September 2004


Thursday 30th:


A Grey Squirrel was in bushes by the Main Pond. This species is a increasingly regular visitor, especially in autumn.


Wednesday 22nd:


Another male Black Darter Sympetrum danae was recorded along the Dune Ridge, by the path down to the Bight.  Also on site Silver Y and several third generation Wall Brown.


Tuesday 14th:


A male Black Darter Sympetrum danae was recorded at the western end of Greenland Lake.  This is the first record for the recording area and the 20th species of dragonfly seen here.


Tuesday 7th:


Three Grey Seal were present in the estuary.


Thursday 2nd:


A single Clouded Yellow, the first for the year, was present in Greenland Lake.


August 2004


Sunday 29th:


A single stunted Sunflower Helianthemum annuum was discovered flowering just above the tideline in the Bight. This is the first flowering plant for over ten years. Several Red Admiral and Painted Lady continue to be seen along with one or two Rush Veneer. At least two of the hornet mimic hoverfly Volucella zonaria were again present at the western end of Greenland Lake.



Sunflower                                                                                                                              Speckled Wood


Tuesday 24th:


A male Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens was recorded along the Dune Ridge – the first record for the recording area and reserve (JEF & DJ).


Sunday 22nd:


At least five Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again offshore this morning.  Tawny Cockroach was seen along the Dune Ridge near the windmill. Caper Spurge Euphorbia lathyrus was discovered growing near the entrance tunnel, this single flowering plant is only the second record for the recording area.


Sunday 15th:


Single Painted Lady was seen along the dune ridge, the first record for several weeks.



Autumn Lady’s Tresses © Debs Redden                               Painted Lady


Saturday 14th:


The Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again offshore, with at least four individuals present. Autumn Lady’s Tresses Spiranthes spiralis are present in good numbers especially around Greenland Lake.


Monday 9th:


The Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again offshore, with at least six individuals present. Jersey Tigers were seen in good numbers especially around Sycamores on Warren Point.



Jersey Tiger Moth                                                                                   Hare’s-tail Lagurus ovatus


Saturday 7th:


The fine weather meant many insects were on the wing; Wall Brown seem to have had a good year with several along the Dune Ridge, Common Blue were also present in numbers and several Jersey Tigers were seen.


Sunday 1st:


The Bottle-nosed Dolphin were again present offshore, this morning. A Grey Seal was present in the estuary and a single Silver Y was disturbed from the Back Meadow.


July 2004


Saturday 31st:




Up to 20 Bottle-nosed Dolphin were present this evening off Orcombe Point, Exmouth.  Also on site, today, several Brown Argus were seen at Warren Point and a good population of Brookweed Samolus valerandi was found growing near the Main Pond, in a areas only cleared last winter.


Sunday 25th:


With the fine weather good numbers of butterflies were on the wing, of note several whites and Red Admirals were seen coming in off the sea in the afternoon.


Monday 19th:


At least three Pipistrelle Bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus were recorded at this evening’s Moth event. These are the first confirmed records for the reserve. Although bats presumed to be Pipistrelle had been seen, until now no bat detectors had been used to confirm the identification. Large numbers of Great Green Bush Cricket were also audible. At least 52 species of macro-moth were recorded (For a list of the moth species recorded please see the Lepidoptera page). Several scarce residents were recorded including Cream-bordered Green Pea and Brown-tail. A Brussels Lace appears to be the first record for the reserve of this widespread species. The light also attracted several Orange Ladybirds.


Friday 16th:


A single Grey Seal was present offshore at low tide. The Figwort growing in the new car park ditch was identified as Water Figwort Scrophularia aquatica a first for the site.


Friday 9th:


A pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphin was offshore today.


Tuesday 6th:


The first Jersey Tiger was on the wing.


Monday 5th:


A Common Seal was present briefly in the estuary.


Sunday 4th:


A single Lunar Hornet Clearwing was discovered near the Main Pond. Good numbers of Marsh Helleborine and Southern Marsh Orchid continue to flower in Greenland Lake.


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