September 2006

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Friday 22nd:


A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was on Warren Point briefly.



Monday 18th:


At least two Wasp Spider were again recorded and three Clouded Yellow were amongst six butterfly species seen, three dragonfly species recorded included two Southern Hawker.



Saturday 16th:


A Fox was seen laying up on the Main Pond, at least six Clouded Yellow were on site with an increase in Red Admiral numbers and Sea Holly was discovered in a new location on the Dune Ridge.

Sea Holly 16/9/06



Wednesday 13th:


Two Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi were discovered along the Dune Ridge, the first site records since the mid 1990s.



Sunday 10th:


The red and black bug Corizus hyoscyami was seen along the Wryneck Path and at least 15 Clouded Yellow were on site.



Saturday 9th:


Thorn-apple Datura stramonium was discovered growing between Langstone Rock and the Go-cart track, only the third site record and the first since 1994. At least five Clouded Yellow are still on site but only three Rush Veneer were seen.

Thorn-apple 9/09/06 Ivan Lakin



Wednesday 6th:


A Water Shrew showed well on the Main Pond, Clouded Yellow continue to be seen daily.



Monday 4th:


At least 50 Rush Veneer were seen during the early evening.



August 2006

Wednesday 30th:


A Grey Squirrel was seen on the Back Path, today, and two Weasel were seen by the Main Pond. At least five Clouded Yellow were again on site along with small numbers of Silver Y and Rush Veneer. Overnight moth trapping produced the first confirmed recording area record of Scarce Bordered Straw, along with two White-point.



Tuesday 29th:


A Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus was found on Warren Point - apparently the first for the reserve.  Also recorded today a late Broad-bodied Chaser on the Main Pond with Green Shieldbug Palomena prasina and Sloe Bug Dolycoris baccarum in Alders behind the Visitor Centre.


Green Shieldbug 29/08/06



Monday 28th:


A female Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo was seen near the Tractor Compound, the first reserve record. Another first is growing in the ditches in the car park, two Lombardy Poplar Populus nigra 'italica' saplings.



Sunday 27th:


Thirteen species of butterfly were recorded on site today with 12+ Clouded Yellow with at least three helice, as well as two fresh Comma.

Clouded Yellow 26/08/06 David Land                       Small Copper 26/08/06 David Land                    Meadow Brown 27/08/06 David Land  



Saturday 26th:


At least 25 Painted Lady were on site along with at least six Clouded Yellow again including several helice.

Painted Lady 26/08/06 David Land



Friday 25th:


A female Long-tailed Blue was present briefly in the dune slack near the Visitor Centre late morning but unfortunately did not hang around heading off inland over the sallows. This is the fourth new species of Butterfly for the recording area this year! Other butterflies on site included six plus Clouded Yellow including two pale helice types, one of which was egglaying in Greenland Lake, there were also similar numbers of Painted Lady and Red Admiral. At least 15 Rush Veneer, eight Silver Y and two Rusty-dot Pearl were also on the wing with the hoverfly Volucella zonaria also noted. The first Autumn Ladies Tresses of the year are in flower.


Autumn Ladies Tresses David Land



Wednesday 23rd:


Lesser Knapweed is growing near the First Pond, this is the first reserve record for over 15 years, but it does occur in the recording area near Langstone Rock.



Sunday 20th:


A Lesser Cockroach was seen along the Dune Ridge and several Clouded Yellow were present including at least one helice.


Lesser Cockroach (female with egg case)



Saturday 19th:


At least five Clouded Yellow are still on site. Moths disturbed during the day included several Yellow Belle and a Jersey Tiger along with the following migrants: 30+ Rush Veneer, two Silver Y and a Rusty-dot Pearl.


Toad 19/08/06



Monday 14th:


A Grey Seal was on Finger Point.


