March 2008

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Monday 31st:


The first Speckled Wood of the year was on the wing, with a single Small Tortoiseshell in what has been a poor spring for butterflies.



Sunday 30th:


A Fox was in the Back Meadow early morning and tens of Warren Crocus are now in flower behind the Visitor Centre. Petalwort Petalophylum ralfsii is out near the Visitor Centre - this tiny liverwort (2-3mm across) is internationally rare and its discovery lead to the reserve's designation as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).


Petalwort 30/03/08



Thursday 27th:


The first Comma of the year was near the Tractor Compound with a single Peacock.


Comma 27/03/08   Andrew Cunningham



Tuesday 25th:


The first Small Copper of the year was on the wing. This, the first ever March record on site, was also unusual as it had blue markings on the hindwings. This feature is usually only shown in later generations after especially hot summers.


Small Copper form caeruleopuncta 25/03/08   F Bryan



Monday 24th:


The first few Warren Crocus Romulea columnae flowers of the year were out in the warm sunshine this afternoon.



Warren Crocus 24/03/08



Wednesday 19th:


A Peacock was in flight around the First Pond, lizard tracks were along the Dune Ridge and a Grey Seal was on Bull Hill.



Thursday 6th:


A Grey Seal was off Langstone Rock.



Sunday 2nd:


The first Small Tortoiseshell of the year was by the seawall and appeared to come in off the sea. A Grey Seal was on Bull Hill.




February 2008


Friday 22nd:


A Grey Seal was in the estuary.



Sunday 10th:


A Lesser Spotted Dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula was found washed up in the Bight.  Several Toad were by the Main Pond.



Monday 4th:


The first Frog spawn of the year was found near the First Pond.



Saturday 2nd:


The Grey Seal was again on Bull Hill at mid-tide.



Friday 1st:


A Grey Seal was on Bull Hill and a Fox was in the Railway Saltmarsh.


January 2008


Wednesday 30th:


The Common Seal was again offshore.



Sunday 27th:


A Peacock was in flight around the First Pond.



Saturday 26th:


A Common Seal was offshore today ranging from the estuary mouth to Langstone Rock..



Monday 21st:


The probable Common Seal was again seen in the estuary.



Sunday 20th:


A seal seen briefly in the estuary was thought to be a Common Seal, by far the rarer of the two species on the Exe.



Monday 14th:


The first Red Admiral of the year was on the wing.



Saturday 12th:


The sunny morning brought out the first butterfly of the year, a Peacock along the Dune Ridge. A Harbour Porpoise was reported off the seawall, along with a report of a dead cetacean. A Grey Seal was again in the estuary on Bull Hill.



Tuesday 1st:


A Grey Seal was in the estuary.


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