June 2006

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Friday 30th:


Another Marbled White was seen, this time in the Back Meadow, also recorded single Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow.



Thursday 29th:


The first Gatekeeper and Marbled White of the year were on the wing and a Common Blue Damselfly seen near the Main Pond was the first record for over five years.



Tuesday 27th:


The Grey Seal was again off Langstone Rock.



Monday 26th:


A Grey Seal was off Langstone Rock, a scarce record as most are recorded within the estuary.



Saturday 24th:


Three Silver Y and two Bordered Straw were seen today, along with the plume moth Marasmarcha lunaedactyla, a sand dune specialist. A second Pyramidal Orchid has been discovered along the Wryneck Path and Rose Campion Lychnis coronaria has been belatedly added to the site list, first discovered two years ago, it is still growing in numbers near the Cuckoo's Nest.


Sweet William

Pyramidal Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid

Rose Campion



Friday 23rd:


Four Bordered Straw and a Rush Veneer were seen today with at least three Cream-spot Tiger moths on Warren Point. This Great Green Bush-cricket was discovered along the Back Path.


© David Fenwick 




Tuesday 20th:


Another new plant for the reserve was discovered growing today, Sweet William Dianthus barbatus. This garden escape was found growing along the Back Path. Also of note Pyramidal Orchid was flowering again along the Wryneck Path - only its third showing in 50 years.



Monday 19th:


The first Small Skipper of the year were on the wing.



Sunday 18th:


Another Bordered Straw was seen during the day and the first Common Darter of the year were emerging from the Main Pond.



Saturday 17th:


Trailing St John's Wort Hypericum humifusum was discovered growing near the Visitor Centre today, the first record for the reserve. A single Bordered Straw was also seen during the day.



Wednesday 14th:


Large numbers of Toadlets were present today around the Main Pond.



Tuesday 13th:


Good numbers of Yellow Shell were on the wing today. Moth trapping overnight produced an additional 65+ species. These included three first records for the reserve, The Rivulet, presumed migrant Green Oak Tortrix and the migrant White-speck. Other migrants recorded included a Bordered Straw, a European Corn Borer, four Rush Veneer, seven Silver Y, 30+ Straw Dot and c35 Diamond-back Moth. Select resident species included five Small and three Elephant Hawkmoth, two Cream-bordered Green Pea and single Pale Tussock, Marbled Brown, The Shears, Figure of Eighty and The Fan-foot.


White-point    13/6/06 © Ivan Lakin                         Bordered Straw    13/6/06 © Ivan Lakin            European Corn Borer 13/6/06 © Ivan Lakin



Sunday 11th:


The first Large Skipper of the year were on the wing and a single Clouded Yellow was seen.



Saturday 10th:


The first Meadow Brown and Cinnabar were on the wing in the Back Meadow. 20+ Silver Y were also seen there and in Greenland Lake.


Thursday 8th:


A Hairy Dragonfly was around the First Pond. Late news concerns a pair ovipositing on the Main Pond a fortnight ago.


Wednesday 7th:


The good weather produced good numbers of insects with 10+ Blue-tailed Damselfly, 10+ Azure Damselfly and at least four Emperor Dragonfly around the Main Pond. Elsewhere there were 20+ Common Blue, two Brown Argus and single Small Copper and Red Admiral.


Blue-tailed Damselfly 07/6/06 © Andrew Cunningham

Common Blue  07/6/06 © Andrew Cunningham

Brown Argus  07/6/06 © Andrew Cunningham

Emperor  07/6/06 © Andrew Cunningham

Small Copper  07/6/06 © Andrew Cunningham



Monday 5th:


A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was hunting along the Dune Ridge.



May 2006


Wednesday 31st:


The first Brown Argus of the year was on the wing on Warren Point.



Tuesday 30th:


A Broad-bodied Chaser around the Main Pond was the first record for the year.



Monday 29th:


A Small Yellow Underwing moth in Greenland Lake was another first record for the reserve. Elsewhere the first Emperor dragonfly of the year was over the Dune Pond.



Thursday 25th:


A single Netted Pug was seen by the hide, the first record for the reserve.



