December 2004


Sunday 19th:


A Grey Seal was present briefly in front of the hide at high tide, recently two have been regularly seen further up the estuary.


Wednesday 15th:


Eight Bottle-nosed Dolphin were seen offshore during the day.


Sunday 12th:


Several female Winter Moth Operophtera brumata and Mottled Umber Erannis defoliaria were found drowned or waterlogged in the drinking trough near the Main Pond.


Sunday 5th:


A Harbour Porpoise was off Langstone Rock late afternoon, only the third recent site record.



November 2004



Sunday 7th:


Common Darter and Red Admiral were both still on the wing.


Saturday 6th:


A Grey Seal was hauled out on Bull Hill this morning, there were Badger tracks along the Dune Ridge and a dead Mole was found on Warren Point, an unusual record.


October 2004


Friday 29th:


Migrant Hawker was still on the wing, along the Back Path.


Monday 18th:


At least 10 Bottle-nosed Dolphin were offshore today. Black Spleenwort Asplenium adiantum-nigrum was found growing along the Dune Ridge, the first record from the reserve.


Friday 8th:


A Clouded Yellow, of the pale form helice, was seen along the Dune Ridge, this is only the second record of the year.



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