March 2011

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Sunday 27th:

A Grey Seal was offshore.


Sand Lizard 27/03/11 Lee Collins



Saturday 26th:

A pod of at least 20 Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore midmorning.



Wednesday 23rd:

A Large Tortoiseshell, only the third site record, was in the Buffer Zone.



Sunday 20th:

Several Sand Lizard showed well along the Dune Ridge, with the warm spring weather also producing the first Red Admiral of the year along with several Comma. Elsewhere good numbers of Warren Crocus leaves are visible but no flowers as yet.



Tuesday 15th:

Two Comma were by the First Pond the first of the year.



Monday 14th:

A Harbour Porpoise was offshore, only the fourth site record.


February 2011


Monday 28th:

A large piece of driftwood about 2 metres long was found lodged in rocks at Langstone Rock, it was completely riddled with the burrows of the Shipworm Teredo norvegica, and many more smaller holes made by Gribbles Limnoria lignorum. The wood seems to be some sort of tropical hardwood as it is very dense and heavy with a rich red colouration. The shipworm burrows are lined with a chalky deposit and slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil, but up to 30 cm long. Also visible at low tide several colonies of the Honeycomb Worm Sabellaria alveolata, a UK BAP priority habitat.


Honeycomb Worm 28/02/11 Andrew Cleave

Shipworm 28/02/11 Andrew Cleave



Thursday 24th:

The warmest day of the year brought out two Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell around the Entrance Bushes, but the butterfly highlight was a Brimstone in Greenland Lake, this species is barely annual on the Warren.



Saturday 19th:

The semi-resident Common Seal was again on Bull Hill.


January 2011

Sunday 30th:

A Grey Seal offshore was the first piece of wildlife news reported for 2011, with a Common Seal on Bull Hill the second!



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