June 2005





Report sightings



Tuesday 28th:


Moth trapping produced a total of over 100 species with at least another four new records fro the recording area. These were the pyrales Pyralis farinalis (Meal Moth) and Dioryctria abietella plus Gold Swift and Cypress Carpet. Other species included at least three Eyed Hawkmoth, five Poplar and Small Elephant Hawkmoth, White Colon, Shore Wainscot, Ruddy Carpet, Sand Dart and Kent Black Arches. At least six Silver Y were seen but the only notable migrant was a single Dark Sword Grass. Also attracted to the lights a Sexton Beetle, Common Frog and several Pipistrelle.



Friday 24th:


Emperor dragonflies were around the Main Pond and Marsh Helleborine Epipactis palustris are now in flower in Greenland Lake.



Thursday 23rd:


Moth trapping produced a total of around 75 species, including five new records for the recording area. These were the pyrales Crambus lathoniellus and Udea olivalis plus Small Dusty Wave, Foxglove Pug and Lobster Moth. Another species Four-dotted Footman was the first confirmed record for the area. Other species recorded included at least three Small Elephant Hawkmoth, c20 Cream Bordered Green Pea, Double Dart, European Corn Borer, The Miller, The Lychnis and Scallop Shell. A single Silver Y was the only migrant. Also attracted to the lights a Blue-tailed Damselfly, a Great Green Bush cricket and a Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale.



Saturday 18th:


Only the second Red Admiral of the year was seen today.



Monday 13th:


The first Meadow Brown of the year were seen today.



Sunday 12th:


The first Emperor dragonflies were on the wing along the Dune Ridge and Back Path, Hairy Dragonfly are still on the wing.  Also the first Large Skipper of the year was along the Wryneck Path.



Thursday 9th:


A Hairy Dragonfly  was seen again and a Large White was on Warren Point..



Wednesday 8th:


Only the second Hairy Dragonfly of the year was seen today along with numbers of Common Lizard.



Monday 6th:


A single small Yellow Horned-poppy Glaucium flavum was discovered growing on the tideline on Warren Point, this species is sporadic in its appearances on the reserve.  The first Cream-spot Tiger moth of the year was on the wing.



May 2005 


Monday 30th:


The first Red Admiral and Large White of the year were recorded, both possibly immigrants.



Sunday 29th:


Two small Beech Fagus sylvatica saplings were found behind the Main Pond, only the second records for the recording area.



Saturday 28th:


The first Brown Argus of the year were out in Greenland Lake, a Silver Y was also seen.  Also today the presence of Small Adder’s-Tongue Ophioglossum azoricum on the reserve was confirmed (by A C Jermy). First found two years ago and rediscovered earlier this year, it can be seen in the eastern end of Greenland Lake. This species has only previously been recorded in Devon from Lundy.



Small Adder’s-Tongue Ophioglossum azoricum 18/4/05 © Ivan Lakin



Friday 27th:


The first Hairy Dragonfly of the year was at the First Pond with several Broad-bodied Chaser and many Azure Damselfly, at least one Sand Lizard was also seen today. A Brimstone butterfly was seen today, this is a rare species on site and is not recorded annually.



Thursday 26th:


At least six Sand Lizard were seen today around Warren Point.



Monday 23rd:


The first Common Blue butterflies of the year were on the wing.



Saturday 21st:


The first Broad-bodied Chaser of the year was seen by the First Pond, but the highlight was a Green Hairstreak in the Back Meadow, the first site record since 1992!



Sunday 22nd:


A single Bottle-nosed Dolphin was close inshore this morning.  



Saturday 21st:


A Long-finned Pilot Whale was offshore for over an hour this morning, this is only the third record for the recording area and the first not to involve a stranded individual.



Sunday 15th:


The Roe Deer was reported for various locations across the site, a Fox was by the First Pond and another Green-winged Orchid was found, this time in the Buffer Zone.



Friday 13th:


The Roe Deer was again present today this time by the First Pond, with footprints in the Bight.



Saturday 7th:


The first Azure Damselfly, Cinnabar Moth, Wall and Painted Lady of the year were seen today.



Friday 6th:


The first Blue-tailed Damselfly of the year was seen along with several Small Copper and a Silver Y.



Tuesday 3rd:


A Roe Deer was seen briefly on Warren Point.



Monday 2nd:


Several Common Viola riviniana and Early Dog Violet V. reichenbachiana are flowering in Greenland Lake. The Early are in the wetter areas and are the first site records, there also appears to be a few hybrids to confuse the issue, Adder’s Tongue Ophioglossum vulgatum can also be found here in profusion. The Green-winged Orchid Orchis morio is again flowering near the Car Park.



Sunday 1st:


The first Green-veined White was along the Dune Ridge and the Grey Seal was again offshore.



April 2005


Saturday 30th:


A Grey Seal was close inshore off Warren Point this morning. Two Cowslip Primula veris were discovered flowering in the Back Meadow, only the second record for the recording area and the first since 1992.


Cowslip 30/4/05


Friday 29th:


A medium sized rusty coloured bat was watched flying around Greenland Lake and the Dune Ridge, before landing on a paling fence and crawling into cover. It was larger than a Pipistrelle, with small ears but was too small for a Noctule. Although a first for the reserve its identity will probably remain unknown.



Saturday 23rd:


The first Small Copper of the year was on the wing with Comma, Peacock, Speckled Wood and Orange Tip also seen.  St Mark’s flies Bibio marci have emerged, in good numbers, two days early!  A Fox was seen in Greenland Lake and Cut-leaved Dead Nettle Lamium hybridum is now in flower along the Back Path.



Tuesday 19th:


A Fox was present around the Main Pond, closely watched by the incubating pair of Canada Geese.



Saturday 16th:


The Warren Crocus is still in flower behind the Visitor Centre with Upright Chickweed Moenchia erecta also now in flower. The first Orange Tip of the year was seen by the Main Pond.



Wednesday 6th:


Despite the weather Warren Crocus is still in flower. Two flowering plants of Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris were found by the Main Pond, presumably a link to the gardens that used to be onsite.



Warren Crocus Both photos © Tim Harrison



Saturday 2nd:


The first Speckled Wood of the year was on the wing along with a Comma and at least two Peacock. A Stoat was seen near the Tractor Compound.





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