March 2006

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Friday 31st:


The first Common Frog of the year was recorded near the Main Pond. Fresh Badger tracks were seen along the Dune Ridge.



Tuesday 28th:


The first Comma of the year was on the wing and Toads have finally begun spawning, all previous records this year have been of individuals disturbed by scrub clearance. Warren Crocus is not yet in flower.



Saturday 11th:


The Grey Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill at low tide and was also seen from the hide over high tide. Common Whitlow-grass Erophila verna is now in flower across the reserve.



Saturday 4th:


A Grey Seal was again on Bull Hill at low tide. Warren Crocus Romulea columnae leaves were seen near the Visitor Centre but it will not be in flower for several weeks.



February 2006


Saturday 25th:


Danish Scurvy-grass Cochlearia danica is in flower along the seawall and signs of Badger on site have increased especially around the Main Pond.



January 2006


Saturday 28th:


The Grey Seal was again on Bull Hill at low tide.



Saturday 28th:


A Grey Seal was laid up on Bull Hill at low tide



Saturday 21st:


The first Red Admiral of the year was on the wing, along with several queen bumblebees.



Sunday 15th:


A large chunk of Langstone Rock came away overnight.




Wednesday 11th:


A Grey Seal was seen again in the estuary.



Sunday 8th:


A Grey Seal was seen briefly in the estuary.



Sunday 1st:


Flowering plants recorded today included Chickweed, Yucca, Gorse, Ragwort, Groundsel, Red Campion, Portland Spurge and Scentless Mayweed. Also found on site today Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus and Blushing Bracket Daedaleopsis confragosa.


Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus



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