September 2010

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Monday 20th:


Two Roe Deer were on the Golf course, a rare visitor to the site and the first multiple record.



Saturday 18th:


A Common Seal was feeding close in offshore, occasionally hauling out on the beach - a rare visitor for the site.



Saturday 11th:


A Clouded Yellow flew along the Dune Ridge and several Rush Veneer were flushed during the day. Orange Peel Clematis Clematis tangutica is growing on Warren Point, a new species for site.



Tuesday 7th:


A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was nectaring on Evening Primrose around the 7th tee.



Monday 6th:


A medium sized Bat sp was watch heading south offshore this morning, the third such record of a migrating bat from site. Late news concerns another first for the site, the Hornet mimic sawfly, Cimbex connatus. This species feeds on Italian Alder, this alien was planted by wardens around the Buffer Zone and car park. It may well be worth searching these trees for the distinctive larvae.


Cimbex connatus August 2010 Pearl Summersby



Saturday 4th:


Small Red-eyed Damselfly were seen on the Main Pond, these have apparently been present for several weeks with as many as 15-20 individuals present and pairs being noted egg laying, however the plant material they were using has now been removed. This is a first record for site and the most westerly site in the UK. They are elusive and can only be viewed distantly through telescopes. A Fox was also around the Main Pond late afternoon.


August 2010

Tuesday 31st:


Small Copper 30/08/10 Robert Daw



Monday 30th:


The first Clouded Yellow of the year was in Greenland Lake.


Clouded Yellow 30/08/10 Lee Summersby



Sunday 29th:


Autumn Ladies Tresses 29/08/10 Sylvia Simmonds

Holly Blue 29/08/10 Lee Collins



Friday 27th:


Another first for the site was discovered today, a Kidney-spot Ladybird Chilocorus renipustulatus in Dead Dolphin Wood.


Kidney-spot Ladybird 27/08/10 Simon Thurgood

Southern Hawker 27/08/10 Simon Thurgood



Wednesday 18th:


Migrant Hawker 18/08/10 Dave Jewell



Monday 16th:


The second site record of Keeled Skimmer was on the Dune Ridge today. The only previous record was on 24/08/2004.


Keeled Skimmer 16/08/10 Lee Collins



Sunday 15th:


Volucella zonaria 15/08/10 Lee Collins



Wednesday 11th:


The first Cream-streaked Ladybird for the site was present on Lupins along with several other species including increasing numbers of Harlequin. Elsewhere a Water Shrew was at the Main Pond.


Cream-streaked Ladybird 11/08/10 Simon Thurgood

Harlequin 11/08/10 Simon Thurgood



Tuesday 10th:


The Silver-washed Fritillary was again in Dead Dolphin Wood, although looking slightly worn! Also there several Holly Blue.


Silver-washed Fritillary 10/08/10 Simon Thurgood

Holly Blue 10/08/10 Simon Thurgood



Thursday 5th:


Migrant Hawker 05/08/10 Lee Collins



Wednesday 4th:


Wasp Spider 04/08/10 Lee Collins



Wednesday 4th:


The first site record of Silver-washed Fritillary was reported in Dead Dolphin Wood.



Tuesday 3rd:


The second site record of Camberwell Beauty was briefly nectaring on Bramble in Dead Dolphin Wood late morning. The previous record was on 28th July 1982.



July 2010

Saturday 31st:


Two Beautiful Demoiselle were in Dead Dolphin Wood, the first multiple record for the site for this increasingly regular visitor. The first Jersey Tiger of the year was also on the wing and the longhorn beetle Rutpela maculata was new for the site.


Beautiful Demoiselle 31/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Rutpela maculata 31/07/10 Simon Thurgood



Tuesday 27th:


Great Green Bush-cricket 27/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Sea Holly
27/07/10 Simon Thurgood



Monday 26th:


Sixteen species of butterfly were recorded today including the first reported Holly Blue and Ringlet of the year. The other species were Small Skipper, Large, Small and Green-veined White, Small Copper, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Wall, Gatekeeper and Meadow Brown. The first Southern Hawker and Common Darter were on the wing and at least two Sand Lizard were along the Dune Ridge. Also active large numbers of ladybirds - particularly attracted to the aphids on the Tree Lupins, at least six species were recorded included two previously unrecorded 22-spot Ladybird Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata and Cream-spot Ladybird Calvia 14-guttata.


Holly Blue 26/07/10 Matt Twydell

Cream-spot Ladybird  26/07/10 Matt Twydell

Southern Hawker 27/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Common Darter 27/07/10 Simon Thurgood



Sunday 18th:


Good numbers of butterflies, including second generation Wall, were on the wing in sheltered areas, the thistles and remaining bramble proving an attractive nectar source.


Wall 18/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Common Darter 18/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Meadow Brown 18/07/10 Simon Thurgood

Gatekeeper 18/07/10 Simon Thurgood



Friday 9th:


The first Gatekeeper of the year was on the wing along with the first reported Small Skipper and Meadow Brown, but those have presumably been out for a while. Other species recorded included Red Admiral and second broods of Speckled Wood, Common Blue and Small Copper.


Oak Bush Cricket 09/07/10 Matt Twydell


Recent visits by David Baldock and Pat Carter have recorded 13 species of hymenoptera, in addition to the four regularly occurring bumblebee species and the abundant sand wasp Ammophila sabulosa. These were:


Episyron rufipes Tachysphex pompiliformis
Nysson trimaculatus Anthophora bimaculata
Diodontus minutus Epeolus variegatus
Chrysis impressa Megachile leachella
Hedychridium ardens Megachile maritima
Oxybelus uniglumis Coelioxys conoidea
Dryudella pinguis  

Megachile leachella 23/06/10 Pat Carter








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