September 2009

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Wednesday 23rd:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was near the First Pond.



Sunday 20th:


The Grey Squirrel was seen again heading west down the Golf Course fairways. Offshore a group of at least five Bottle-nosed Dolphin were present early morning.


Grey Squirrel 20/09/09



Saturday 19th:


A Grey Squirrel was seen on the beach at Warren Point, the first record this year for this barely annual autumn migrant.



Friday 18th:


This female Wasp Spider with eggcase was in Greenland Lake.


Wasp Spider 18/09/09 both John Fortey



Thursday 10th:


An influx of Red Admiral and Silver Y was noted today.


Red Admiral 10/09/09 Simon Thurgood 



Monday 7th:


Large numbers of Rush Veneer being flushed during the day - a fresh immigration.



Sunday 6th:


Sea Daffodil is now in flower on Warren Point, one of only three UK sites. 



Sea Daffodil 06/09/09.



August 2009



Monday 31st:


At least six Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore most of the day. The sunny afternoon encouraged a few insects onto the wing with highlights including Volucella zonaria, Comma and Golden-ringed Dragonfly. An Oak Bush-cricket on the Visitor Centre was the first for the year.



Sunday 30th:


Pale Persicaria Persicaria lapathifolia was discovered on the Golf Course - the first record for the reserve.



Saturday 29th:


Small-flowered Evening Primrose Oenothera cambrica was discovered on Warren Point - the first record for the reserve. A third Common Blue Damselfly for the year was along the Dune Ridge as were several young Sand Lizard.


Helophilus pendulus 28/08/09 John Fortey                                                        Myathropa florea 28/08/09 John Fortey   



Wednesday 26th:


At least three Portuguese Man O' War Physalia physalis were discovered on the tideline, the first records for the reserve, unfortunately the finder cut all the tentacles off! A pod of six Bottle-nosed Dolphin, including a calf were offshore and a few Clouded Yellow, the second record of the year, were along the Wryneck Path.



Monday 24th:


At least four Bottle-nosed Dolphin were feeding offshore.



Saturday 22nd:


The second Common Blue Damselfly of the year was in the Buffer Zone. Also on site the first of the Hornet mimic hoverflies Volucella zonaria of the year were on the wing. Several leaf mines of the fly Liriomyza eupatorii were discovered on Hemp Agrimony, possibly the first Devon record.



Volucella zonaria 17/08/09 both Lee Collins



Friday 21st:


Moth trapping overnight produced around 65 species including the migrants, White-point, Dark Swordgrass, Silver Y, Rush Veneer and Diamondback Moth. Other species recorded included Brown-veined Wainscot, Magpie, Jersey Tiger and Archer's Dart.



Monday 17th:


A good day for butterflies, one particular Hemp Agrimony plant near the Windmill is proving particular popular at the moment, with up to eight species.


Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell and Wall 17/08/09  Simon Thurgood



Sunday 16th:


Meadow Vetchling was rediscovered growing in the Buffer Zone. More firsts for the reserve included two Diptera, Hawthorn Fruitfly Anomoia purmunda and the hoverfly Epistrophe diaphana.


Hawthorn Fruit Fly Anomoia purmunda 16/08/09 Ivan Lakin                             Epistrophe diaphana 16/08/09 Ivan Lakin



Saturday 15th:


Two new plant species for the recording area were discovered in flowerbeds near the tunnel, Sharp-leaved Fluellen Kickxia elatine and Black Bindweed  Fallopia convolvulus. Their stay on site is likely to be short-lived, up until the next round of weeding!  It is a good year for Great Green Bush-cricket, particularly around Greenland Lake. Small Tortoiseshell are more numerous than earlier in the year, are they migrants...


Great Green Bush-cricket 08/08/09 Lee Summersby


Small Tortoiseshell 15/08/09 Pearl Summersby



Wednesday 12th:


The first Autumn Ladies Tresses of the year were in flower.


Autumn Ladies Tresses 12/08/09 John Fortey



Tuesday 11th:


Moth trapping overnight produced a few migrants with 10+ Silver Y and three Dark Sword-grass. The most numerous moths were Large Yellow Underwing, Yellow-tail and Dingy Footman, with local specialities Twin-spotted Wainscot, Cream-bordered Green Pea and Platytes alpinella also recorded.



