June 2012

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Monday 25th:


A Scarlet Tiger was on the southbound railway platform, the first record for several years of this previously widespread resident. 



Sunday 17th:


Late news of a first for Britain that has been present all month in Greenland Lake. Discovered by Andrew Cunningham on 28th May the weevil Sitona gressorius has only been found on a few stunted Tree Lupin on Wryneck Plain. For more details on this fantastic find see Andrew's blog


Sitona gressorius New for Britain Andrew Cunningham



Monday 11th:


A pod of six Bottled-nosed Dolphin were again offshore with a single Harbour Porpoise off the seawall. Elsewhere the first Meadow Brown of the year emerged between the showers.



Sunday 10th:


Large numbers of recently emerged young Toad were around the Main Pond with an adult Common Frog in Greenland Lake. A seal sp was reported off the seawall.


Coastal Silver-stiletto (Acrosathe annulata) 10/06/12 Andrew Cunningham                                         Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) 10/06/12 Andrew Cunningham 



Saturday 9th:


At least eight Bottle-nosed Dolphin were close in off Langstone Rock and the seawall.



Friday 8th:


At least four Bottle-nosed Dolphin were close in off Langstone Rock early morning.



Wednesday 6th:


A female Holly Blue was near the First Pond.


Holly Blue 06/06/2012 Dave Jewell



Sunday 3rd:


The first Painted Lady of the year was in Greenland Lake. Badger tracks along Warren Neck showed this elusive species is still present on site.


Crabro cribrarius Andrew Cunningham

Candidula intersecta Andrew Cunningham

Mullein Moth Andrew Cunningham

Opsibotys fuscalis Andrew Cunningham


The wasp and snail are new species for the Warren for two much under-recorded taxa groups. The wasp is associated with coastal dunes and other light sandy soils, the snail is an introduced species also associated with sand dunes. Mullein Moth as the name suggests feeds on Mullein plants whilst the Opsibotys feeds on Yellow Rattle and has increased in recent years.


May 2012



Monday 28th:


The wet spring has helped produce one of the best floral displays for several years in Greenland Lake, invertebrates are making the most of this and the fine weather. A selection are below.


Agrypnus murinus - a click beetle  Andrew Cunningham


Wasp Beetle (Clytus arietus)  Andrew Cunningham


Swollen-thighed Flower Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) Andrew Cunningham

Coriomeris denticulatus Andrew Cunningham



Saturday 26th:


A Hairy Dragonfly was at the Dune Pond and a Cream-spot Tiger was on the Dune Ridge.


Nemophora degeerella Andrew Cunningham




Friday 25th:


The first Southern Marsh Orchid are in flower in Greenland Lake. There was a hint of migration NE along the Dune Ridge with 15+ Small White and a Red Admiral along with at least three Holly Blue and a Brimstone - the latter a less than annual visitor. Also on the wing a good number of Common Blue butterflies, Cinnabar moth and several Broad-bodied Chaser.



Wednesday 23rd:


The only plant of Common Star-of- Bethlehem on site is now in flower in the Buffer Zone.


23/05/12 Sylvia Simmonds



Saturday 19th:


The first Holly Blue of the year was in the Entrance Bushes, a scarce site record.



Saturday 12th:


The first Azure Damselfly, Brown Argus and Orange Tip of the year were on the wing , although only singles of the latter two. Other butterflies seen today included Wall Brown, Speckled Wood, Green-veined White, Red Admiral and Peacock. Elsewhere at least eight of the introduced Sand Lizard showing well along the Dune Ridge with Common Lizard in Greenland Lake and Dead Dolphin Wood.


Azure Damselfly 12/05/12 Lee Collins



Tuesday 1st:


The first Wall Brown of the year were on the wing along the Dune Ridge with Speckled Wood, Green-veined White and Peacock also flying on site, still no Orange Tip though.



April 2012


Saturday 28th:


The Green-winged Orchid in Greenland Lake is in flower, however there was no sign of the one near the car park.



Thursday 19th:


Warren Crocus remains in flower with other nationally scare flora on show includes Early and Bulbous Meadow Grass and Portland Spurge. The only butterfly on the wing was a single Small Copper.


Warren Crocus 18/04/12 Andrew Cunningham


Warren Crocus 18/04/12 Andrew Cunningham


Portland Spurge 18/04/12 Andrew Cunningham

Meadowsweet Rust 18/04/12 Andrew Cunningham



Sunday 15th:


Warren Crocus remains in flower with a good show of Upright Chickweed in some areas. Good numbers of Speckled Wood were on the wing but no other butterflies were seen today.



Tuesday 10th:


An early Small Copper was nectaring on the site's only flowering Cuckoo Flower in Greenland Lake.



Thursday 5th:


A dog Fox caused commotion amongst the Canada Geese on the Main Pond.





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