June 2007

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Sunday 24th:


The first Small Skipper of the year was in the Crocus Compound, numbers of Red Admiral have increased and several Common Darter were emerging from the Dune Pond.


Common Darter 24/06/07  Debs Redden

Red Admiral 24/06/07



Saturday 23rd:


A single Clouded Yellow was near the Visitor Centre.



Sunday 17th:


The first Marsh Helleborine of the year were in flower.



Saturday 16th:


The first Large Skipper of the year were on the wing.



Friday 15th:


A Painted Lady was along the Dune Ridge and a single Marbled White was seen near the Tractor Compound.


Marbled White 15/06/07  Phil Walsh



Wednesday 13th:


A large emergence of young Toads was obvious around the Main Pond.



Sunday 10th:


The first Marbled White of the year was reported. A second Golden-ringed Dragonfly was present along the Dune Ridge.


Golden-ringed Dragonfly 10/06/07  Lee Collins



Monday 4th:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly, a scarce visitor to the reserve was recorded.



Friday 1st:


The first two Meadow Brown of the year were on the wing.




May 2007


Saturday 19th:


The first Two-spot and Ten-spot Ladybirds of the year were seen.



Thursday 17th:


The first Emperor dragonfly of the year was seen along the Dune Ridge.



Wednesday 16th:


A Small Blue was seen along the Back Path opposite the Back Meadow. An intriguing second record for the reserve, following one seen in August 2006.



Tuesday 15th:


A Weasel was seen carrying small mammal prey near the Tractor Compound.



Saturday 12th:


A Netted Pug was found in the hide.



Friday 11th:


A Grey Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill.



Tuesday 8th:


A Green Hairstreak was the first of the year and one of only a few recent records fro this elusive species.



Sunday 6th:


The first Hairy Dragonfly of the year was seen at the First Pond. A Grey Seal was off Langstone Rock and a Creamspot Tiger was again along the Dune Ridge.


Creamspot Tiger 05/05/07  Lee Collins



Saturday 5th:


The first Broad-bodied Chaser of the year was in Dead Dolphin Wood. Other firsts for the year included a Creamspot Tiger on the Dune Ridge, at least six Corizus hyoscyami bugs on the Dune Ridge and several Large White around the reserve. Other butterflies out today included Brown Argus, Common Blue and Wall Brown. A Whitebeam Sorbus intermedia sapling in Greenland Lake was a first for the reserve. Other plants recorded today included good number of both Suffocated and Subterranean Clover along with the first recent records of Keel-fruited Cornsalad, Ray's Knotgrass and Cotoneaster simonsii. The warm weather also brought out good numbers of first instar grasshoppers with Field, Meadow, Long-winged Conehead and Great Green Bush Cricket all recorded along with many adult Common Groundhoppers.


Broad-bodied Chaser (male) 05/05/07  Lee Collins                                               Broad-bodied Chaser (female) 05/05/07  Lee Collins 



Friday 4th:


Adder's-Tongue ferns are out in Greenland lake, along with the first Southern Marsh Orchid. The first Azure Damselflies of the year were behind the Visitor centre.


Adder's-Tongue 04/05/07 Darren Maynard                     Azure Damselfly (teneral) 04/05/07 Darren Maynard                           



Thursday 3rd:


The first Common Blue of the year was on the wing and a Grey Seal was offshore.



Wednesday 2nd:


The second Brimstone of the year was near the Visitor centre.



Tuesday 1st:


The first Brown Argus of the year was in Greenland Lake.


April 2007



Monday 30th:


The first Blue-tailed Damselfly and Small White of the year were on the wing.



Saturday 28th:


The first Holly Blue of the year was seen near the Visitor Centre.



Sunday 22nd:


The first Large Red Damselfly of the year was on the wing.



Friday 20th:


A Clouded Yellow was present today along with a Sand Lizard on Warren Point. The last few Warren Crocus flowers are still out.



Thursday 19th:


The first Cinnabar moth of the year was on Warren Point.



Monday 16th:


A Brimstone was present today, this widespread species is less than annual on the reserve. Also today the first Wall Brown of the year was in Greenland Lake.



Saturday 14th:


The overdue first Orange Tip of the year was around Greenland Lake.  A Water Shrew was seen in the Dune Pond. The first St Mark's Fly of the year was on Warren Point, nine days earlier than the previous two years. St Mark's day is not until the 25th March.



Tuesday 10th:


The first Clouded Yellow of the year was on site, an early record. A Grey Seal was in the estuary.



Saturday 7th:


The first Small Copper of the year was seen by the Dune Pond, at least four Sand Lizard were seen on Warren Point, where a Fox was the first sighting of the year.  Also on Warren Point the exotics Chinese Tea-Plant and Sicilian Chamomile are in flower. Warren Crocus remains in flower in the good weather.


Sand Lizard (male) 07/04/07  Lee Collins                              Sand Lizard (female) 07/04/07  Lee Collins 


Chinese Tea-plant 07/04/07 Ivan Lakin                                              Sicilian Chamomile 07/04/07 Ivan Lakin



Friday 6th:


A pod of four Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore, the first record for several months. The first Green-veined White of the year was on the wing.  Warren Crocus remains in flower with record numbers behind the visitor centre and in Greenland Lake. A Badger latrine was a first for Warren Point.


Warren Crocus 06/04/07 Ivan Lakin


Warren Crocus - a rare purple variant. 06/04/07 Ivan Lakin



Sunday 1st:


A Common Seal was offshore and good number of Warren Crocus remain in flower.




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