December 2010

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Sunday 12th:

Two dolphin sp, probably Risso's were feeding off Langstone Rock early afternoon.



Saturday 4th:

Green Elfcup is out in Dead Dolphin Wood. The Grey Seal was in the estuary.


Green Elfcup Chlorociboria aeruginascens Lee Collins



Friday 3rd:

The Grey Seal was again offshore.



November 2010


Sunday 28th:

A Grey Seal was offshore.



Saturday 27th:

No sign today of the Cheesy Doritos packet, after a long stay it has presumably moved on with the onset of the cold weather.



Tuesday 23rd:

A Stoat was hunting on the sixth fairway of the Golf Course. A Buff-tailed Bumblebee Bombus terrestris was on the wing around the amusement arcade. Elsewhere the Cheesy Doritos packet remains now  into it's third month.



Saturday 6th:

Several Common Darter were still on the wing along with at least five Red Admiral, a Comma and a late Small Copper. A Fox showed well along the Back Path.



October 2010


Sunday 31st:

A dog Fox walked across the Bight on the rising tide.



Saturday 23rd:

A late almost half sized Clouded Yellow was in Greenland Lake with Red Admiral and Speckled Wood also on the wing. Field Grasshopper and Common Darter were also both still active.



Sunday 17th:

A Stoat was again along the Dune Ridge with another in the Back Meadow. The summer is still hanging on with Great Green Bush Cricket, Field Grasshopper and Long-winged Conehead all still stridulating, butterflies on the wing included Small Copper and Red Admiral with a Large White in off the sea; and three species of dragonfly were still on the wing - Common Darter, Southern and Migrant Hawker.



Friday 15th:

A Hawthorn bush by the Tractor compound was in full flower.



Wednesday 13th:

A Stoat was seen on the Dune Ridge above Wryneck Plain this morning.


Sunday 10th:

Butterfly species recorded today included Peacock, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Large White, Small Copper, Speckled Wood and a third brood of Common Blue.

Saturday 9th:

A Vestal arrived in off the sea and landed on the observer briefly before roosting in Marram. Ivy Bee is out in good numbers near the Main Pond.

Saturday 2nd:

A late Southern Hawker was still on the wing along with good numbers of Migrant Hawker and Common Darter. A Great Green Bush Cricket was watched egglaying in bare sand at the edge of the Back Meadow.



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