March 2009

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Tuesday 31st:


Speckled Wood 31/03/09 Simon Thurgood



Monday 30th:


This female Sand Lizard was watched foraging on ants along the Dune Ridge.  Warren Crocus has still yet to emerge in any numbers.


Sand Lizard 30/03/09 John Fortey                                                                     Warren Crocus 29/03/09 Dave Stone



Sunday 29th:


The warmer weather brought out the first Green-veined White of the year, along with four other butterfly species. Both Common and Sand Lizard were also out in numbers for the first time, although there were still only a couple of Warren Crocus flowers. The hoverfly Eristalis intricarius was on the wing - a first reserve record for this under recorded group.


Eristalis intricarius 29/03/09 Ivan Lakin                                                 Sand Lizard 29/03/09 Simon Thurgood



Saturday 28th:


Warren Crocus is in flower behind the Visitor Centre.


Warren Crocus



Monday 23rd:


A group of  Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore late morning.



Sunday 22nd:


The first Speckled Wood of the year was in the Entrance Bushes, a dead Badger was washed up on the tideline and a melanistic Common Lizard was on the Dune Ridge.


Badger 22/03/09 Lee Collins



Saturday 21st:


A Grey Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill at low tide. The first Common Groundhopper of the year were out in Greenland Lake.



Thursday 19th:


A group of five, probably more, Bottle-nosed Dolphin were off Langstone Rock late morning before heading south. At least six Comma, two Red Admiral and a Peacock were on the wing.


Peacock 19/03/09 Simon Thurgood     



Sunday 15th:


The first Small Tortoiseshell of the year was in the Crocus compound with Comma and Peacock also on the wing. The first Common Lizard of the year was by the Tractor Compound.



Saturday 14th:


The sunshine again brought out at least two Comma and a Peacock along with the several Early Bumblebee Bombus pratorum, the first of the year. Good numbers of Drone Fly Eristalis tenax were on the wing, the first of the year.


Comma 12/03/09 Simon Thurgood                                                         Drone Fly 14/03/09 Simon Thurgood



Thursday 12th:


The spring weather brought out at least four Comma and a Peacock around the Entrance Bushes, with Toads becoming amorous near the Main Pond.


Toad 12/03/09 Simon Thurgood


February 2009


Saturday 28th:


The Common Seal was again hauled out on Bull Hill mid afternoon.



Monday 23rd:


A Common Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill mid afternoon.



Sunday 22nd:


The first Sand Lizard of the year was out on Warren Point.



Sunday 15th:


A Red Admiral was along the Back Path along with several Buff-tailed Bumblebee. Warren Crocus leaves have been visible for at least a week.



Saturday 14th:


The first Bumblebee of the year was on the wing, a queen Buff-tailed Bumblebee Bombus terrestris.



Saturday 7th:


A Fox was in the Back Meadow and Badger tracks were near the Windmill.



January 2009


Sunday 25th:


A Grey Seal in the estuary was continually harassed by three idiots on jet skis as it tried to haul out on Bull Hill mid afternoon.



Saturday 17th:


The first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral, was along the Back Path.



Saturday 10th:


A Grey Seal was off Langstone Rock.



Friday 9th:


A Wood Mouse was near the Visitor Centre.


Wood Mouse 09/01/09 John Fortey



Wednesday 7th:


A Grey Seal was in the estuary mid morning.



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