September 2008

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Sunday 28th:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was present.


Golden-ringed Dragonfly 28/09/08 Lee Collins



Saturday 20th:


The continuing high pressure and light easterlies lead to another day of steady butterfly passage, with  Red Admiral, Small and Large White predominating, although two Comma on the Dune ridge could also have been migrants. Other butterflies included presumed second brood Meadow Brown and several fresh Small Copper.


Silver Y 18/09/08 Simon Thurgood                                                         Small Copper 18/09/08 Simon Thurgood



Sunday 14th:


Red Admiral and Small and Large White continued to be seen throughout the day with two Small Tortoiseshell presumably also migrants.



Saturday 13th:


At least 20 Red Admiral moved west during the day and 10+ Silver Y were disturbed from the dunes during the day.



Wednesday 10th:


A Common Seal was on Bull Hill.



Monday 8th:


Bird's Nest Fungus was found on the Dune Ridge, whilst a Vapourer Moth caterpillar was near the hide.


Bird's Nest Fungi 07/09/08 John Fortey                               Vapourer caterpillar 07/09/08 John Fortey



Sunday 7th:


A Grey Seal was offshore, a Clouded Yellow was by the Visitor Centre and there was a continuing light passage of butterflies with two Silver Y flushed in Greenland Lake.


Sand Lizard 07/09/08 Brian Jane



Saturday 6th:


At least 12 Red Admiral were seen flying west along the Dune Ridge along with higher numbers of Small and Large White and several Migrant Hawker.



Tuesday 2nd:


A Grey Seal was off the seawall.



Monday 1st:


Five Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again offshore mid morning.



August 2008


Saturday 30th:


Five Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again offshore mid morning, along with a Grey Seal, which had earlier been in the estuary. At least four Silver Y were disturbed from Greenland Lake.



Wednesday 27th:


Sand Lizard continue to show well along the Dune Ridge, probably because the areas previously favoured suffered serious erosion last winter.


Sand Lizard 27/08/08 John Fortey



Tuesday 26th:


Volucella pellucens 26/08/08  John Fortey



Sunday 24th:


Five Bottle-nosed Dolphin, including a calf,  showed well offshore eventually heading south. Four Sand and three Common Lizard were along the Dune Ridge.


Common Lizard 24/08/08 Simon Thurgood                                               Sand Lizard 24/08/08 Simon Thurgood



Saturday 23rd:


A second brood Brown Argus was along the Dune Ridge and a Jersey Tiger was over the Main Pond.



Thursday 21st:


Large numbers of Wasp Spider are present on Warren Point. Short-winged Conehead and Lesser Marsh Grasshopper were both recorded today.



Tuesday 19th:


The first Wasp Spider of the year was found in Greenland Lake.


Wasp Spider 24/08/08 Simon Thurgood



Sunday 17th:


The second brood of Common Blue were on the wing in good numbers with at least nine other species of butterfly. Seven Migrant Hawker were on Warren Point.



Tuesday 12th:


The first Autumn Ladies Tresses were in flower. The hoverfly Volucella zonaria was in Greenland Lake.


Autumn Ladies Tresses 12/08/08 John Fortey                                          Volucella zonaria 12/08/08 John Fortey


Sunday 10th:


A Common Blue Damselfly, a scarce visitor to the reserve was on the Dune Ridge.



Saturday 2nd:


Six Harlequin Ladybird were on Warren Point along with three Jersey Tiger and at least three Sand Lizard.


Wall Brown 02/08/08 Simon Thurgood                                                    Sand Lizard 02/08/08 Simon Thurgood




July 2008


Thursday 31st:


Mothing produced 81 species including Kent Black Arches, Four-spotted Footman, Maiden's Blush, Narrow-winged Pug and Platytes alpinella.



Monday 28th:


Three Silver Y and a Rusty-dot Pearl were flushed from the Marram during the day.



Sunday 27th:


A Jersey Tiger, the first of the year was on Warren Point.


Jersey Tiger 28/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Saturday 26th:


Several Harlequin ladybird were present on Warren Point. As with most of southern Britain this invasive species seems to have become established on the reserve.


Harlequin 26/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Thursday 24th:


Emperor 24/07/08 Simon Thurgood                                           Southern Hawker 24/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Wednesday 23rd:


The second Marbled White of the year was seen, this time near the Tractor Compound, hopefully this species can successfully recolonise the reserve.


Marbled White 23/07/08 Simon Thurgood                                                          Brown Argus 23/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Monday 21st:


Butterflies were again much in evidence with another Ringlet, this time in Greenland Lake.


Broad-bodied Chaser 21/07/08 John Fortey 



Sunday 20th:


The warm weather continued and encouraged 17 species of butterfly onto the wing today. The highlights were the first Marbled White of the year in Greenland Lake, a fresh Ringlet in Dead Dolphin Wood and two Comma. Large & Small Skipper, Common Blue, Brown Argus, Small Copper, Large, Small & Green-veined White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Wall Brown (5), Speckled Wood, Peacock and Red Admiral (4) made up the rest of the total. Southern Hawker and Golden-ringed Dragonfly were also on the wing - the latter is becoming increasingly regular on the reserve.


Comma 20/07/08 John Fortey                                                  Ringlet 20/07/08  John Fortey 



Saturday 19th:


An unexpected highlight was the first Scarce Chaser for the reserve, in bushes around the hide. This individual was presumably from the population at the north end of the estuary. The hint of summery weather also brought at least 10 species of butterfly onto the wing including Wall Brown and also good numbers of Six-spot Burnet with at least 30 being seen.


Scarce Chaser 19/07/08                                                                                              Six-spot Burnet 01/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Thursday 17th:


Great Green Bush Cricket can now be seen around site, favouring the edges of bramble scrub.


Great Green Bush Cricket 17/07/08 Simon Thurgood                  Emperor Dragonfly 17/07/08 Simon Thurgood




Wednesday 16th:


Second broods of Common Blue and Brown Argus were on the wing along with a Golden-ringed Dragonfly and several Southern andthe first  Migrant Hawker of the year.



Sunday 13th:


The Ringlet was again in Dead Dolphin Wood. A Grey Seal has been seen regularly south of the recording area off the Dawlish Beaches.



Saturday 12th:


This Southern Hawker of the year was on the wing along with a Golden-ringed Dragonfly and a Broad-bodied Chaser.


Southern Hawker 12/07/08 Simon Thurgood



Tuesday 8th:


The Ringlet was again in Dead Dolphin Wood.


Ringlet 08/07/08  John Fortey 



Monday 7th:


A Ringlet in Dead Dolphin Wood was, perhaps surprisingly, the first record for the reserve.



Sunday 6th:


A Bordered Straw in Greenland Lake was further evidence of some insect migration. The Pyramidal Orchid was flowering along the Wryneck Path.



Saturday 5th:


A Painted Lady in Greenland Lake was the first for several months.



Tuesday 1st:


Gatekeeper was one of several firsts for the year were on the wing, the others included Southern Hawker, Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Six-spot Burnet. A young Fox was seen drinking at the First Pond.


Golden-ringed Dragonfly 01/07/08 John Fortey                                                     Gatekeeper 01/07/08 Simon Thurgood



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