Sunday 9th:


Another good day for invertebrates with 15 butterfly, no Comma was recorded, and seven dragonfly species on the wing.  Following yesterday's discovery a second patch of Wild Basil was found on the Back Path.


Southern Hawker 09/08/09 Lee Collins



Saturday 8th:


The summer weather meant a good day for invertebrates with 16 butterfly and seven dragonfly species on the wing. These included the first Migrant Hawker of the year, a female Black-tailed Skimmer, as well as Brown Argus, Wall, Comma and two Small Tortoiseshell. Also on the wing Jersey Tiger, the pyrale Pyrausta aurata and good numbers of Silver Y and Rush Veneer. A large patch of Wild Basil was discovered near the Wryneck Path, the first reserve record.


Migrant Hawker 08/08/09 Lee Collins



Wednesday 5th:


A Common Blue Damselfly was in the Back Meadow, the first record of the year of this scarce visitor to the reserve. Several Wasp Spider were near the Visitor Centre, also the first records of the year.


Wasp Spider 05/08/09 FPB Ryan                                                           Dark-winged Fungus Gnat Sciara hemeroboides 05/08/09 FPB Ryan



Sunday 2nd:


Another movement of migrant butterflies today with a count of 60 Large White along the seawall between Langstone and the Boathouse. A Six-spot Burnet of the yellow spotted form was near Langstone Rock.



July 2009

Monday 27th:


Cheiliosia illustrata - a hoverfly 27/07/09 FPB Ryan                Coelioxys sp - a sharp-tailed cuckoo bee 27/07/09 FPB Ryan



 Tachina grossa - a parasitic fly 27/07/09 FPB Ryan                                An Ichneumon wasp poss. Ambleyteles armatorius  27/07/09 FPB Ryan



Saturday 25th:


Twelve butterfly species were on the wing including Wall, Brown Argus and a noticeable influx of Large White.


Jersey Tiger 25/07/09 Simon Thurgood                              Southern Hawker 25/07/09 Lee Collins



Thursday 23rd:


Hedge Woundwort was rediscovered growing near the Main Pond. Elsewhere a Grey Seal was in the estuary.


Painted Lady 23/07/09



Saturday 18th:


A Marbled White was on the wing and an Orange Ladybird was in Dead Dolphin Wood.


Marbled White 18/07/09 Lee Collins                                                                                  Orange Ladybird 18/07/09 Lee Collins



Wednesday 15th:


The first Southern Hawker of the year was in Dead Dolphin Wood.



Sunday 12th:


Several Painted Lady, a Red Admiral and the first Vapourer moth of the year were along the Dune Ridge.


Sicus ferrugineus - thick-headed or Conopid fly 12/07/09 FPB Ryan


Saturday 11th:


Lesser Cockroach and 16 spot Ladybird were along the Dune Ridge.


16-spot Ladybird 11/07/09 John Fortey



Friday 10th:


A Marbled White was along the Back Path and the second generation of Brown Argus was on the wing.



Thursday 9th:


A Small Tortoiseshell was the butterfly highlight, now a very scarce species. Other species on the wing included Comma, Ringlet and Small Copper.


Small Tortoiseshell 09/07/09 Simon Thurgood                                                       Gatekeeper 09/07/09 Simon Thurgood  



Tuesday 7th:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was in Dead Dolphin Wood, at least two Painted Lady were along the Dune Ridge, the first several weeks and four Drinker and a White Colon were found in the hide!



Sunday 5th:


The first Jersey Tiger of the year was on the wing.



Saturday 4th:


A Devon Moth Group event produced even more firsts for the reserve, including Beautiful Carpet, Orange Moth and The Fern. Also attracted to the light a Forest Bug, several Blue-tailed Damselfly and a Small Skipper.


Forest Bug 04/07/09



Friday 3rd:


Moth trapping produced the rare migrant Elegia similella, only the third record for Devon, the migrant Bird-Cherry Ermine was also new for the reserve.


The Lappet 03/07/09 Ivan Lakin



Wednesday 1st:


A pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore during the day.




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