September 2005

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Wednesday 28th:


A Grey Squirrel was seen along the Dune Ridge near the Bight and then later along the Back Path near Dead Dolphin Wood.



Monday 26th:


A "Torbay" Palm Cordyline australis discovered growing on the seaward side of the Dune ridge near Warren Point is the first record for the recording area.



Thursday 22nd:


A Water Shrew was seen near the hide, unfortunately it was seen being carried in the jaws of a Stoat! Moth trapping produced just under 30 species but included two new records for the reserve, The Satellite and Honeysuckle Moth. The most frequent species were Common Marbled Carpet and Square-spot Rustic, also recorded were the first Black Rustic and Sallow for the year but the only migrants were two Rush Veneer and a Rusty-dot Pearl.


The Satellite Ivan Lakin

The Sallow Ivan Lakin

The Sallow

Rusty-dot Pearl Ivan Lakin

Common Marbled Carpet Ivan Lakin



Monday 19th:


Several Rush Veneer were flushed from Marram on Warren Point.



Wednesday 14th:


Moth trapping again produced a limited range with only c30 species recorded, these included L-Album Wainscot, Spruce Carpet and three Silver Y with large numbers of Square Spot Rustic. The highlight though was a Portland Ribbon Wave, this rare migrant was the first record for the recording area and only the second in Devon since 1927! Also attracted to the light a female Short-winged Conehead, another first for the recording area.


Portland Ribbon Wave  Ivan Lakin

Portland Ribbon Wave
Ivan Lakin

Spruce Carpet
Ivan Lakin



Sunday 11th:


A single Bottle-nosed Dolphin was offshore, this distinctive individual has no beak and has also been sighted recently in Torbay. On Warren Point several plants of Ploughman's-spikenard Inula conyza were discovered, this species has only been recorded infrequently in the recording area since being rediscovered in 1995.



Tuesday 6th:


A pod of 7-10 Bottle-nosed Dolphin were present offshore most of the day before heading towards Teignmouth late evening. A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was feeding on Evening Primrose on Warren Point and several Silver Y were flushed from the Marram. During the evening several probable Soprano Pipistrelle were recorded around the Main Pond, at least seven bats were also seen coming out of a roost somewhere in the Entrance Bushes. Moth trapping produced just over thirty species but included the migrants Silver Y, Pearly Underwing and the first site records of The Delicate. Other species recorded included the first confirmed record of Old Lady and the Nationally Notable B species Shore Wainscot.


The Delicate Ivan Lakin

Old Lady  Ivan Lakin

Yellow Belle  Ivan Lakin

Silver Y 
Ivan Lakin

Shore Wainscot
Ivan Lakin



Saturday 3rd:


A Stoat was seen near the Main Pond.



Friday 2nd:


The second generation of Yellow Belle are on the wing, this local moth can be seen along the Dune Ridge.



August 2005


Wednesday 24th:


A Pilot Whale, only the fourth recording area record, was seen off the Warren from Orcombe Point in the evening.



Sunday 21st:


At least two Clouded Yellow were recorded. The first Autumn Ladies Tresses are in flower in Greenland Lake and Sea Holly was found on several areas of the beach and dunes towards Warren Point.



Saturday 13th:


A Grey Seal was in the estuary and a Stoat was recorded behind the Visitor centre.



Friday 12th:


An Emperor dragonfly watched catching and feeding on an Oak Eggar was an impressive sight. A single Clouded Yellow followed other records this week.



Thursday 11th:


Moth trapping overnight produced just over 50 species, the drop in temperature reduced the number of species flying.  Single Copper Underwing and Currant Pug were both apparently firsts for the reserve and several other species were recorded for the first time this year including The Magpie, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Sallow Kitten and Oak Eggar. Nationally scarce species caught included several Jersey Tiger and a single Synaphe punctalis.

Canary-shouldered Thorn

Pale Prominent

The Magpie

Oak Eggar



Monday 8th:


Good numbers of Great Green Bush Cricket can be heard and occasionally seen on site.



Great Green Bush Cricket 8th August 2005



Sunday 7th:


A single Clouded Yellow was one of 12 species of butterfly recorded today.



Saturday 6th:


The single Bottle-nosed Dolphin was again offshore early morning.



Friday 5th:


The first Migrant Hawker of the year was in the Back Meadow and another Clouded Yellow  was seen.



Wednesday 3rd:


The first Clouded Yellow of the year was seen today.


July 2005


Sunday 31st:


The second brood of Brown Argus are on the wing on Warren Point and the first Scarlet Tiger of the year were around Sycamores in Greenland Lake.



Saturday 30th:


Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium was in flower on Warren Point, only a few plants were present but this is an improvement on recent years when the main patch has been disturbed by Rabbits.  Other records included a single Bottle-nosed Dolphin offshore in the morning, the first Jersey Tiger of the year by the Main Pond and a Brown Rat was along the Railway Saltmarsh.


Mentha pulegium



Sunday 24th:


The first Southern Hawker dragonflies of the year were on the wing. 16-spot Ladybird was seen along the Dune ridge along with the migrant pyrale Rusty-dot Pearl Udea ferrugalis.



Tuesday 19th:


The first Marbled White butterfly of the year was on the wing.



Sunday 17th:


Moth trapping overnight produced over 70 species. The commonest moth on the night was Synaphe punctalis, a nationally notable pyrale, other nationally notable species caught included Mecyna asinalis, Kent Black Arches, Sand Dart and L-album Wainscot. Other species included Fen Wainscot, Archer's Dart, Large Emerald, Brown-tail, The Drinker and at least three Platytes alpinella, Dawlish Warren is the only site in Devon for this RDB3 pyrale. Also attracted top the light were two nationally scarce beetles, neither of which had previously been recorded at the Warren. The first, Sawyer Beetle Prionus coriarius is a large species the larvae of which feed in mature trees and fallen timber, the second, the water beetle Dytiscus circumflexus is a species that inhabits brackish coastal ponds but has not previously been recorded in Devon.



Saturday 16th:


A female Black-tailed Skimmer on the Dune Ridge was the first site record for several years.



Friday 15th:


The first Hummingbird Hawkmoth of the year was along the Dune Ridge this afternoon.



Wednesday 13th:


Marsh Helleborine July 2005


Marsh Helleborine Epipactis palustris are still in flower in Greenland Lake.  A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was seen today on the path between the Back Meadow and Greenland Lake.



Saturday 9th:


A Pilot Whale was off Langstone Rock.



Wednesday 6th:


The first Gatekeeper of the year was by the First Pond.



Monday 4th:


Two Peppered Moth were roosting on the hide along with a Silver Y.



Saturday 2nd:


The first Common Darter and Small Skipper of the year were in the Back Meadow, along with many small Toads, recently emerged from the Main Pond. A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was over the hide and a young Stoat was seen near the Visitor Centre.


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