Wednesday 24th:


Good numbers of Wall were on the wing in the sunny periods.



Tuesday 23rd:


The first Clouded Yellow of the year was recorded today, early compared to recent years.



Friday 19th:


The first Common Blue butterfly of the year was recorded.



Thursday 18th:


A Painted Lady was recorded in Greenland Lake.



Tuesday 16th:


Moth trapping overnight produced 25 species including several new records for the reserve. These were the macros Least Black Arches and Orange Footman and the micros Cochylis atricapitana and Scrobipalpa costella. A single Rush Veneer was the only migrant recorded.



Friday 12th:


The first Wall butterflies and Azure Damselfly of the year were seen today.



Wednesday 10th:


The first Blue-tailed Damselfly of the year was seen today.



Monday 8th:


Three-cornered Leek Allium triquetrum was discovered growing near the Go-kart track, the first recording area record for this locally common introduced species. A Vixen and four young cubs were watched playing on Warren Point early morning.



Sunday 7th:


A Stoat was seen on the seventh fairway, two Sand Lizard showed well on the Dune Ridge and another Painted Lady was noted.



Saturday 6th:


Single Painted Lady and a Silver Y both came in off the sea early morning.



Wednesday 3rd:


The Grey Seal was again at the Warren end of the estuary this morning. Off site a Roe Deer was watched on the mudflats off Lympstone before swimming across the estuary to Powderham. It then however swam up the channel and eventually came out on mudflats on the river Clyst.



Monday 1st:


The warm weather meant it was a good day for butterflies with seven species recorded including the first records of the year for Small White, Holly Blue and Small Copper.



April 2006


Saturday 29th:

The first Green-veined White of the year were on the wing. Small Adder's-tongue is out in Greenland Lake and Warren Crocus remains in flower behind the Visitor Centre. Elsewhere a Fox was seen in Greenland Lake and Sand and Common Lizard were both on the Dune Ridge.


Sand Lizard 29/4/06 © Ivan Lakin



Wednesday 26th:

A Grey Seal was again hauled out on Bull Hill on the dropping tide. Warren Crocus remains in flower in large numbers along with large areas of Upright Chickweed and the Cowslip again in the Back Meadow.


Weasels 4th April © Phil Walsh



Sunday 23rd:

The first St Mark’s flies Bibio marci of the year were on the wing, the same day as last year.



Saturday 22nd:

The first Speckled Wood of the year were on the wing.



Friday 21st:


A Grey Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill late morning. Large numbers of Warren Crocus are still in flower.



Wednesday 19th:


Adders-tongue Fern is now out in Greenland Lake.



Tuesday 18th:


The first Orange-tip of the year was in Greenland Lake.



Monday 17th:


Both the Warren Crocus, Common and Sand Lizard performed well today in the sunny periods. Late news concerns the first confirmed reserve record of Adder, seen along the Dune Ridge last summer.



Friday 14th:


Over 100 Warren Crocus area in flower behind the Visitor Centre. Elsewhere the Fritillary is in flower behind the Main Pond, the first Sand Lizard of the year was seen, a Common Lizard was in Greenland Lake and good number of Common Groundhopper were noted.


Warren Crocus © John Fortey



Thursday 13th:


Good numbers of Warren Crocus and Upright Chickweed remain in flower behind the Visitor Centre.



Wednesday 12th:


The first Common Lizard of the year was seen on the Dune Ridge.



Sunday 9th:


Up to 50 Warren Crocus plants were in flower at midday behind the Visitor Centre. Also in this area Upright Chickweed, Shepard's Cress and Early Forget-me-not. Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma were all on the wing in the fine weather and Brown-tail moth caterpillars were emerging from their cocoons.


Sand (Warren) Crocus Romulea columnae



Saturday 8th:


Warren Crocus is finally in flower, over two weeks later than recent years. Only a few plants are flowering still, all to be found behind the Visitor Centre.



Tuesday 4th:


A pair of Weasel were seen well between the Main Pond and the golf course.



Saturday 1st:


The first Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and, more surprisingly, Painted Lady of the year were on the wing with several Comma also recorded. Warren Crocus is still not yet in flower, over a week later than recent years.



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