June 2010

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Friday 11th:


This spider, Araniella curcurbitina was found by the Crocus Compound, a first for the site - and one of only about 15 species ever recorded/reported on the Warren.


Araniella curcurbitina 12/06/10 Lee Collins



Wednesday 9th:


A Green Hairstreak was in Dead Dolphin Wood.


Green Hairstreak 09/06/10 Lee Collins

Blue-tailed Damselflies 09/06/10 Lee Collins



Sunday 6th:


The first Black-tailed Skimmer of the year was on the wing.


Black-tailed Skimmer 06/06/10 Lee Collins



Thursday 3rd:


The first Large Skipper and Emperor dragonfly of the year were on the wing with over 15 Broad-bodied Chaser fighting for territory around the Main Pond.


Large Skipper 09/06/10 Lee Collins



Wednesday 2nd:


A Green Hairstreak was in Dead Dolphin Wood and good numbers of Common Blue and other regular butterflies were on the wing.


Green Hairstreak 02/06/10 Matt Twydell



Tuesday 1st:


At least three Bottle-nosed Dolphin were close in offshore.


May 2010


Monday 31st:


The first Rush Veneer of the year were in Greenland Lake, with several Large and Small White also on the wing. A Hairy Dragonfly was along the Dune Ridge.


Nemophora degeerella 31/05/10 Lee Collins



Thursday 27th:


A 'lot' of Silver Y were present around site today and Common Blue and Brown Argus are out in numbers.


Yellow Rattle 27/05/10 Simon Thurgood



Wednesday 26th:


The first Painted Lady of the year was on Warren Point.



Tuesday 25th:


Grass Vetchling was rediscovered on the Golf Course - on a bank where it grew previously.



Saturday 22nd:


The first Hairy Dragonfly and Large Red Damselfly of the year were at the Main Pond. Butterflies recorded today were Common Blue, Brown Argus, Wall, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White and Small Copper.


Adder's-tongue 22/05/10 Lee Collins

Brown Argus 22/05/10 Lee Collins



Friday 21st:


The first Common Blue and Brown Argus of the year were on the wing with Wall, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Green-veined White and Small Copper. Also on the wing the first Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselfly.


Common Blue 21/05/10 Simon Thurgood

Wall 21/05/10 Simon Thurgood



Tuesday 18th:


The first Cinnabar of the year was on the wing.



Monday 17th:


The nationally scarce solitary bee Andrena humilis was recorded at one of it's only Devon sites.



Saturday 15th:


The first Wall and Orange Tip of the year were on the wing along with Speckled Wood, Peacock, Green-veined White and Small Copper. In Greenland Lake large numbers of Eyelash Fungi Scutellinia scutellata are fruiting and an early Southern Marsh Orchid is in flower.


Green-veined White 15/05/10 Simon Thurgood

Eyelash fungi Scutellinia scutellata 15/05/10 Lee Collins





Monday 10th:


The first Small Copper and Azure Damselfly of the year were on the wing along with Speckled Wood, Peacock, Green-veined White and Broad-bodied Chaser. Still no reports of Orange Tip this year. The American Mink was seen again on the Main Pond.


Azure Damselfly 13/05/10 Simon Thurgood

American Mink 13/05/10 Matt Twydell



Wednesday 12th:


A Vixen was hunting Rabbit on the Golf Course.


Vixen 13/05/10 Matt Twydell



Monday 10th:


An American Mink was an unwelcome visitor to the Main Pond, the first sighting since the mid 1990's, it fits with a recent pattern of increased sightings at the north end of the estuary. The first Broad-bodied Chaser of the year was also on the Main Pond and a Puss Moth was on the Dune Ridge.


Puss Moth 10/05/10 Matt Twydell

Broad-bodied Chaser 10/05/10 Matt Twydell


Sunday 9th:


The Green-winged Orchid in the Buffer Zone is in flower.


Green-winged Orchid both 09/05/10 Lee Collins




Saturday 8th:


A large bull Grey Seal was offshore.



Friday 7th:


A Common Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill at low tide.




April 2010



Tuesday 20th:


At least two bats (species unknown) were feeding over the Main Pond early evening.



Monday 12th:


The Sand Crocus is finally in flower with at least four on show near the Visitor centre. This is the latest emergence for at least 20 years, but numbers should increase as the week and weather continue. The day also saw the first Speckled Wood and Green-veined White of the year on the wing along with large numbers of Bumblebees nectaring on the sallows. Elsewhere a Water Shrew was at the Main Pond and a Stoat showed well by the First Pond until it was disturbed by a dog.


Sand Crocus 12/04/10 Simon Thurgood



Sunday 11th:


A male Sand Lizard was showing well along the dune ridge for most of the morning.


Sand Lizard 11/04/10 Howard Bottrell



Saturday 10th:


Scarlet Elf-cup Sarcoscypha austriaca was discovered growing on fallen wood at the back of the Main Pond - the first for site.


Scarlet Elf-cup 10/04/10 Howard Bottrell 



Friday 9th:


Despite the sunny spring weather there is still no sign of the Sand Crocus coming into flower. The hoverfly Eristalis intricarius, a bumblebee mimic, was around Greenland Lake. The Narcissus is presumably a reminder of when there were gardens on the Warren, most have now been removed.


Eristalis intricarius 09/04/10 Howard Bottrell                       Primrose-Peerless Narcissus x medioluteus 09/04/10 Howard Bottrell          



Tuesday 6th:


The first litter of Rabbit have emerged above ground, with nine Sand Lizard, at least one Common Lizard and two Comma also taking advantage of the sunny weather. No news yet on the Sand Crocus...


Kit 06/04/10 Simon Thurgood


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