

2432 The Ni Moth                               Trichoplusia ni 

2434 Burnished Brass                       Diachrysia chrysitis 

2439 Gold Spot                                   Plusia festucae 

2441 Silver Y                                       Autographa gamma 

2442 Beautiful Golden Y                   A. pulchrina
First recorded in June 2009.

2443 Plain Golden Y                          A. jota 

2450 The Spectacle                            Abrostola triplasia 

2452 Red Underwing                          Catocala nupta 

2469 The Herald                                 Scoliopteryx libatrix 

2470 Small Purple-bar                        Phytometra viridaria 

2473 Beautiful Hook-tip                     Laspeyria flexula 

2474 Straw Dot                                    Rivula sericealis 

2477 The Snout                                   Hypena proboscidalis 

2482 White-line Snout                          Schrankia taenialis 

2489 The Fan-foot                              Herminia tarsipennalis 

2492 Small Fan-foot                            H. grisealis 



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