Grey Seal 14/8/06 Darren Maynard



Sunday 13th:


A Red-veined Darter was present on the dunes near Groyne 11, only the third record for the reserve. Other dragonflies recorded today included a single Ruddy Darter by the Main Pond, 42+ Common Darter, seven Migrant Hawker, three Emperor, two Southern Hawker and the first Black-tailed Skimmer since 2003.  A Sloe Bug Dolycoris baccarum by the Main Pond was a first for the reserve and also in that area Pennyroyal and Ploughman's Spikenard were in flower. Also present today at least seven Clouded Yellow.


Common Darter


Sloe Bug



Saturday 12th:


A Ruddy Darter was in Greenland Lake along with 11 butterfly species including 14 Clouded Yellow, one a helice.



Friday 11th:


A minimum of 10 Clouded Yellow were on site including two helice. Small numbers of this species and of Rush Veneer have bee recorded daily for at least two weeks.



Sunday 6th:


A Weasel was seen carrying food across the main path near the Visitor Centre and at least seven Clouded Yellow were on site.



Saturday 5th:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was on the Golf Course and three Clouded Yellow were on site, including a single very pale helice type.



Friday 4th:


The return of the warmer weather brought out good numbers of butterflies with 100+ Common Blue and 30+ Small Copper reported along with  10+ Clouded Yellow and three Brown Argus. Also on the wing Emperor Dragonfly, Southern and Migrant Hawker, with Fox and Sand Lizard seen on Warren Point.


Tuesday 1st:


The first Volucella zonaria of the year was noted in Greenland Lake and several Clouded Yellow and Painted Lady were noted.

Common Darter 1/8/06 Darren Maynard


Volucella zonaria 1/8/06 Darren Maynard



July 2006


Sunday 30th:


Three Clouded Yellow, a Wall, a Marbled White and good numbers of Brown Argus were the pick of 14 butterfly species recorded on site today. Several Six -spot Burnet moths were on the wing along with 15+ Rush Veneer and 10 Silver Y. The shieldbug Eurygaster testudinaria was found in Greenland Lake, a first for the reserve and the 10km square.

Eurygaster testudinaria 30/7/06


Wednesday 26th:


The first Ruddy Darter of the year was at the Main Pond and the second brood of Brown Argus has emerged with four seen in the Back Meadow.



Sunday 23rd:


A Weasel was seen briefly by the tractor compound.  At least 50 Rush Veneer were present all around site, flushed from areas of long grass.



Friday 21st:


The first Jersey Tiger of the year was on the wing.



Tuesday 18th:


Moth trapping produced two firsts for the reserve, Pempelia formosa, only the 10th record for Devon and two Scarce Silver-lines. Other species recorded included Evergestis pallidata, European Corn-borer, Slender Pug, Blue-bordered Carpet, Silky Wainscot and several Dawlish specialties, Platytes alpinella, Synaphe punctalis, Shore Wainscot and Cream-bordered Green Pea.


Monday 17th:


Late news concerns a Swallowtail seen in the Buffer Zone, the first record for the reserve.



Sunday 16th:


Twelve species of butterfly recorded today included a single Marbled White and two Clouded Yellow along with hundreds of Gatekeeper. Late news concerns a new plant record for the reserve found several weeks ago, Narrow-leaved Bird's-foot Trefoil Lotus glaber is growing in the dune slack near the Visitor Centre.



Friday 14th:


A White Admiral was seen briefly in Dead Dolphin Wood, the first reserve record for this woodland butterfly.



Sunday 9th:


A Clouded Yellow was seen along with several Rush Veneer. An Emperor dragonfly was watched taking and feeding on a Common Darter along the Dune Ridge.



Wednesday 5th:


A Brown Hare Lepus europaeus was present on Warren Point, a surprise first record for the recording area



Tuesday 4th:


A Basking Shark, the potential first record for the recording area, was reported off Langstone Rock.



Saturday 1st:


The first Southern Hawker of the year was on the wing in the Back Meadow with good numbers of Common Darter. Marsh Helleborine is now in flower with plants found mainly in Greenland Lake although they have spread to other areas in recent years. At least five Silver Y and two Rush Veneer were flushed during the day.


Lesser Centaury                                                      Marjoram                                       Marsh Helleborine





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